Acid and Alkaline Children- It’s a reserch based on digestive development of the infant body and the changes that undergo in the working of human nature’s laboratory discussed by Thomas.C.Duncan.

Difference in appearances of acid and alkaline children and developmental dissimilarities, researched and observed by Thomas.C.Duncan

Ante-natal and Post- natal nourishment and care are the most important cause of the tendency to acidity or alkalinity in the children.their developmental differences have also been discussed by Thomas.C.Duncan.

Disease tendencies, pathological expressions are radically different in two classes of the natural history of acid and alkaline children. Various diseases have been grouped here for the two classes by Thomas.C.Duncan in his book Acid and Alkaline Children.


General Management and hygienic directions have been provided for two extreme classes of children -Acid child and Alkaline Child by Thoman.C.duncan.

General therapeutic indications for children suffering digestive problems due either excess acid or excess alkali. Best
Homeopathic Acid remedies and Alkaline remedies have been given by Thomas.C.Duncan.

After so much clinical observation Dr. Thomas.C.Duncan classified Electro- negative and Electro- positive remedies for two different group of children suffering fromexcessive acid or excessive alkali in the system.

List of some special leading acid and alkaline remedies have been brought out by Thomas.C.Duncan to help in treatment of children suffering from excessive acid or alkali in the system.

Importance of Grauvogl’s constitution in selsection of remedies. which constitution has what amount of Carbon, hydrogen And oxide will held in selection of medicine. Full description given by Thomas.C.Duncan.

This article had been taken from lesser writings of Hahnemann and it gives an insight into the life and learning of this great and good man from each sphere of life.

Congenital Malformations and diseases; How Homeopathy Antenatal treatment can help in prevention of such conditions. Various such cases have been discussed by Thomas.C.Duncan in Acid and Alkaline children.

Why the tendency to disease in humanity.How we improve our race by studying people explore their past, we must understand the drift of the present, we must anticipate the future. Given by Thomas.C.Duncan.

How the brain of a child develops depends upon (1) heredity, (2) education by the mother and family and associates, and (3) the condition of the health—chiefly of the digestive organs. This is an observation made by Thomas.C.Duncan in his 30 years of study on child development.