Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen


NATRUM CARBONICUM [Nat-c] homeopathy medicine – drug proving symptoms from Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen, of the homeopathic remedy NATRUM CARBONICUM [Nat-c]


      Sodium carbonate or Disodic carbonate, Na2CO310H2O. Preparation: Triturations of the crystals.


      Emotional. Lively, sociable mood. Excessively lively all day, with great joyous talkativeness. Every event makes a strong impression upon her; a wavy trembling in the nerves, with a sensation of faintness. So much excited by the slightest cause, that he continued to talk with passionate vehemence, until exhausted. Disinclination to talk (sixth day). Great inclination to sing to himself half aloud, for several days (after twenty- four hours). Joylessness. Lachrymose, for several days. Sad, depressed (twenty-ninth day). Sad, melancholy, tremulous, and inclined to weep, with constant sighing, and physical prostration (fourth day). Intolerable melancholy and apprehension; she was wholly occupied with sad thoughts (second day). Sorrowful mood (after six days). Depressed, extremely despondent mood. Anxious, solicitous about himself. Anxiety in the evening, after a footbath of three or four minutes, so that she could not fall asleep for an hour and a half. Anxiety, with tremulous beating of the whole body. Anxiety and restless; he thought he could do nothing properly. Anxiety and hasty restlessness all day; he could not keep the limbs still, especially the arms; obliged to stretch them; it seemed as though they would be torn asunder. Daily attacks of anxiety, with perspiration on the face, several times a day, lasting a quarter of an hour, without pain. The weather causes less anxiety than usual (curative action). Feeling of apprehension in the head (after three days). His fancy is mostly busy with apprehension of the future; he often makes plans for half an hour at a time, as if it would go wrong with him, wherewith he seeks to be alone (after twelve days). Great apprehensiveness after dinner, lasting till evening (twenty-first day). She does not know what to do, on account of apprehensiveness and ennui, and thinks that she is quite lonely and forsaken, all day (sixth day). Dread of the open air; she is averse to it. Dread of taking cold (second day). Great timidity. He is very timid, and starts at the slightest noise (twelfth day). Anthropophobia and fearfulness (second day). He shuns mankind. Ill-humored and solicitous. Ill-humor, discontented and almost inconsolable. Very ill-humored after supper, especially after copious drinking, with pressure in the pit of the stomach, right and left hypochondrium (twentieth day). Fretful mood, almost constantly till the thirteenth day. Fretfulness without cause. Fretfulness, in the evening (after ten hours). Fretful, though with a desire to work. Fretful and peevish; one can do nothing right (fifth day). Fretful, peevish, and ill-humored, after eating; towards evening he was more lively (fourth day). Very fretful for several days after dinner, and still more after supper. Very fretful, peevish, and restless after dinner; he is uncomfortable everywhere; the room seems too small for him, and even in the open air he walks about without anything seeming right to him; it diminishes towards evening (first and fourth days). Very fretful and discontented with the whole world; he constantly felt as though he could beat himself, his whole life angered him, and he preferred to have no existence at all; he was solicitous about the future, and inclined to despair, all day (second day). Peevish (after twenty-four hours). Peevish, irritable mood. Inclined to anger. Easily provoked to anger; with a lively mood. She becomes vexed and angry about trifles. He is angry, and inclined to fight and strike, and cannot tolerate contradiction, in the forenoon (eleventh day). Very sensitive, in the forenoon, as after a vexation (after two days). Alternately sad and joyous. Indifference (after ten days). Intellectual. Resolute, persevering, self-possessed, courageous. Sensation of loss of will power, in the morning on waking. Mood sluggish, phlegmatic indolent (fifth day). Dislike for business; he goes about idly, but when once at work, it goes on as usual (after three days). He has no desire to do anything, and he can keep at nothing long. Ennui; he is absorbed in himself, and does not even know how he is, in the morning (fourth day). Weary of life, in the morning on waking (eighteenth day). Weakness of thought. Inability to think acutely, with vertigo. He cannot think easily; the power of concentration fails him. Internal restlessness. Distraction of mind in the morning (sixteenth day). Completely inattentive. Dulness of sense; he stares without thought, as if stunned by a blow. Very forgetful; he is obliged to think a long time before anything comes to him (third and thirteenth days). He easily makes mistakes in writing (after fourteen days). Stupefaction, in the morning on waking, that only gradually passes away. Almost unconscious of external objects; he reels while walking.


