Introduction about pneumonia, its stages, homeopathic approach of treatment and guide to choose correct potency of the selected medicine by D.M.Borland.

Role and indication of Aconite, Belladonna, ferrum phos. and ipecac in hte cases of Incipient Stage of pneumonia by D.M Borland.

symptoms of Frank Developed Pneumonia and their corresponding homeopathic medicines have bee discussed by D.M Borland in his book Borland’s pneumonia.

Important homeopathic medicines for Complicated Pneumonia cases like baptisia, hepar sulph, pulsatilla, natrum sulph and rhus tox have been described by D.M.Borland.

role of antim Tart., sulphur, lycopodium, arsenic and kali carb in the cases of late stages of pneumonia discussed by D.M Borland.

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