Best remedy for gall bladder disorders

Best remedy for gall bladder disorders

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Can you suggest a homeopathic remedy that would help with gallbladder discomfort and pain? Carbo Veg does seem to bring some relief but perhaps there is something more specific.

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Hi Elly!

There are so many medicines in homeopathy for gall bladder disorders like china, lyco, cholestrinum, leptandra, chionanthus, calc-carb, hydrastis, card-m, nux-vomica..etc etc..the list goes on. What I am trying to say is that in homeopathy there are no specifics. The selection of the medicine depends on the patient himself/herself. And for seemingly similar complaints the medicine may vary from person to person.

There are no specifics for ur gall bladder comfort, but there is definitely a specific for you as a person in homeopathy. Something which will cover most of ur complaints and has the potential to benefit u in more ways then u can think. But to find that specific, ur similimum, u need to consult some homeopath personally. As a second option, if u can’t find a good homeopath near ur home, U can post ur case details in our discussion forums and seek the advice of other homeopaths here.

Good luck

Dr. B

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