Category - Bowel Nosodes by Paterson

Dr. Paterson give a materia medica of Bowel Nosodes including B. Morgan (Bach), Morgan pure (Paterson), Morgan Gaertner (Paterson), Dysentery co. ( Bach), B. Proteus (Bach), Gaertner (Bach), Sycotic co. ( Paterson), Bacillus No.7 (Paterson). Originally published: 1950. The Bowel Nosodes are a series of homeopathic remedies made from human intestinal flora, developed first by Dr. Edward Bach and continued by John Patterson and his wife, Elizabeth from 1920 until 1960. The methodology of using the bowel nosodes is illustrated with nine case histories from the human world and ten from the animal, demonstrating the common guidelines that are applicable to all species.

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