Acute attacks and chronic consequences of the diseases of heart and arteries by J.H. Clarke.

Curability of valvular diseases of heart with Homeopathy and case presentation of inflammation of Mitral valve, rheumatic Endocarditis by J.H.Clarke.

Cases of chronic heart diseases and remedial power of homeopathy in such cases have been discussed here by J.H.Clarke.

Role of Thyroidin inthe cases of chronic heart disease with presentation of cases.

Pathophysiology of Palpitation and homeopathic approach of it discussed by J.H. Clarke in his book diseases of heart and arteries.

Effets of Alcohol and tobacco in the cases of heart diseases and homeopathic medicines for that by J.H. Clarke.

Angina pectoris symptoms and homeopathic approach towardds it.

Aneurism: pathophysiology and homeopathic case management by J.H. Clarke.

Important instructions for the Diet and regime in diseases of heart and arteries by J.H.Clarke.

List and description of homeopathic medicines having counteracting action for the diseases of heart. Aconite, Ammonium carb., Cactus, Baryta Mur., Digitalis, Lycopus etc.