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Posted by: maheen

my brother is 29 years old he had got married 3 months ago..he is quiet normal physically he had spent a strenghtnous life thruout he had done v.much struggle in his life n had seen hard n tough times.over all he is a normal person he has also spent 5 years abroad in studying n had done job there. my problem is that at times his attitude is very harsh on just small things or issues.he reacts very tremendously..he has got high temperament..some times he do not react at all but sumtymes he gets very very harsh and offensive behaviour and after his anger phase has gone he comes back to normal. he loses his temper v.quick. and starts shouting and his face becomes red and eyes also i get scared of this sort of behaviour..cud u plz help me out. he was a short tempered person means he has got a nature like that but since past 2 years this has been increased alot.. plz answer me soon.

Dear Maheen,
It is difficult to suggest a lot if your brother is not ready to change and take ownership of his own health. While anger fits can be a healthier response than keeping it inside, it can clearly impact the surrounding people and also the body.
There are a lot of remedies to deal with anger fits, such as Nux Vomica, Staphisagria, Chamomilla…. I would suggest that you ask him to see a local health practitioner who could help, and also not to try to be impacted by the fit on your side. This will help him see that this is not an healthy response. For information, here is a list of recognised organisations:
Good luck.
Thierry Clerc

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