      Confusion and Vertigo. Confusion and pain in the head that permit no mental work. Nightly attack of vertigo; with slow violent beating of the heart, roaring in the ears, heat, anxiety as if he would die; orgasm of blood; aggravated by the slightest motion, or speaking a single word; at the end of the attack, chilliness and trembling. Vertigo on turning the head. Vertigo after mental labor, with dull pressing inward in the temples. Vertigo almost constantly, while walking; she reeled while walking. Vertigo very frequently during the day, like a whirling in the head, even while lying down. Vertigo, threatening to fall to the left. Vertigo even to falling down, while walking about the room, followed by great weakness of the hands and feet (first day). Excessive vertigo, like a faintness, after taking a spoonful of wine. General Head. The head is dull, dizzy heavy, during fatiguing work, especially in the sun (after ten days). Headache constantly, like a reeling in the head, and very painful confusion, followed by heat in the head; relieved by moving about in the open air, aggravated during rest and while sitting, for two days in succession (after ten days). Rush of blood to the head. Great rush of blood to the head on stooping, as if everything would come out at the forehead; if he then lifted and carried anything, a beating in the head, disappearing on rising (thirteenth and fourteenth days). Violent rush of blood and heat in the head while sitting in the house, especially in the evening, for several days, even on the twentieth day; it was not noticed in the open air nor in bed. Rushing of blood in the head (third day). Dulness of head, as after too long sleep. Heaviness of the head, and burning in the eyes, almost daily, after dinner. When awakened at night, the head seemed heavy, with dull pressive pain, and flat taste in the mouth (twentieth day). Headache at noon, mostly low down in the occiput. While walking in the open air, he is attacked with headache and coryza. Headache and tension in the nape of the neck, before menstruation. Constrictive pain in the head. Dull headache after vomiting, no appetite, a white coated tongue, and flat nauseous taste (sixth and seventh days). Confused and dull drawing pain in the head, after dinner (sixth day). Pressive stitches through the head, during physical exertion (twenty-second day). Tearing in the whole head, in the afternoon (thirteenth day). Bruised headache, internally and externally. Some very acute jerkings in the head. Forehead. Sudden sensation of warmth in a spot as large as a half dollar, in the left side of the forehead above the orbit, as though a warm substance were lying there, frequently intermitting, at 9 A.M. (third day). Tensive pain in the right frontal sinuses (twentieth day). Pain as if the forehead would burst, especially after moving about, with a stopped sensation in the head, for several days, from 7 A.M. to 5 P.M. Sensation of a cord tight about the forehead, spreading warmth (after one hour). Headache in the forehead, on suddenly turning the head. Dull headache, like stupefying pressure in the forehead, in all positions. Pressure and heat for a short time in the forehead, in the forenoon (ninth day). Pressive pain in the left side of the forehead, in the morning on rising (third day). Sharp sticking in the right frontal region; on ceasing there, it appears in the right side of the occiput (fourth day). Frightful sticking and burning in the forehead, also sticking in the temple, in the evening, lasting till lying down, and continuing for an hour in bed, together with a sensation of external heat in the forehead (first day). Stitches in the forehead. Stitch behind the right frontal eminence (first day). Violent cramp like tearing in the forehead, extending into the eyes and tip of the nose. Sticking, transient throbbing in the forepart of the forehead, at noon (fourth day). Intermitting beating pain extending outward through the forehead, just above the margin of the left orbit (after one hour). Temples. Pain pressing from within outward in the right temple, in the afternoon (eleventh day). Violent tearing in the right temple, and side of the forehead, relieved for a short time by pressure, during menstruation (nineteenth day). Vertex. Pressure and a sensation of heat in the vertex and forehead (first day). Violent stitch in the left side of the upper part of the head, in the forenoon (third day). Throbbing headache in the top of the head, daily, especially in the morning. Beating in the vertex, that is very sensitive to pressure, after dinner (sixth day). Painful beating or throbbing over the whole top of the head, as if in the bone, in the forenoon (fourth day). Pressive shocks in the upper part of the head, in the evening on falling asleep. Parietals. A few sharp stitches in the upper part of the left parietal bone (after three hours). Fine stitches in the left side of the head (sixth day). Tearing and sticking, extending from the left frontal eminence to behind the ear (first day). Painful tearing and throbbing in the left side of the head, during menstruation (nineteenth day). Occiput. Sensation of painful emptiness in the occiput, with weakness and hoarseness of the voice. Pain extending from the occiput to the vertex (twelfth day). Tension in the occiput. Dull pain in the occiput (fifteenth day). Drawing and tension in the right side of the occiput as if it would draw the head backward. Long-continuing pressure in the right side of the occiput (third day). Dulness in the occiput, like a dull pressure, in forenoon (after eighteenth days). Dull pressure extending from the occiput to the nape of the neck, with drawing pain, that at last also extended to the forehead, with vertigo, eructations, and dimness of vision (first day). A sharp stitch, followed by burning, in the right side of the occiput (first day). Several fine stitches in the right side of the occiput, in the evening (first day). External Head. Motion of the scalp from behind forward and back again. Profuse falling of the hair, for several days (after three days). A boil on the occiput, more towards the nape of the neck, lasting a long time. An almost painless boil on the occiput, as large as a hazelnut. Pain externally low down in the occiput. Transient external headache, here and there, in the sides of the head, in the ear, etc. (after forty-eight hours). Pain to the touch in both occipital protuberances.


      Objective. Swelling beneath the left eye, so that he could scarcely see out of it, with burning now in the right, now in the left eye, in the morning on rising (fourth, fifth, and sixth days). Inflammation of the eyes, with sticking pain. It appears to dissolve the fibrin of the blood, and causes an excessive fluidity of it, produces a kind of leucoma, and finally ulceration of the cornea. The workmen who have to pound the crude article are the most exposed to its influence; all day long they are covered with soda suspended in the atmosphere in the form of a fine powder; it is chiefly among them that keratitis with ulceration occurs; the ulcerative keratitis is always large and deep, and as often precedes as follows the other symptoms. Small ulcers about the cornea, with stinging pains in the eye, so that she was obliged to shade it from every ray of light. Subjective. Dryness, a sensation of heat, and a feeling of contraction in the eyes (after two days). Stickiness of the right eye, as if it were full of mucus, all day. Pain in the eyes, in the morning (after seventeen days). Burning in the eyes, only in the forenoon (third and fourth days). Burning in the eyes, in the evening, lasting until after lying down (seventh day). Burning in the eyes while at work, especially reading and writing, together with sensation of dryness in the eyes, as if he had wept much (tenth day). Sudden burning in the right external canthus, immediately afterwards in the middle of the eye, whence it extends into the inner canthus, and as it ceases there a sticking in the left eye extending towards the outer canthus, with a feeling as though a hair were in it, though it immediately disappeared, at 2 P.M. (second day). Dull stitches in the right eye, while sitting (fourth day). A fine sharp stitch in the left inner canthus that forces out the tears, at 11 A.M. (third day). Needle like stitches in both eyes, after dinner (eighteenth day). Itching in the right eye, disappearing on rubbing, in the morning (second day). Itching and biting in the right eye; was obliged to rub it, which, however, relieved it but little, but on moistening it with saliva, the itching and biting ceased (third day). Violent itching in the right eye, that waters on rubbing, at 11 A.M. (tenth day). Orbit. Pain in the bones of the orbit. Lids. Swelling of the upper lids (after fifteen days). Inflammatory swelling of the right upper lid, without redness of the conjunctiva, with pressure in it, feeble-looking face, and some mucus in the canthi (after ten days). He could hardly open the lids; they involuntarily closed. Frequent closure of the lids, like an involuntary winking, with a burning sensation in the eyes, especially in the afternoon. Constant closure of the lids, followed by sleepiness, even while walking. Eyes agglutinated, in the morning, and watery all the forenoon (fourth day). Eyes constantly agglutinated, which he can only with difficulty prevent, in the afternoon (eleventh day). Heaviness of the upper lids (first and second days). Tearing in the right lower lid, extending from the inner canthus toward the outer, at 5 P.M. (first day). Frequent itching of the lower lids, especially of the left. Lachrymal Apparatus. Violent inflammation of the inner canthus, and purulent swelling of the lachrymal sac, which opened (after four days). Lachrymation of the eyes. Ball. Sensitiveness of the eyeballs to touch, with s sensation as if they would be pulled out. Pupil. Pupils contracted (after three hours). Vision. Eyes dim (after forty-eight hours). Eyes dim; he was constantly obliged to wipe them. Distant objects seem to dim to one usually farsighted. He sees people very indistinctly at twenty paces, and is unable to recognize them (nineteenth day). He sees a picture very indistinctly, even at a distance of a few steps. Dimness of vision; vision vanishes immediately on reading (second day). It seems as though something were drawn before the axis of vision. Eyes weak; at fine work everything runs together, yet she can read well. Black floating spots before vision, while writing. Flickering before the eyes like rain. Sparks of light before the eyes (eleventh day). Lightings before the eyes, on falling asleep. Blinding lightings before the eyes, on waking (after twelve days).


