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Multiple chronic problems seek aid with homeopathy

Last modified on January 24th, 2013

Multiple chronic problems seek aid with homeopathy

Posted by: Manohar N V

My father is 64 years old and he is having Asthma, Glaucoma and knee pain. Till now he was under Allopathic medication. Please find his complete disease history in a chronological order below and kindly suggest a suitable treatment. Please let me know if you need any more details.
Before 11th year – He had got scabies which was cured by sulphur ointments and sulphur soap.
11th year to 14th year – He had yellow/greenish discharge from his ears it was treated with antibiotics.
16th year – He got tonsillitis and was operated on the same year.
18th year – One night he got attacked with Asthma (probably veezing). This was treated with ephedrine and sedanol.
19th year onwards – He used to get Asthma attack during every September / October.
22nd and 23rd year – He got Bronchial pneumonia two times.
23rd year to 52nd year – he was dependent on steroids (Prednisolone and Betamethasone+hydroxythophyllin).
Somewhere around 40’s – He got closed angle glaucoma probably as side effects of long term usage of steroids. He got operated for the same and glaucoma was under control.
52nd year – Allopathic doctors suggested to continue steroid on tapering basis. During this time he used to get itching used to leave red stripe whenever he scratches that. He was also suggested to use inhaler (salbutomol+beclamethasone).
Also eye pressure (glaucoma) increased again and was suggested to use ophthalmic solution called betagan (which is a beta-blocker and increases the asthma). He discontinued this ophthalmic solution once the glaucoma was under control.
55th year onwards – he got knee pain. His bones have become fragile (porous). He got a steel rod in his broken arm (right).His stomach is bloated.
60th year – suggested by doctors to use inhaler ( salmeterol+fluticasone) and hydroxytheophyllin tablets
64th year – Again glaucoma shooted up and doctor has suggested to use opthalmic solution (Alphagan-P – which is also a beta-blocker).
He got chikungunya (flu) and was treated with eupatorium perf and rhus tox. However the pain in ankle persists.
Age – 64 years
Height – 5.2 feet
Build – stout, short
Physical – weak, fragile, it takes more time to heal a wound. (He is not a diabetic patient and also his blood pressure is normal)
Face – droopy face and eyes. eyes has become bluish grey.
Walking – he walks very slowly and he puts more weight on left leg.
Activity – less active.
Mental condition – He is gentle, calm with sense of humor, he has got a lot of patience, I have never seen him angry as since my childhood, He thinks that “now it is too late to get back to the healthy condition”.
Food – he craves for spicy food (with more red chilies) even though he gets hiccups and gastritis due to spicy food.

Really sorry, but chronic diseases are best treated by consulting a homeopath in person. Though you have given the disease history in your query, a homeopath requires more information to select a suitable remedy. Please let your father visit a homeopath for proper case taking, remedy selection and case management.

Dr. Firuzi Mehta

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Firuzi Mehta

Firuzi Mehta

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