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Limulus homeopathy medicine – drug proving symptoms from Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen, published in 1874. It has contributions from R Hughes, C Hering, C Dunham, and A Lippe.

Common name: Horse-foot, Sauce-pan; early colonial name, King crab.


Limulus cyclops, Fabricius. (Polyphemus occidentalis, Lamarck; under which name it is figured and described in the Nat. Hist. of New York); Limulus polyphemus, Say. Class, Crustacea. Order, Poecilopoda. Preparation: Triturations of the dried blood.


Very indifferent mood, with constant confusion of the head (first day). Desire for nothing (first day). The great disinclination to work, and inability to accomplish much, which he had experienced since the sea bath, disappeared completely during the day, and gave place to mental quiet and steadiness, with constancy and perseverance in performing very irksome duties (first day). (It was very difficult to recollect names).


Confusion. Confusion of the head (third day). Confusion in the head over the eyes, with coryza. Confusion in the head and stitches increasing in the evening (after seven hours). Confusion of the head, especially at the sides and back of the head, with fluent catarrh (after one hour). Confusion of the head, and pressure, at first over the whole forehead, and then only on the right side; five to ten minutes later a pain in the articulation of the left great toe. Confusion of the head, with indifference. Confusion of the whole head alternates with dulness and heat of the face; together with a dull feeling over the whole body, especially in the abdomen, where it increases to a kind of burning, in the evening (first day). Head. Stool followed by headache (first day). Pressure in the head in the morning (fourth day). Pressure in the head, on going to bed, at night. Pressure behind and above the glabella, then farther up on the right side; half an hour later pressure on the right side, posteriorly in the organ of amativeness, in the evening (first day). Pressure in the head, relieved after running from the nose. Forehead. A feeling of warmth in the right side of the forehead. Parietals. Violent pain in the left side of the head (after four hours). Violent pain in the right side, in “locality;” the right side of the head remains confused (after fifty-five minutes). Pressure on the right side of the head, in the evening (first day). Pressure in the right side of the head, deep internally, extending back and forth several times during the day (first day).


A feeling of warmth above the eyes. Pain about the eyes deep in the bones (first day). Violent pains drawing back and forth behind the left eyeball (after one hour and a half). Pressure in a small spot behind the left eye below the ball. Lachrymation of the eyes. Lachrymation of the right eye (first and second days).


Annoying sensation of something deep within both ears, which, however, was rather agreeable. Stopped sensation deep in the right ear in the evening (first day). Bubbling deep in the right ear.


Sneezing and fluent coryza all day. Sneezing, dulness above the eyes, and a sick feeling in all the limbs, followed by thin mucus from the left nostril, and less confusion in the head; headache and heaviness of the limbs, in the evening (first day); next morning the coryza was still in full blast. Forcible sneezing (after one hour). Constant trickling from the nose (second day). Running from the nose renewed after a glass of cold water; a feeling of heat in the face and over the whole body, as in fever; after a while prickling as in perspiration, with only moist skin (second day). Fluent catarrh of the left side, with less confusion of the head (after half an hour); and with sneezing. Fluent coryza and chilliness, in the evening (fourth day). Snuff has a greater effect than usual, in the evening (first day).


Lines in the face, as in a dying person (in a kind of cholera). Rush of blood to the face. Jerking pain in the left side of the upper jaw, in the evening (first day).


Teeth. Jerking in the last upper back teeth. Grumbling in the teeth continues the fourth day. Frequent gnawing pain in the last upper back teeth, now in the right, now in the left side (second day). General Mouth. Mouth slimy, with small, pasty, insufficient stools in the morning (second day). Taste. Metallic taste of the drug, and a general sensation as if he had taken medicine. Sweetish taste in the mouth, coming from both sides, as if from the teeth (after one hour). Earthy taste extending back into the palate (while triturating).


Much hawking.


Pain in the pit of the stomach. Pressure in the pit of the stomach, and decided heat of the face (after forty minutes). Eructations of water tasting like bad eggs. Decided nausea, with general perspiration. Deathlike nausea and a kind of cholera. Deathly nausea (after fifteen minutes); he became as white and cold as marble; constant vomiting and diarrhea; the lines of the face as in a dying person.