      External. Itching sticking in the lobule of the left ear, disappearing on pressure and rubbing, in the forenoon (third day). Stitches in the left concha. A sharp stitch behind the lobule of the right ear, always immediately disappearing on pressure, but returning, at 1 P.M. (second day). Painful tearing and sticking behind the right ear, at 1 P.M. (sixth day). An ulcerative pain, with throbbing behind the lobule of the left ear, as if within the bone; disappearing on pressure. Middle. Stopped sensation in the left ear, with diminished hearing. Pain in the left ear (after fourteen days). Pinching and cracking in the right ear, in the morning (sixth day). Earache, with drawing pain in the right articulation of the jaw, that extends into the inner mouth and right side of the tongue; the tongue is at the same painful to the touch of the teeth, though motion of the jaw causes no pain, in the evening, on walking in a cool wind (eighth day). Pressure and tearing in the ear. Sticking in the left ear, from within outward, at 3 P.M. (second day). Stitches in the ears at times, ceasing on opening the mouth, and returning on closing it (tenth day). A sharp stitch from within outward in the right ear (after three quarters of an hour). Piercing stitches in both ears, frequently (thirteenth day). A piercing stitch, as with an awl, in the right ear, at 4 P.M. (fourth day). Very fine intermitting tearing in the right ear, while standing and sitting, at 8 A.M. (nineteenth day). Tickling in the left external meatus, ceasing for a while after scratching, but returning, at 8 1/2 A.M. (fourth day). Hearing. Violent rushing in ear (after four days). Ringing in the ears on turning the head. Roaring about the head, and throbbing in the left ear. Violent roaring in the ears (after twenty-second day). Music in the ears, as from the humming of distant bagpipe, as when at times one hears fine tones, while lying on the back in bed; on rising, it ceases, but if he sits upright for a short time it returns, and disappears on lying down, but soon returns while lying; together with some earache (twenty-third day).


      Objective. Nose red, with white pimples upon it. Ulceration high up within the nostrils. Frequent sneezing without coryza (after thirteen hours). Frequent persistent sneezing, in the morning (eleventh day). Forcible sneezing once, with rush of blood into the head, so that he saw white stars, before the eyes (fourth day). Much nasal mucus passes through the mouth (fifth day). Yellow offensive discharge from the nose (seventh and eighth days). Thick green mucus is blown from the nose (twenty-second day). Frequent intermitting coryza, with burning in the eyes (the whole twelfth day). Fluent coryza in the forenoon, disappearing in the afternoon (thirteenth day). Profuse, fluent coryza, with chilliness over the whole body, cold hands and cheeks, and hoarseness, without thirst. Very profuse coryza (tenth day). Extremely profuse, fluent coryza (after eleven days). Coryza with discharge of thin mucus, and frequent sneezing (second day). Stopped catarrh (after six days). Profuse stopped catarrh, especially after dinner, and frequent sneezing. Coryza, with stoppage of the nose; she thought she would suffocate at night for want of air, and was obliged to keep her mouth constantly open (tenth and eleventh days). Coryza, at one time fluent, at another stopped (fifth day). Bleeding of the nose (after twelve days). Blowing of the blood from the nose, in the morning. Subjective. The nose seems stopped for half an hour (first day). Stoppage of the nose, with hard offensive pieces, that come from one nostril (after fourteen days). Stoppage of the nose when talking. Dryness of the nose. Drawing pain in the outer side of the nose, relieved by rubbing (first day). Sensation as though a hard substance were sticking in the upper part of the left nostril, which does not disappear on blowing the nose, lasting two days (after four days). Constant tickling in the nose, not relieved by scratching (twelfth day). Smell. Smell more acute (secondary action?).


      Redness of the face, with warm forehead; without sensation of internal heat (after two hours). Alternating redness and paleness of the face, at 3 P.M. (seventh day). Face yellow. Earthy, wan complexion. Paleness of the face, blue rings around the eyes, swollen lids (after twenty-four days). She looks very pale, as after severe illness (seventh day). Face puffy. Slight puffiness of the face. Pressive pains in the bones of the face, aggravated by walking in the open air. Cheeks. Swelling of both cheeks, with glowing redness. Violent drawing in the left cheek-bone. Pressive pain in both cheek-bones. Acute needle-like stitch in the upper part of the left cheek, at 3 P.M. (first day). Tearing in the right zygoma, returning after rubbing (first day). Tearing in the left zygoma, extending up into the head, with sticking pain in the forehead, at 4 P.M. (second day). Violent tearing in the right zygoma, as if the bone would be torn out, with sensitiveness to touch, at 3 P.M. (first day). Lips. Twitching of the upper lip (after eighteen days). Twitching of the right side of the upper lip, frequently returning, in the afternoon (sixth day). Burning in a small spot on the upper lip and right corner of the mouth. China Rheumatic pain in the jaws. Frequent intermitting tearing in the left jaw, in the afternoon (fourth day). Bruised pain at the angle of the left lower jaw, disappearing on pressure, after dinner (third day). Beating in the right side of the lower jaw, extending from the middle toward the chin, after breakfast (first day). Twitching in the left side of the lower jaw, at 1 1/2 P.M. (first day).


