Muscular Dystrophy in an 8 Year Old Boy

dystrophic arm muscle

Dr. Jitesh Sharma presents a case of Muscular Dystrophy in an 8 Year Old Boy

Date- 27 /02 /17

Age – 8 year old boy

Chief complaints  Muscular dystrophy since 6 years

Cpk-2873  Dt 21 -12 2016

Mother history during pregnancy:

Normal – No complaints

Milestones :

Birth weight – 3 kg

Standing – 1 and half years of age

Speaking – 8-9 months

Teething – one and half years of age

Sitting- at the age of 7 months

D- Tell me what is the problem with the child?

Father – He is unable to walk properly sir. You can see there is no strength in his legs.

D- Since when?

Father – I think almost 6-7 years he could not even walk and whenever he tried he fell on the ground.

D-  Did his mother have any problem during preganancy?

Father – She had no problem.

D- Anything else?

Father –He is afraid of dark too much.  He cannot even sleep unless light is on .

D- What else?

Father-  His legs are thin as you can see.  I think he has indigestion. His diet is good but still his weight never improved.  He cried a lot and say his legs are paining.

Observations :

Trembling while standing. Trembling while rising from sitting.  Unable to walk properly. Easily falling down. Can’t bear heavy weight. Complains of muscular pain, joint pain.  Loss of strength.  He was

late learning to walk.

D- What does he likes to eat?

Father – He can eat anything.

Father -When we discussed with you on phone you told us to do the blood test CPK.  It’s very high – 2783 in December.

D- I doubted that CPK must be high that’s why I told you to come and visit me but you are coming after 2 months now.

D- I’m giving you two months medicine.  After that repeat the CPK, then visit me.

Prescription : 27/02/2017

Rx- Calcarea phos-30 –  He received two doses daily for up to 28 days.

Reason :

Calcarea Phosphorica ( LIPPE KEY NOTES RED LINE )

Children; emaciated, unable to stand; slow in learning to walk

Calcarea phosphorica ( Smith’s Prescriber ) Many children need this remedy during the growing period. If the head bones are slow in forming, or do not keep pace with the growth of the child; where the child is losing flesh, slow in learning.

Follow Up:  5/4/2017

Mother (on Phone)  –  We did the test and all of a sudden CPK came to 175. We are in shock sir, my child is now cycling, walking, doing all activities.  We can’t believe it.  Thank you sir, we will come to visit you soon.  I’m sending you the latest CPK report.

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Dr.Jitesh Sharma

Dr.Jitesh Sharma

Dr. Jitesh Sharma completed BHMS in 2013 and then studied at IACH with Dr. George Vithoulkas. He subsequently studied under Rajan Sankaran as well as Drs. Mahesh Gandhi, Dinesh Chauhan, Dr S Sarkar and others. He now runs JDS Homeopathic Hospital & Research Centre which was started in 2014. Many seminars have been held in this hospital and Dr. Sharma invites eminent doctors to lecture. Visit his website : and see his interview with Dr. Bhatia in the Dec 2013 issue of this journal:


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