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Eugenia Jambos

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Eugenia Jambos homeopathy medicine – drug proving symptoms from Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen, published in 1874. It has contributions from R Hughes, C Hering, C Dunham, and A Lippe.


Eugenia jambos, Willd. (E. Vulgaris). Natural order: Myrtacae. Preparation: Tincture of the seeds.


Slight but long-continued drunkenness, which made him very talkative, but indolent (after one hour). A sudden great change in him after micturition; it seemed as though everything had become more beautiful and brighter before his eyes, and the sky and trees more joyous and clear; but after a quarter of an hour everything became gloomy again (after five hours). Constantly desirous of sitting along and reflecting.


Confusion and Vertigo. Confusion of the head, and slight sticking in it (after one hour). Vertigo after rising from lying down, caused by rush of blood to the head (first day). In the evening, he is dizzy and nauseated. Whirling in the head while sitting, the houses at a distance seem to turn bottom upwards (after six hours). General Head. The whole night, headache, burning in the eyes, very much thirst, and much micturition (first day). In the evening, headache, nausea, vomiting, with subsequent bitterness of the mouth, much thirst for cold water, and perspiration after drinking. Headache, as from a sticking from all sides at once, or as if everything were drawn together from within, recurring like a slow pulsation (first day). Headache, as if something was rolling in the head, with burning in it coming out at the eyes, with lachrymation; no relief from cold water; at last he became nauseated, was obliged to vomit, but the headache was still worse thereby, in the evening, lasting into the night (first day). Forehead. Pressive pinching pain in a small spot deep in the forehead (fourth day). Vertex. Pressive pinching on the vertex (after one hour). Parietals. Headache on the right side, deep in, as if a heavy board was lying there (after a quarter of an hour).


Objective. The eyes look sleepy and drunken (first day). The right eye is inflamed the first day, with needle-like stitches in the inner canthus in the evening, night, and morning, the second day, then disappearing. Red vessels from the inner canthus to the cornea (after four hours). Subjective. He is unable to close the eyes in the evening on account of burning in them; this also prevents his sleeping at night (first night). Suddenly, biting in the eyes, so that the supposes there is pepper in them, and looks into the glass to see, in the evening (first day). Violent internal itching in the eyes and nose in the evening (third day). Lachrymal Apparatus. He is unable to look at the sun, the eyes become filled with water (first day). Water ran from the eyes, with burning in them as from pepper; he became sleepy and fell asleep; after the sleep he continued just the same (first day). Ball. Contractive pinching pain in the eyeball in a small spot above the right inner canthus (after four hours). Vision. After micturition, it becomes suddenly bright before the eyes (first day). It became dark before the eyes and everything seemed double; on looking intently the double vision disappeared (after eight hours). Whirling before the right eye, as if it would become dark, and the eye becomes inflamed (after fifteen minutes). On looking intently at anything, everything is in order, but if he only looks ahead of him, everything wavers before his eyes and becomes confused (after eight hours). It seems as though fire came out of the eyes, and the tears ran out of them in streams in the evening and night (first day).


The gum about the hollow teeth is painful (fourth day). He is constantly obliged to spit out a great deal (first day). It seemed suddenly frothy in the mouth, especially before eating spits and hawks the whole day (second day). When speaking, he is obliged to spit out a frothy saliva, even when he speaks only a little (third day). Tenacious, yellowish bloody mucus in the mouth after the midday nap (first day).


Objective. Increased hawking; the mucus was yellowish and somewhat bloody (first day). Mucus goes from the nose into the throat (second day). Subjective. Dry and thirsty in the throat (third day). Cough causes dryness of the throat. At night, with the burning in the eyes, violent thirst from dryness low down in the throat, so that he did not at all feel the drink, which also did not relieve the dryness. The cough is felt in the whole chest, but especially in the pit of the throat (second day). External Throat. Pain in a very small place in the region of the left corner of the hyoid bone, also on swallowing (second day). Pain deep in the right side of the neck near the oesophagus, a fine sticking, cramp like, constant pain (after three to five hours).


Appetite. He eats and drinks with a very good appetite, so that he takes too much. He has a much greater relish than usual when eating, drinking, and smoking (after some days). Tobacco has a specially good taste; he smokes much more and with much more satisfaction than usual. He wants to do nothing but smoke the whole day (first day). Thirst. Much thirst in the morning (second day). Much thirst for cold water, with perspiration, in the morning (second day). Thirst for cold water on waking (third day). Hiccough. Hiccough when eating, more like eructations than loud hiccough (first day). Heartburn. Heartburn at night (fourth day). Nausea. Nausea threatens him and he must smoke tobacco, whereby it disappears (first day). Nausea commences deep in the stomach and rises up from the end of the oesophagus. Stomach. Contractive pinching sensation deep in the stomach, immediately. Sensation as of cramp in the orifice of the stomach, which becomes nausea (after two hours). Sticking in the pit of the stomach (after four hours).