      Teeth. Looseness of the teeth. Sensation as if cold air were coming out of the right upper carious teeth, after diner (first day). Toothache, with swelling of the gums, and violent fever; for three days (after second day). Burrowing toothache, immediately after a breakfast of bread and butter; the right cheek was swollen, and if he touched it, especially if he pressed upon the upper jaw, the pain was very much aggravated; smelling saturated solution of camphor afforded no marked relief (twenty- eight day). Burrowing and boring in a hollow tooth, ceasing only on falling asleep (twelfth day). A violent boring burrowing toothache in a hollow tooth woke him at 4 A.M. aggravated by touch of the tongue, ceasing after half an hour, when he fell asleep; it returned after breakfast, when he ate honey, also after eating sweets at dinner, and lasting very violent till 4 P.M., and then less till 7 P.M.; during this time he was in the open air, in cold, rainy weather; the pain ceased during supper; mesmerizing and smoking tobacco afforded no relief (twenty-sixth day). Drawing boring in the hollow teeth. Dull boring pressure pains in a hollow tooth, after taking cold (eight day). Toothache, as if the teeth would be pulled out, day and night, somewhat relieved by warmth; with bleeding of the gums on slightest touch; this is associated with coldness of the body, lasting all day, together with thirst, and lasting two weeks, only gradually diminishing (after sixteen days). Pressive pain in a tooth while half asleep, and on waking. Pressive toothache after lying down, for several evenings. Dull pressure and boring in a hollow tooth, in the afternoon (fourth day). Dull sticking in a hollow tooth after dinner, disappearing on smoking; on eating pears the toothache returns; also in the evening a burrowing toothache while walking, that after supper becomes pulsating, and only ceases on falling asleep (eighteenth day). Sudden stitch in a sound tooth (twenty-third day). Tearing toothache only at night, after 9 P.M., not during the day. Toothache (tearing?), lasting all night, followed by swelling of the lower lip and cessation of the pain (after fourteen hours). Tearing in the tips of the left lower teeth, afterwards under the chin, and afterwards again in a lower tooth, at 11 A.M. (first day). Jerking tearing in the left lower teeth, in the evening (fourth day). Sensitiveness of the teeth, as if scorbutic, and as from bog water (moorwasser), (after three days). Extreme sensitiveness of the lower teeth, for two days (after twenty-four hours). Jerkings in the teeth while eating. Frequent jerking in the right lower teeth, and great sensitiveness of tips of the teeth, in the afternoon (first day). Tearing and jerking in the left eye-tooth, in the evening, disappearing after lying down (eleventh day). Looseness of a left upper back tooth, without pain, in the evening; after two days it became tight again (after six days). A fine transient boring in the left lower anterior molars, at 10 A.M. (first day). Tearing in the left upper back teeth, lasting half an hour (third day). Some tearings in the right lower anterior molars and in their gum, in the forenoon (first day). Tearing and jerking in the last left lower molars, as if coming out of the teeth, day and night, especially after dinner (twenty fifth day). Transient tearing in the left lower anterior molars, on walking in the open air, at 10 A.M. (nineteenth day). Painful tearing in the last left upper molars, in the afternoon (fourth day). Jerking tearing in the right lower back teeth, in the forenoon (twenty-first day). Cold crawling ran through the right upper back teeth, momentarily, at noon (third day). Gums. Gums loose (after twenty-three days). The gum on the inner side of the anterior lower teeth seems, to the touch of the tongue, as rough as a file, at 3 P.M. (second day). Bleeding of the gum (after a few hours). The lower gum of the left side is painful, as if ulcerated, for two days (after twenty-four days). Tongue. Tongue pale. Pimples on the tip of the tongue (after a few hours). Small pimples on the left side of the tongue, with sticking pain. A papular eruption beneath the tongue, painful to touch. A tensive blister on the right margin of the tongue, of short duration, at 5.30 P.M. (first day). A pustule near the frenum linguae. Biting on the tip of the tongue, as from salt water. Burning about the whole tip of the tongue, as if it were full of cracks, at 2 P.M. (second day). Sore pain in the tip of the tongue when touched with the teeth. General Mouth. Musty odor from the mouth. A large blister on the inner side of the left cheek, that after pressure exudes water, and disappears after twenty-four hours (after nineteen days). Several superficial ulcerated spots in the mouth, with burning pain when touched. Dryness of the mouth and tongue, that calls for drink. Constant dryness of the mouth and lips, which she was constantly obliged to lick, as if caused by the heat of the breath (after seven days). Heat and dryness of the mouth, with great thirst, for some hours every morning after rising. Painful, sore sensation on the inner side of the cheek, when chewing. Saliva. Profuse accumulation of tasteless, watery saliva (nearly the whole three days). Gluey saliva, for several days. Saliva salty, with biting on the tip of the tongue (after five days). Profuse tasteless water collects in the mouth, for an hour, at 1 P.M. (twelfth day). Collection of sour tasting water in the mouth, in the forenoon (eleventh day). Insipid mucus in the mouth. Taste. Increased acuteness of taste (secondary action?). Flat, slimy taste on waking, with bitterness in the mouth, and white-coated tongue (fifth day). Very bad taste in the mouth, on waking in the morning, and a sensation as if burnt, that disappeared after eating soup (ninth day). He woke at 4 A.M. with a nauseous taste in the mouth, and violent erections (thirtieth day). Sweet taste in the mouth (eighth day). Bitter taste in the mouth, in the afternoon (after thirteen days). A bitter taste frequently comes low down in the throat, like a vapor. Sudden bitter taste in the mouth, and then uprisings of bitter water, so that he spat constantly (after half an hour). Bitter, flat taste in the mouth, in the morning (first day). Bitter, slimy taste in the mouth, in the morning, disappearing after rising and eating (ninth day). Rancid, bitter taste to all food, disappearing after eating. Sour taste in the mouth (after three days). Sour taste in the mouth, and thickly coated tongue. Sourish taste in the mouth, in the morning after waking (fifth day). Metallic taste in the mouth, in the afternoon (after fourteen days). Taste of blood in the mouth, on exhaling. Taste as of an old tobacco-pipe, at 4 P.M., after spitting a watery saliva; it lasted a long time, and afterwards seemed to cause a biting on the tongue (third day). Sudden purulent taste in the throat, as from an internal ulcer (tenth day). The dinner tastes bitter, though she eats with tolerable appetite (third day). Speech. Speech was irksome. Tongue not facile; speech difficult. Lisping with tongue, for several days.


