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Two Cases of Trigeminal Neuralgia

I have a sweet tooth. I love cream cakes and sweets. Love all kinds of fruit.

I suffer from high blood pressure.


FACE – PAIN – Nerves – Trigeminal neuralgia

FACE – PAIN – Nerves – Trigeminal neuralgia – left

FACE – PAIN – left – neuralgic

FACE – PAIN – electric shock; as if

FACE – PAIN – inflammatory

FACE – PAIN – touch – agg.

GENERALS – PAIN – appear suddenly – disappear; and – gradually

GENERALS – SEASONS – spring, in – agg.


EXTREMITIES – PAIN – Lower limbs – sciatica – left

EXTREMITIES – PAIN – Lower limbs – sciatica – motion – agg.

MIND – SUICIDAL disposition – throwing – windows, from

In this case Belladonna came up along with Lachesis. Belladonna has the neuralgic symptoms, but is predominantly a right sided remedy. Looking at the woman’s past history of especially recurrent tonsillitis and sinusitis with symptoms similar to the neuralgia, but also the present hypertension combined with Lachesis’ tendency to periodicity once a year and in the spring, the totality of symptoms justified the choice of Lachesis.

On perusing the Guiding Symptoms Of Our Materia Medica by Hering, the trigeminal symptoms described matched pretty well those of the patient. The only thing that did not quite match the symptom picture was the character of the pain; the sensation of a shock or a blow, but I did not find that that was enough to decide on a different prescription.  At the time the patient was 80 and her pains were so severe I did not want the remedy to cause an aggravation (which in my experience Lachesis may do in a 30c) so I decided to start low.

Prescription: Lach 12 c

Follow up 5.10. 2004

My face is fine. I hardly feel anything in my face. I have had no attacks since the  Lach 12c. I can even apply lotion on my face now. But after the remedy I got a lot of pain in my legs and feet. That has come on the last few days. I used to suffer from headaches. That has returned a bit. My stomach works better. Natural stool several times every day. I used to eat a natural medicine to keep the stomach in order, but I do not need to now. I have been able to clean my house. I could not do that.


The remedy is working according to Hering’s law of cure. Return of old symptoms while the most recent symptoms have gone.

No Rx but Lach 12c to take if there’s a relapse.

Follow up 13.12.04

I had to take a Lach 12c on 22.10. as my legs became very painful. Much better the next day. On 6.11 my throat felt like it did when I had my tonsils out at 18. I feel much more relaxed when my legs are okay. I used to take pain killers for my legs. I do not need to take anything now. My sciatica is not bothering me so much. And my legs are not so cold. My eyes used to burn and itch, but that has stopped. I have had a return of some inner restlessness I used to feel when I was about 40. It is better now, but still there a bit.

My blood pressure is 185/80

I feel better. Grateful for each day now that I am 80.

No pain in my face.

No Rx- Lach 13c to take if necessary

Follow up 24.5.2005

No return of pain in face. Spent the winter in Portugal. I usually do that. Repeated the Lach 13c after a bout of flu in March. My legs had started to ache again. Legs are generally better. No pains in eyes. My stomach functions well.

No Rx, but Lach 13 to take when necessary.


For years I did not see the old lady, but she ed me again 9.6.16 as she had high blood pressure again and cataract of her right eye. She could hardly see. She had a repeat of Lach 12c and Sepia 9x. After that her blood pressure went down to 140/70 and her vision became much better. She has had no return of the neuralgia since 2004.

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