Homeopathic cure of anal fistula

Homeopathic cure of anal fistula

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i am suffering from anal fistula since 4 years. alloapthy has no cure except recurring use of anibiotics. does homeo has any cure? i have 2 small openings .all these days a light yellow liquid oozes out.now i find some feaces matter in liquid form comes out. a course of antibiotic phexin will stop this and reoccurs again after stoppage of the medicine. kindly help.i have found from the internet that operation is also not successful. fistula will occur again after some time.

Hello mamam4,

Yes! Homeopathy definitely offers a curative approach for anal fistulas. You are right that there is very little chance of a complete cure in other systems of medicine. My experience has been that patients with fistula often need medicines which affect suppuration and the constitutional medicine too. But there are too many medicines, some homeopaths only give constitutional remedies, others only give medicines known to have a therapeutic indication and some prefer to follow one with other. What u need can only be ascertained by a qualified homeopath after a full case taking. But I can assure you that homeopathy can provide you definet help. Find a good homeopath and start treatment at the earliest.

But do remember that fistulas don’t heal very easily because of the constant trauma and bacterial infection. And even under right homeopathic treatment it may take many months before the healing is complete. But that doesn’t mean you won’t notice any change for weeks. Usually the patients are able to tell the difference within a few weeks. So be patient with your homeopath and take care.

Dr B

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  • Dear Sir,
    I had an operation of perianal abscess. It healed after 6 weeks and I could see the wound closing. But at the end of incision a hole remained and puss was coming out wth pain in anus. Noe gas is coming out and may be feces also when defecation with pressure or soft stool is passed through anus. It is painful like piercing pain from the hole. Doctor examined and said it is Fistula. I am under Homeopathic treatment and see some improvement but gas has not stopped totally. at least puss has stopped and fresh clean blood comes with coagulation but after defecation it opens up again. I am afraid of Fistula extension in adjoining areas. Is it possible? Is it safe to continue homeopathic treatmnet?

    • Yes, you should go with homeopathy medicine. Fistula takes long time to cure (approx. two years or more). Have patience to cure fistula. Inshah Allah you will be cured.

    • Hello I have the same problem like u only it was 2012 now it is 2016 hw r u now ? wat hav u done? r u completely alright now??

  • Hello,

    I have Fisula in Anus and am taking medicine from last 6 months, still pus and blood is coming almost everyday. Can you tell me what are the sign of improvement? and How much time it takes to cure?

  • I have Fisula in Anus and am taking medicine from last 3 months, still pus is coming almost everyday. Can you tell me what are the sign of improvement? and How much time it takes to cure?

  • I was operated for rectal abcess about 8 months back and bandage continued for about 5 months and then after doctors’ advise, we discontinued the bandage. I was asked to do sitz bath. Now again for the last 1 month i’m having perpetual itching in the affected area and a kind of piercing pain. also I experience some light yellow spotting. My Doctor said its fistula and has advised for another surgery.
    I would like to avoid the surgery and am now wanting it to be cured by medicines.
    Does homeopathy has any permanent cure for this and an estimated time frame for it?

  • I am suffering with high ano type fistula with multiple opening from last two year i had operated it with shark sutra .But the problems still pending tell me it is curable with homeopathic medicine.

  • Dear Sir, I had an operation for fistula about 20 years back.They have made a small hole near toilet place. But little bit thin just like a sweat comes out from that hole. My skin around the toilet place is damage. I use antiseptic cream like soframycin/candid B to protect against damage of skin or again production of pus formation .I feel very discomfort . Can you suggest any homeopathic medicine to stop the sweat. So plz help me. Very urgently.


  • Hello sir,
    I am 24 years old belongs to kanpur. While passing the stool, a small swelling skin come out from anus and sometimes blood come with lots of pain. I don’t understand what is it. Before somedays it go back after latrine but now a days it’s don’t go back, swelling and pain remain constant hole a day. So can you told me that what is this problem. Are it is fistula or piles? And it can be treated my medicine or not?
    Thank You

  • i had a surgery of anal fistula last month. After 4 weeks now i am 95% heal up. I want to the name of medicine for fistula for not accruing again

    kindly advise.

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