      Objective. Inflammation of the throat, with swelling of the right tonsil; sticking and retching on swallowing, as from a swelling, mostly on the left side, where the tonsil was not swollen, morning and night (eleventh day). A piece of mucus collects in the throat at night, and wakes him in the morning by tickling and irritation, but he easily raises it; after a short time a second piece collects, and also is easily raised; the rawness in the chest, however, remains, and gradually disappears, after rising from bed (twenty-second day). A piece of mucus sticks fast in the throat, and causes scraping, and is not loosened by hawking (twenty-second day). Easy hawking of mucus, in the morning (eighteenth day). Violent hawking up of thick mucus that constantly collects again (thirteenth day). Subjective. Dry throat; he hawks very much, without raising any mucus (twenty- seventh day). Dryness of the throat and tongue, with thirst, at night. On running rapidly, a sensation as if something were rising into the throat. Pain in the left side of the throat, on yawning (second day). Sticking in the throat while yawning and swallowing, at 6 P.M. (tenth day). Sticking in the throat, with much hemoptysis. Sticking and rawness in the throat, with dry cough (fifth day). Some sticking in the throat, as from mucus, when she attempts to raise by hawking, at 4 P.M. (tenth day). Some short stitches in the right side of the throat, in the afternoon, in the open air (twelfth day). Violent dull stitches in the left side of the throat, with redness, in the morning after waking; only on swallowing (ninth day). Sharp stitches in the throat, when swallowing and when not, lasting a quarter of an hour, in the afternoon (fourth day). A pressing kind of sore throat, after stooping; she swallows with difficulty, on account of the sore pain; for several days afterwards, a sensation as if something were sticking in the throat. Rawness in the throat (nearly the whole third day). Rawness and dryness in the throat, as if hoarse; was frequently obliged to hawk in order to relieve it (after one hour). Raw, scraped throat for several days, especially in the evening (twentieth day). Raw, scraping scratching in the throat, relieved by eating (twenty-first day). Scraping and rawness in the throat, for a long time, at 6 P.M. (fifth day). Disagreeable rancid feeling in the throat (the whole eleventh day). Tickling in the throat, with stitches, especially on swallowing, in the afternoon, lasting till evening (first day). A scraping dry sensation in the fauces, by the posterior nares, especially in the open air. Pressure in the oesophagus. Swallowing. On swallowing, the morsel descends only by pressing with the mouth. External Throat. Glandular swellings in the throat. Swelling of the submaxillary glands. The goitre increases. A swelling as large as a pea, constantly increasing in size, and very painful to touch, on the left side of the neck, wherewith she was hot; her voice gave out while speaking; the whole throat seemed raw as far down as into the chest; the scraping in the throat was aggravated by coughing; at the same time she had pressure on the vertex, so that she could not press upon it; for five days (after eleven days). Violent pressure in the goitre. Sticking pain in the parotid gland, which is also painful to touch. Very fine sticking at the thyroid gland, anteriorly and externally, in the forenoon (seventeenth day).