Frequent emission of much odorless flatus in the evening (second day). Profuse emission of loud very offensive flatus (after one hour). Pain here and there in all places in the abdomen. Diarrhoea like sensation in the abdomen (immediately). Warmth and a painful sensation in the abdomen (after fifty minutes). Feeling of heat in the abdomen. Heat burning and constriction in the abdomen (second day). Cramplike pain in the abdomen (second day), not so marked (third day). Aching in the abdomen during and after a thin stool (first day). Aching deep in the abdomen, followed by weariness in the limbs, sneezing and fluent coryza of the left side (immediately). Aching in the abdomen disappears without desire for stool (after one hour). Aching in various places in the left side of the abdomen all the afternoon (first day). Colic during and after a thin stool (second day). Cutting colic, with a feeling of heat in the abdomen (after one hour). Sensation as through he had a dissolving acid in the intestines, and all the pains seemed to be caused thereby; as though he had a gangrene in the stomach, and then burning in the intestines.



Objective. A painful swelling as thick as a finger, and very hard nodes like peas in the left side of the anus; he was obliged to lie with the limbs spread apart. Hemorrhoids on the left side of the anus, following a hard, nodular, lumpy stool, evacuated with pressure, aggravated by riding in the carriage, very painful at night on going out (eight day). Subjective. Burning and constriction in the anus (second day). A cooling burning pain in small spots in the anus (after one hour and half). Frequent painful constriction in the sphincter ani. A sore pain in various spots in the anus, with a pasty stool (second day). Urging to stool, from 6 to 7 P. M. only wind passed (fifth day).


Diarrhoea. Two diarrhoea-like stools greenish gray without pain (first morning). Stool very watery towards the end (he had not had a watery stool for several weeks); followed by tenesmus and cutting colic, alternating with a sensation of heat in the abdomen (after one hour). Stool painful thin. Stool as thin as water; great urging but nothing more was passed. Desire for stool with discharge of a small quantity of thin faces, with some rumbling and pain before and afterwards in the morning (second day). Stool soft, with pain in the anus, protrusion of the hemorrhoids, with a somewhat sore spot internally (fourth day). Desire for stool, which in thin brownish pasty accompanied and followed by colic, at 10 P. M. (first day). Stool pasty, with sore pain in various places in the anus, in the afternoon (second day)). Stool small, pasty insufficient in the morning. The stool which he feels while sitting would not pass; soon afterwards it was evacuated and was pasty. Desire for stool after dinner; only wind and after much pressing a few lumps; headache caused by the straining (first day). Discharge of some fecal masses, after much pressing. (Stool three- sided, prismatic, every other day, with the hemorrhoids). Hard stool (third day). Constipation. He feels the stool in the bowels long before the evacuation as if he were unable to evacuate it (second day). Stool omitted in the morning (second day).

Sexual Organs

Burning on the left side of the scrotum. Increase of sexual desire and power; but more difficult emission of semen (fifth day). Emission wanting during coition in the evening (first day). (third day).

Respiratory Organs

Voice. Voice husky, was frequently obliged to hawk, in the evening (first day). Voice husky; must constantly hawk, though the voice remains weak and hoarse, with difficult respiration in the evening (second day). Cough. Cough during the afternoon sleep repeatedly waking him (first day). Sudden violent cough (after seven hours and a half). Respiration. Respiratory troubles after drinking water, in the afternoon and repeatedly afterwards (fifth day). Difficulty of breathing after drinking water (fifth day). Difficult breathing, with headache in the forehead (first day). Constant difficult breathing in the evening (second day). A peculiar difficulty of breathing in the lower part of the chest, as if there were an impediment below the diaphragm, so that he cannot take a deep breath, even when outstretched, as if there it were too full, in the afternoon; better in the evening (fourth day).


A pain, frequently repeated, deep in the left chest, an inch to the side of the nipple and about an inch deep; lasting from ten to twelve hours (after two to three hours), again (after one hour and a half, and in the evening). Oppression of the chest, weakness, and yawning. Suffocative swelling up in the middle of the chest, behind the sternum, taking away the breath, and when violent becoming painful, as from the beating of waves in the aorta (after forty-five minutes). Violent pain below the sternum (which he had never had, nor anything like it), seeming like a transient cutting from above downward, and from right to left; especially on stretching out the right arm; in the forenoon, then at noon, then at 2 o’clock (sixth day).


Pain in the back (second day). Pains in the small of the back and loins; a bruised feeling on bending backwards (from taking cold?), (third day).

Extremities in General.

Weariness in the limbs. Sick feeling in all the limbs, with coryza; feels relieved when it becomes fluent. Cramp like sensation in the limbs (second day).

