Homeopathy for febrile convulsions

Homeopathy for febrile convulsions

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Dr Bhatia,

Thankyou for your enriching sites on febrile fits. All I was curious to know was, that could this tendency of throwing out a fit in fever can be cured homeopathically ? I was told that such tendencies have deep rooted reasons( from the homeopatic point of view) to occur. Can U highlight a few if possible ? We are curious to know like any ignorant parents.

Dear Poornima,

I personally do not think that isolated febrile convulsions reflect any deep-seated tendency. They occur just because the bodies thermal-regulatory mechanism is not fully-mature in many children. Febrile convulsions usually do not recur in most children. With age, the thermal regulatory mechanisms in hypothalamus mature and so the convulsions do not occur in older age-group even with higher temprature. If you child has not had recurring febrile convulsions, you have nothing to worry about. He is as healthy as it gets.

But if the febrile convulsions recur with every bout of fever, then you will need to consult a homeopath and provide treatment on the basis of totality.

Wishing health to your son,

Dr. B

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