      Appetite. Great appetite morning, noon, and evening (first day). More hunger than usual. Much more hunger and appetite for breakfast than usual (first day). Hunger for breakfast, but he had scarcely satisfied himself, when there was a pressure in the stomach, and he became ill- humored (twenty-sixth day). He became hungry towards noon, contrary to habit, though he had a eaten a good breakfast; was obliged to eat a piece of bread and butter, when the weak sensation disappeared (third and fourth days). Increased sensation of hunger in the afternoon, when it was quite unusual (first day). Incessant hunger (after fifteen days). Excessive hunger in the forenoon, little at noon. Ravenous hunger in the afternoon (seventh day). Disposed to nibble; as soon as he sees anything eatable, he wishes to taste it (third day). After dinner a great desire for a pipe of tobacco, which had not tasted so good for a long time (fifth day). She has appetite and hunger, but is soon satisfied. Appetite for dinner not as good as usual; meat not at all relished; bread tastes best (first day). She has very little appetite, though the stomach seems empty (seventh day). Neither hunger nor appetite at noon and in the evening (sixth day). Anorexia. She relishes no food, but hence eats nothing. Aversion to meat and fat food (second day). Aversion to milk, ordinarily her favorite diet (first days). Thirst. Thirst even in the morning (seventh day). Thirst in the afternoon (sixth and tenth days); in evening, after going to sleep (seventh and eleventh days); after walking (second day). Much thirst; in forenoon (twenty-third day). Great thirst, only while eating. Excessive thirst (the whole first day). Excessive thirst towards noon, also continuing in the afternoon (sixth day). Violent thirst for cold water a few hours after dinner. Eructations and Hiccough. Many eructations, with excessive vertigo, while eating (after sixteen days). Frequent eructations (after a few days). Frequent eructations in the forenoon (eleventh day). Constant eructations, and emission of much flatus. Empty eructations (third day). Empty eructations, followed by heat in pharynx, at 2 P.M. (first day). Eructations tasting of food, after every meal. Bitter eructations, which he tasted for a long time, in the forenoon (second day). Sour eructations. Frequent sour eructations in the afternoon (eleventh day). Frequent bilious eructations that penetrated into the nose, in the afternoon (third day). Uprisings of water of a sweetish taste, but only as far as the throat, so that he was constantly obliged to swallow it again, at 3 P.M. (second day). Hiccough every afternoon after eating. Frequent hiccough. Violent Hiccough during dinner, making the stomach sore (third day). Such violent hiccough at 6 P.M., that it caused bitter uprisings from the stomach for half an hour (third day). Hiccough so violent and long continued that everything became sore, in the evening (fourth day). Water brash (after fifteen days). Scraping heartburn, after fat food (after three days). Nausea and Vomiting. Nausea in the stomach, with a sensation of fasting, that disappeared after soup, in the morning (sixth day). Nausea, aversion, and qualmishness in the morning, with crawling and twisting about in the stomach, accumulation of water in the mouth, and eructations; did not disappear after soup in the morning, but lasted till noon (eleventh day). Nausea in the morning, with uprisings of water in the mouth, nearly all day. Nausea, with shuddering, and a feeling of fullness in the stomach. Constant nausea, with yawning, the whole forenoon (first day). Great nausea in the stomach, though without inclination to vomit, disappearing after eating, in the forenoon (fifteenth day). Qualmishness in the stomach, with tension in the hypochondria after fruit (tenth day). Qualmishness and nausea in the stomach, as if he had taken cold, followed by warmth in the pit of the stomach (immediately). Extreme inclination to vomit, with nausea, heat of the face, excessive hawking of mucus, and efforts to vomit till actual vomiting of frothy tasteless mucus resulted; better towards evening, on eating (sixth and seventh days). Violent retching in the morning, without actual vomiting. Vomiting of offensive sour liquid, like muddy water (while coughing). Stomach. The stomach is weak, and easily disordered. A stoppage from below upward after eating, as if digestion could not go on from above downward, lasting three or four hours, followed by relaxation of the hands and feet. Disagreeable feeling of fasting in the stomach, in the forenoon (fourth day). Feeling of a disordered stomach, that disappears after eating warm soup, but returns (first day). Pain in the stomach, after milk soup (fourth day). Pain in the stomach, with sensitiveness, even to external pressure, and accumulation of water in the mouth; relieved by eating bread, at 4 P.M. (first day). Fullness in the stomach, in the evening, and no desire for food (ninth day). Feeling of fullness in the stomach, and as if something were rising up, at 4 A.M., in bed (second day). The stomach feels swollen and is sensitive (eleventh day). Unpleasant tension just above the pit of the stomach (seventeenth day). Painful contraction about the stomach in the evening, extending afterwards also to both hypochondria, so that she was obliged to bend up; relieved by stretching up and by walking, aggravated by stooping and sitting; in the evening lasting in bed till next morning, though less severe, together with a jerking in the right side, below the stomach, as if a worm were turning about (tenth day). Internal pain like a griping about the stomach, extending toward the left side, at 1 P.M. (first day). Griping in the stomach after the morning drink. Griping and beating in the epigastric region, as from a worm, at 2.30 A.M. (tenth day). Pain like a pressure and retching about the epigastric region in the morning, lasting two hours, and then disappearing on moving about. Pressure and rumbling in the stomach, disappearing after eructations, in the forenoon (third day). Pressure in the stomach, as from a stone, at 3 P.M. (eleventh day). Pressure and griping in the stomach, while walking, with tremulousness. Violent pressure in the stomach, after dinner and breakfast, for several days (after eighteen days). Lies like a heavy lump in the stomach, after dinner. Feeling as if a hard substance were extending from the praecordial region to the pit of the stomach, and a constriction in the stomach, after dinner (third day). Pain in the stomach, like a cutting, towards the small of the back, in the forenoon (first day). Cutting in the epigastric region while walking, then extending towards the navel, with a feeling as if a stool would occur, at 4 P.M. (sixth day). Cutting and drawing internally and externally in the stomach (the whole twenty-second day). Very painful sticking and feeling of retraction in the epigastric region, in a broad streak extending across to the right side, lasting a long time, in the afternoon (first day). Very sharp painful stitch deep in the left side of the stomach, followed by burning, at 3.30 P.M. (first day). A violent stitch, as with a knife, in the epigastric region before dinner, afterwards a similar one beneath the left breast on inspiration (first day). When talking, the pit of the stomach was very sore, and the saliva was frothy, as if beaten up. Great external sensitiveness of the epigastric region to touch, in the forenoon (tenth day). The stomach was painful to touch (also after forty- eight hours).