Superior Extremities.

Violent pain in the metacarpal bone of the left hand; then a kind of shivering and coldness, with headache above the eyes,; again in the hands.

Inferior Extremities.

Painful sensation of fullness in the lower limbs. Pain in the right hip-joint, posteriorly, as if dislocated; especially sensitive on certain motions and positions, even while sitting, at 6 P. M. (second day); on the fourth day it was very deeply seated, and farther backward, as if behind the joint; sometimes worse when stooping, very troublesome on getting into a coach. Violent bruised pain in both hip-joints, worse in the left (third day). Great weariness in the knees and above them (after four hours). Violent sticking, cramp like pain in the middle of the leg beneath the right groin, in the evening (second day). The soles of the feet and heels ache from standing and walking (first day); especially the right heel feels benumbed on stamping upon it (second day). Remarkably sore pain in both heels, when walking and stepping (third day). Pain in the joint of the left great toe (after five to ten minutes).

General Symptoms.

Objective. Relaxation of mind and body. Very weary; could scarcely sit towards evening; must lie down; went to bed at 9 o’clock. Sudden great weakness and disinclination to work, even in the open air, the whole afternoon (after three hours). Excessive weakness, especially of the limbs (third day). Most extreme exhaustion of body, and just as much mental fatigue, with inclination to yawn and stretch. Subjective. The heat of the day at noon was intolerable. Very well feeling (after half an hour). Inclination to stretch. Confused feeling of the whole body; in the abdomen it increases to heat and a kind of burning, in the evening (first day). Singular feeling of dulness over the whole body, as if the nerves were too full. A peculiar feeling as if possessed; above all, here and there pains, which cannot be described; they are at first to be compared with streaks of heat (first day). A cooling weary sensation and confusion of the head. Much yawning, oppression of the chest and weakness, that compelled him to lie down in the evening. Frequent rush of blood to the face and painful fullness of the whole right half of the body, especially here and there, and in the lower extremities (first day).


Objective. Burning spots, here and there, continuing all the evening (after four hours, first day). Burning-itching points, here and there, immediately. Small burning-itching spots, especially on the face and shoulder, more on the left side. Small burning-itching spots in the face. Small brownish spots on the backs of both hands; examined through the magnifying glass they looked like small rugose spots, as if warts would form; some spots are somewhat more elevated than others (third day). A white spot with a darker areola, like the beginning of lepra, on the back of the fourth finger between the second and third knuckles (third day). A red, very fine eruption, itching but little, in the bend of the elbow (fifth day). Itching and eruption like small weals on the left shoulder and in the hollow of both knees, lasting for more than a week, especially on the right side. Numerous red pimples in the skin of the right side of the face, as if an acne would form (third day). Small reddish vesicles between the knuckles of the right third and fourth fingers, and afterwards in the left hand on the radial side of the fourth finger, preceded by violent itching and scratching (second day). Eruption on the hands, small vesicles, especially on the backs of the fingers, most on both fourth fingers (third to fifth and following days). Subjective. Prickling as in perspiration, with only a moist skin (second day). Violent itching in the hollow of the left knee (first and second days), lasting a week in both, continuing still longer in the right.


Inclination to yawn and stretch. Much yawning, with weakness, in the evening. Frequent very deep yawning, with inclination to stretch, followed by a cooling weary sensation and confusion of the head. Sleep and sleepiness, all day (third day). Sleep at night bad.


Chilliness. Chilliness with constant trickling from the nose (second day). Chilliness with fluent coryza. A kind of coldness and shivering. Cold and white like marble, in cholera. Heat. Feeling of heat in the face and over the whole body (second day). Feeling of heat in the face, in the afternoon (fourth day). Reflection causes heat of the face, in the evening (first day). Heat in the face, alternating with confusion of the head, in the evening (first day). Heat of the face, with palpitation. The general confusion of the whole body increased to heat and burning in the abdomen. Constant heat in the face, especially after motion and thought, in the afternoon and evening (first day). Burning in the palms of the hands (second day). Sweat. General perspiration with nausea.



(Afternoon), Difficulty of breathing; heat in face. (evening), Confusion in head, etc.; coryza, etc. (Night), On going to bed, pressure in head; on going out, pain in hemorrhoids. (Drinking water), Respiratory troubles.

About the author

TF Allen

TF Allen

Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)
Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.

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