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Frequent modifications in therepies or medicines mark a question upon reliability of system

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Respected Dr. B. My wife 30yrs is constituationally TUBERCULLINUM patient infrequent doses upto C.M which helped in fever,catcing cold every off & on,chronic headache,pressing & tight bandage helped.During chilhood there used to be a lot of boils,wound which were getting rid of late & leaving spot all over body.Her Mother was declared T.B patient after birth of my wife.Father gouty,Her present problem is moist coughasthmatic type, much phlegm,intense in the night ,frequent sneezing at least 10-15 times at stretch,nose bloackage in the night,very allergic to dust particularly to house dust when sweeping.Menses 4-5 days earlier at every month,without any problem, mild hole in both ear drum,Rhinitis,eructation,gas formation ,had caserian birth of 2 issues. very CLEANING LIKING lady.likes light food, vegetarian for 5 years.Cold Patient,energetic,mild,coperative,helping to needy.Pls. guide.I can tell more if U ask about her.


Dear Mr. Jha,

What makes u think that ur wife is a typical tuberculinum constitution? And why was she given Tub upto cm? If she was such a typical Tub Patient then she should not be having any complaints now. And just because a parent had Tuberculosis doesn’t make a person tuberculinum patient.

The symptoms u have listed are found in many medicines. U have mostly mentioned the names of her complaints..there is not much individualizing information here. And even if we can narrow down to some medicines, It has been mentioned clearly that this is not the platform for case discussions.

The most ideal situation for ur wife would be to see a competent local homeopath. Or if u need more professional advice online, u can post the case in discussion forums.


Dr. B

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