      Hypochondria. He woke after an hour with a stoppage in the region of the spleen, and oppression across the chest and stomach, as from flatulence. Burning in the left side, near the pit of the stomach, while walking, lasting a quarter of an hour, and not disappearing on rubbing, at 5 P.M. (eighth day). Sudden burning in a small spot near the right side of the pit of the stomach, in the afternoon (eleventh day). Sticking and drawing in the right side of the abdomen, above the hip (after twenty-days). Some stitches in the left hypochondrium, extending into the right pit of the stomach, frequently during the day while sitting, also painful to touch. Stitches as with knives towards each other and a screwing together sensation in the right hypochondrium region, with oppression of the breath (eleventh day). Violent stitches in the region of the spleen, in the afternoon, while walking (fifteenth day). Violent sharp stitches in the right hypochondriac region, followed by griping in the lower abdomen, in the forenoon (tenth day). Pain, on pressure with the hand, in the left hypochondrium (after seven days). Jerking from time to time in the right hypochondriac region, in the evening (twelfth day). Umbilical and Sides. Tensive burning in a small spot to the left of the navel, in the forenoon (seventeenth day). Griping about the umbilicus, in the afternoon (eleventh day). Griping in a small spot at the umbilicus, frequently intermitting, in the forenoon (eleventh day). Pinching about the navel, followed by the usual stool, with clawing in the anus (after one hour and a half). Slow drawing from the umbilicus towards the small of the back, like in urging to stool, with yawning, in the morning (tenth day). Fine intermitting griping in the right flank, rather externally, after dinner (first day). Coarse twitching in the right flank, like a beating, frequently intermitting (fourth day). Sharp stitches in the right flank, extending into the right rib, near the pit of the stomach, and then on deep breathing into the sternum, above the ensiform cartilage, less on inspiration, but returning during expiration, and lasting a long time (first day). General Abdomen. Distension of the abdomen, especially after eating. Great distension of the abdomen, relieved by emission of flatus, in the afternoon (fifth day). Great distension of the abdomen, with emission of flatus in the evening, disappearing after lying down (seventh day). Great distension of the abdomen in the afternoon, as if she had eaten very much, without emission of flatus; in the night, as it still continued, she rose, thinking to obtain relief by a stool, which, however, did not follow; only towards morning the flatulence disappeared, without an evacuation (tenth day). Excessive distension of the abdomen, as if it would burst; only slightly relieved by the emission of flatus (seventeenth day). Painful distension of the abdomen, as if it would burst, in the morning after waking; after rising slight diarrhoea, followed by disappearance of the distension, during menstruation (twelfth day). Swellings on the abdomen, as if intestines were here and there distended by gas (after twenty-days). Movings about in the abdomen, even in the morning in bed, followed by two thin stools without any difficulty (sixth day). Rumbling noise in the abdomen (fifth day). Audible rumbling in the abdomen, without pain, at 6.30 P.M. (second day). Rumbling and gurgling in the abdomen, with distension in certain spots. Griping rumbling in the upper abdomen, followed by emission of flatus with relief, in the afternoon (fourth day). Violent griping rumbling in the whole abdomen; relieved in the open air (sixth day). Profuse emission of offensive flatus in the afternoon (third day). Sour-smelling flatus. Flatus having the odor of bad eggs. Incarcerated flatus, whereupon it mounted into his head, and he had twitchings in the face (after twenty days). Heaviness of the abdomen. Violent pain in the abdomen, disappearing after eating soup, at 11 A.M. (third day). Feeling of distension in the upper abdomen. Jerking contraction in the abdomen, with an affection of the small of the back. Griping in the abdomen, continuing after the stool (sixteenth day). Griping in the abdomen, like colic, immediately after eating. Cutting griping in the abdomen, in every position. Griping colic in the morning, with qualmishness, as if diarrhoea would occur. Frequent attacks of griping and cutting in the abdomen, as if diarrhoea would occur, the whole afternoon (seventh day). Frequent violent griping in the abdomen at long intervals (the whole tenth days). Cutting in the middle of the upper abdomen, in the morning (third day). Cutting in the abdomen and small of the back precedes the somewhat hard stool (after ten days). Cutting colic in the morning (third day). Sticking and drawing in the left side of the abdomen, as from incarceration of flatus (after eighteen days). Colic woke her from sleep, at night. A kind of colic towards morning; the navel became retracted, and the walls of the abdomen as hard as a board, yet he fell asleep while it lasted (sixth day). He woke with colic, that ceased after a stool, for three days (after ninth day). Colic preceding the evacuation of a soft stool. Colic, that recurs twice daily, only relieved after vomiting. The child complains of colic and nausea, looks very pale, and is obliged to lie down; after an hour’s sleep it passes away. Violent colic, at night. Tensive colic in the upper abdomen, with cutting in the abdomen and diarrhoea, for several nights (after twelve days). Sore pain in the abdomen, with pressure downward, as before menstruation; relieved by external warmth. The abdomen is painful to touch and on walking. Bruised pain in the intestines, with stitches in the right side of the chest, while riding horseback (twenty-eighth day). Hypogastrium and Iliac Region. Pain in the lower abdomen above the left groin on yawning and deep breathing, but not when touched. Tension in the lower abdomen below the umbilicus, especially while walking and on stooping. Paroxysmal violent griping in the lower abdomen, frequently (sixth day). Violent dragging in the hypogastric and inguinal regions. Pressure in the lower abdomen, extending to the genitals, as if everything in the abdomen would fall out and the menses would come on. Pressive pain in the lower abdomen and sides of the abdomen, with pain when touched, and still more on walking. Cutting in both sides of the lower abdomen, towards the navel, then in the whole abdomen, as after taking cold, in the forenoon, while sitting (third day). Cutting pain low down in the lower abdomen at short intervals, before menstruation, in the afternoon (nineteenth day). Tearing in the lower abdomen, extending through the genitals to the urethra (fifth day). Biting as from worms in the lower abdomen, in the afternoon (twelfth day). Swelling of the inguinal glands. Swelling (generally painful) of the glands of the groin and axilla. Terrible dull pressive sticking in the right inguinal region, so that she was obliged to bend double, while hawking, after rising from a seat, lasting a minute (tenth day). Pain, as if beaten, in a small spot on the right ilium, on pressure (third day).

Rectum and Anus

      Much incarcerated flatus, in the rectum (seventh day). Distressing sensation, as from an incomplete stool, with stitches in the rectum. Burning in the rectum, after a stool (after three days). Pain in the rectum, as if hard lumps were in it, during the evacuation of stool and flatus. Cramp like pain in the rectum and below the umbilicus (after thirty-one days). Pressure in the rectum, with itching, as if hemorrhoids would occur (twenty- eighth day). Itching in the rectum. Anus. Burning and biting in the anus, after a stool (after eleven days). Pressive twinging about the anus. Stitches in the anus (first day). Biting and burning itching in the anus. Crawling in the anus (eleventh day). Violent crawling in the anus, as from worms for an hour (second day). Itching in the anus (after twenty-four hours). Urging. Ineffectual desire for stool, with sticking in the anus (fourth day). Frequent ineffectual desire and urging to stool. Urging to stool and urine, with colic; after long pressure some urine passes, wherewith the penis becomes erect, and this pressure with erection continues even after the discharge, in the afternoon (twentieth day). Constant urging to stool, with flatulent colic in the abdomen. Pressure to stool, and desire, partly ineffectual, partly with a slight discharge of a natural stool, with constant fullness in the abdomen, frequently during the day (after fourteen days).


