Confused about my complaints

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Confused about my complaints

Posted by: C M

Hello Doctor B, I hope you will be able to offer some clarity on my situation. I have a difficult situation, I have been suffering from severe abdominal pain and my doctor did some tests and the pathology report said my endocervical swab was positive for Gonorrhoea but was considered a false positive so they re-tested and the result was negative. My doctor wants me to take a long course of antibiotics as she thinks I may now have PID from the gonorrhoea. I am not convinced that I even have gonorrhoea as my partner says he does not have any symptoms and the pathology report was not conclusive. I did some reportory work and the indicated remedy that keeps coming up is Medorrhinum. I am in a Med state quite deeply and now am very confused. Does this mean that I do actually have Gonorrhoea or is this a miasm thing expressing itself? Can homoeopathy treat gonorrhoea effectively or do I have to take the course of antibiotics and then do homoeopathic treatment? I am still in a lot of pain and cant seem to find any clear answers. I hope you can help. Kind regards, Cheryl.

Hi CM,

False positive results for gonococci are not uncommon so unless and until there is clear clinical indication or laboratory evidence that either you or your partner are suffering or have suffered from Gonorrhoea, it would be speculation at best to say that your abdominal pain or PID is due to gonorrhoea.

I am not sure how you came to conclusion that you are deeply in Medorrhinum state but being in Medorrhinum state does not mean that you have active Gonorrhoea. You may have it or you may not have it. If you do not have it then its presentation is what we call miasm. In either case, the correct remedy will be able to cure you – active gonorrhoea or not active gonorrhoea. Take the homeopathy remedy which suits best (consider totality of symptoms, take professional help) and your pain, PID and gonorrhoea will all go away.

Wishing you health,
Dr. B

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  • This is regarding The case of suspected Gonorrhoea

    Its not a case of Gonorrhoea. I suggest Lycopodium 200 twice a day & Hydrangia Q 1o drops with water once in the morning for 7 days.
    Then let her describe the results.

  • Wonderfully useful to patients & doctors both. Sharing the experiences is always better. Hope its helpful to the people.Thanks for working for a human cause.

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