Medicine for ulcerative colitis.

Medicine for ulcerative colitis.

Posted by: Sai Sunita

Is ulcerated colitis curable fully? Suggest a medicine for the same for apatient – Lady (60 yrs) with diabetes (18yrs old disease)with the above symptoms. This disease keeps raising its head every few months and has been there for the last 3 yrs .

Hello Sunita,

The curability of a disease and curability of a case are two different things. ulcerative colitis is generally conisdered incurable in conventional medicine. But in homeopathy many medicines cover the symptomatology of UC and the curability will depend upon the case and not on the disease. Only after studying a case in detail can a homeopath assess its curability.

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  • I have been taking merc sol 200 for two weeks and my symptoms are gettingworse . Is that normal for homeopathic medication ?


    • Dear Mehul,

      The answer is, it difficult to say based on the little information you provided. If you don’t now whether this is “normal” the you probably shouldn’t be treating yourself. To answer your question one wold have to ask :What are you treating? How often did you take the remedy (maybe you’re proving it)?, Did you ever have these new symptoms before, etc.
      Your case must be taken by an experienced homeopath. The homeopath will take much more information and manage your case. Contact the homeopathy organization in your country for a referral. You can find that information here:

  • The symptoms of Ulcerative colitis , chrons decease is same.
    in ulcerative colites if we see the video of Colonoscopy we can find a lot of very fine and small tumots along with red colored patches with a lot of fungal infections.
    Colon is a place where our motion or stool is retained and the colon is just connected with small intestine at the location of Appendices.The small intestine and colon is a place from where the calories of our food taken is absorbed .
    The primary symptom is the immediate evacuation of stool when ever some thing is orally taken. may be 24 stools per day.
    The homeopathic cure is defined based on the symptoms the patients have,
    The problem also increases when a patient is having depression or anxiety.
    in beginning the whole alimentary canal is washed out by taking 3 spoons of salt with a glass of water which will almost kill a lot of bacterias related to it , later according to the symptom the combination of homeopathic medicines can be given.
    think of Bryonia first as the motion rate is increased by the movement it self
    Think of Acid Phos as the problem is increased by taking so much tension
    Think of Eucalyptus, Aloes, Thuja, Podophylum, Carcinosine, Merc Sol, Merc Cor, Ipecac, Colocynth, Colchicum and specially of Uranium Nit, which is a prominent medicines for ULCER/ DEUDNUM ULCER and please believe Uranium Nit will remove the pain
    for additional please write

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