bullous paphigoids

bullous paphigoids

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I am 55 years old female. I am veretarian. I am having blisters on my soft and spongy gums for the last 2 years and four months back they are found tobe bullous paphigoids after biopsy of gum skin.I was treated with tetracycline for 5 days after wards treated with dapsone on increasing doses. Though I took Homeotreatment for one year, all are given for (I think) for gum prolbems only and so not cured. Now as I know the cause of blisters, I again visited homeo Doctors who prescribed me Ignetia (for my depression and metal agony) and Mercsol. I am finding my teeth and tongue coated and bitter taste in my mouth. Earlier eating was a big task for me and now I could eat without much proble but not spicy or hot. Is the treatment is ok? I have faith in my Doctor but I wish to recheck andto be reassured. Suffering made me sink.


I am sorry to hear about all your problems. It is difficult to rate your prescription without taking the full case. While depression can take some time to clear, you should really feel some improvement soon, or at least see a shift in balance. Ignatia is good for your symptoms and Merc Sol as well, but there may be deeper causes that need to be address. Do not hesitate to discuss with your doctor and understand what he does. You are the customer at the end.

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Thierry Clerc
Homeopath & Nutrition Consultant in Cambridge

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