Umbilical. Drawing about the navel as from a purge (second day). General Abdomen. Only wind is passed instead of the stool (first day). A confused feeling in the upper abdomen like a coldness in it (after a few hours). Burning in the abdomen, as after drinking brandy, at first transversely across the abdomen, then becoming general, immediately. After the stool, violent stitching in the abdomen from above downward (fourth day). Colic, immediately, with labor-like pressing downward, much urging to stool and to urinate, with scanty discharge. Hypogastrium. Violent sticking, extending obliquely forward above the left crest of the ilium, worse when sitting erect, standing, and bending toward the left side; relieved by bending towards the right. A pain as if a band were drawn from the crest of one ilium to the other (after one hour); the hip-bones are painful to pressure even after four days.


Pinching pains within the rectum (fourth day). It seems as though a ten-pound weight were hanging upon the rectum and as if everything below would fall out. Urging to stool and colic, now and then a somewhat diarrhoeic discharge is immediately forced out as with a syringe. Pressure as in diarrhoea, at first a hard, then a pasty stool (second day). No desire for stool; after much pressing, a few hard faeces, after which the anus violently closes itself (second day).


Diarrhoea (after two hours); with much pressure backward (after twenty-four hours), also (after third day). Several small stools, with burning in the abdomen, immediately. Two stools instead of one some days. A offensive sputtering stool, without much urging (after fourth day). Very scanty, pasty, gritty stool (third day). The stool does not appear or it is very scanty.

Urinary organs

Burning during micturition (first day). The usual nocturnal micturition remains absent for a long time. Urine very dark (second day).

Sexual organs

Violent erections, with sexual desire, after the midday nap (second day). Painful erections, with itching irritation, without sexual desire (fourth day). No erections in the morning. Impotence (third night). The glans penis remains a long time sensitive after coition (second day). Much twisting and turning in the scrotum (third day). The seminal discharge takes place too soon and almost without excitement in the morning (fourth day). Seminal discharge retarded; the orgasm subsides several times before it leads to an ejaculation (second day). Seminal discharge takes place very late (fifth day). During coition he reaches no seminal discharge; the penis becomes relaxed (second day).

Respiratory organs

Sensation as if the larynx were narrowed; it prompts to a deep inspiration, whereby, however, the tightness is still more felt, it makes him hoarse (second day). The much hawking causes a short cough (second day). After coughing, he is always obliged to swallow, when the irritation passes off; but as soon as he swallows again, he is obliged to cough. Loose cough at night (fourth day). Loose deep cough, without expectoration and without pain, especially in the evening (third day). He is constantly hawking, something is always loosening, but still something always remains adherent (second day). Cough raises something from the pit of the throat, but it always gradually falls down again (second day).


Pain in the right side near the pit of the stomach, under the ribs, as if it would be drawn inward. A pressure and sticking in the left side under the ribs, near the pit of the stomach (after one hour). Pain in the nape of the neck, which hinders turning (second day). Pain in the back, which makes him bend the back inward, with heat in the evening, disappearing in the morning (second day). Violent sticking in the back, as if something were sticking in the spine, worse when bending inward, in the morning (second day).

Inferior Extremities

Pain in the thighs and calves so that he could scarcely stand. Paralytic pains in the left tibia and foot. Cramps in the soles of the feet when moving at night (fourth and fifth days).

General Symptoms

Nothing seemed right; when sitting, he wanted to lie; when lying, he wanted to rise again (first day). Very much exhausted, but lively after drinking coffee (fourth day). Internal pinching pains here and there (second day).


Objective. The skin cracks between and about the toes (fifth and subsequent days). The skin recedes from the thumb-nail and contains put (fourth day). Pimples on the face, which are painful for some distance about them (fourth day). Subjective. An old wound from a thrust becomes painful again (fourth day). Sticking, burning itching in a small spot on the back, worse after scratching (second day).

Sleep and Dreams

Much exhaustive yawning when walking in the open air (second morning). Sound sleep undisturbed by any difficulties. Forgetting all his business he crept into a corner and said he must sleep; he could not sleep, however, but still remained lying down (after four hours). The midday sleep is longer and more sound than usual (first day). Stupid midday sleep, with confused dream (first day). After the sound midday sleep difficult waking, much thirst, and bruised sensation (second day). Very pleasant dreams (first day).


Chilliness. Coldness, as if he were naked, while sitting (after four hours). Shiverings run over him after micturition (second day). Heat. Fever; heat before midnight, with little thirst and much perspiration, thereupon falling asleep; during the fever and for several hours in the morning, pain in the back, which was relieved by bending inward. Hot hands during the whole proving. Sweat. Perspiration and thirst after coition. Perspiration when walking (after three hours).


(Morning), Thirst; when bending inward, sticking in back.

(Evening), Dizzy, etc.; cough.

(Night), Headache, etc.; dryness of throat; heartburn; loose cough; when moving, cramps in soles.

(Before midnight), Heat, etc. (Walking in open air), Yawning. (Bending to left), Sticking above crest of ilium. (After coition), Perspiration, etc. (After drinking), Perspiration.

(After rising from lying down), Vertigo.

(Scratching), Itching on back. (While sitting), Whirling in head. (sitting erect), Sticking above crest of ilium. (Standing), Sticking above crest of ilium. (Vomiting), Headache. (While walking), Perspiration.


(Bending inward), Pain in back.

(Bending to right), Sticking above crest of ilium.

(Coffee), Exhaustion.

(After micturition), Everything more cheerful.

About the author

TF Allen

TF Allen

Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)
Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.

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