      Diarrhoea. Diarrhoea, after drinking milk. Profuse diarrhoea, at first of thick mucus, for four days, and at last it becomes more and more covered with blood, without pain; but preceded by transient pain in the stomach. Stool small, soft, thin-formed, with pressure. Stool pasty, preceded by a quiet discharge of flatus, without pressure, with burning hot cheeks. Stool with pressure, followed by pain in the rectum. Difficult eructation of a stool that was not hard; he was obliged to make great effort before it could be discharged. He is unable without much effort to evacuate a stool that is not hard (first day). The morning stool was harder than the usual, especially very hard at first, so that he was obliged to make a great effort; the last was tenacious, and freed itself from the anus with difficulty; after dinner he was again obliged to go to stool, but the evacuation was insignificant, and soon followed by tenesmus in the rectum, that lasted some time (third day); violent pressure and urging to stool; but only a little discharge resulted; with a feeling as if much remained; the colic that had existed previously, ceased after the evacuation (ninth day); stool, with a straining, after dinner, followed by burning in the eyes and urethra, with remarkable voluptuous irritation; the burning about the eyes returned, with heat of the head and perspiration on the forehead, during the approach of a storm (tenth day). Hard stool, with burning in the anus (eleventh day); very hard crumbly stool with pressure, preceded by movements and griping in the abdomen (first three days); urgent desire for stool, that was soft and of the usual amount, followed by rumbling in the abdomen, cutting below the navel, and constant urging, only once, however, resulting in a slight evacuation (second day); after an interval of half an hour, during which the straining never entirely ceased, excessive urging, and a thin yellow stool with burning and tenesmus in the anus, also with pain about the navel (second day); stool hard, coated with some blood, with stitches in the rectum, and followed by burning in the anus (second day); stool first hard, then soft, mixed with bloody mucus, and followed by burning in the anus (second day); urging to stool; a few small pieces, like sheep dung, are passed only after great straining, with burning (third day); she woke at 3 A.M., with desire for stool, that was at first soft, then thin, with burning and tenesmus in the anus, and the evacuation of a piece of tapeworm two inches long, followed somewhat later by two thin stools (fourth day); stool with small balls of mucus like peas (fourth day); cutting and movements in the whole abdomen, followed by four thin stools, in half an hour (fifth day); stools very hard, then soft, followed by burning (seventh and eighth days); stools always very soft (after eight days); hard stool, with straining (ninth day); violent pinching in the abdomen, followed by a very soft, and then by a diarrhoea- like stool, with sore pain in the anus (eleventh day); such violent urging to stool, that he had hardly time to reach the closet; there resulted a thin stool, that forcibly spurted from him (fifteenth day); three thin stools, with burning like fire in the anus (fifteenth day); stool two or three times a day; that last usually with pressure in the rectum and tenesmus in the urethra, and evacuation of a little crumbly mucous stool, at times only flatus, for several weeks; stool not hard, but causing cutting during the evacuation (nineteenth and twentieth days). Stool spotted with blood (after twenty-one and thirty-six days). Discharge of blood during the stool (after fourteen days). Constipation. Constipation or diarrhoea. Stool omits (fifth and eleventh days).

Urinary Organs

      Urethra. Prostatic fluid passes with a difficult stool. Prostatic fluid passes with the urine (after five days). Burning and smarting in the urethra, in the evening (twenty second day). Burning in the urethra, when not urinating (fifth day). Burning and sticking in the urethra, during micturition, at 3 P.M. (fourth day). Burning in the urethra, during and after micturition. Tearing in the urethra, during micturition (second day). Tearing in the urethra, with tearing in the testicles, periodic, lasting an hour. Smarting in the urethra during micturition (twenty-second and twenty-third days). Jerking in the urethra. Micturition. Frequent desire to urinate, with copious discharge. Frequent desire to urinate, with scanty discharge. Frequent desire to urinate, though there was never much urine passed at once (first seven days). Frequent urging continues after urinating, though there is always a spoonful passed (eleventh day). Constant desire to urinate, and during the last drops cutting in the bladder, and discharge of mucus from the urethra. A sudden desire to urinate, with stitches in the urethra, from behind forward (after three hours). Nocturnal, involuntary micturition. The child wetted the bed, at night. Frequent and profuse micturition, together with discharge of yellowish leucorrhoea (eleventh day). She urinates frequently, but little at a time (second and third days). She urinates frequently and profusely (after fifteen days). Frequent discharge of watery urine, without special thirst (after eleven days). He was obliged to rise three times at night to urinate, without having drank much (after six days). She was obliged to urinate excessively at night, even every half hour (after three days). She is obliged to rise three times at night to urinate, with burning in the urethra (thirteenth day). Discharge of urine very much increased (twelfth day). Profuse emission of urine, as though she had passed none for several days (first day). Dribbling of urine immediately after micturition. Urine. Urine was very much increased; he was even obliged to rise after midnight to urinate (thirteenth day). Urine very much increased; the evacuation preceded and accompanied by burning (fourth day). Two pounds of lemon-yellow urine passed daily, in the morning, for ten days (after twenty days). Offensive urine. Sour-smelling, bright yellow urine. The urine becomes turbid, soon after passing (eleventh day). The urine becomes turbid, and deposited yellow mucus.

Sexual Organs

      Male. Inflammation of the glans penis and prepuce. Inflammation of the prepuce. In the morning, the prepuce was retracted and the glans uncovered. Swelling of the glans penis. Much smegma behind the corona glandis (third day). Erections occasionally during the day (after two and three days). Frequent erections during the day (seventh day). Erections nearly every morning, though without sexual desire, for three weeks together. Erections three times, the last time painful, in the morning (fifth day). Violent persistent erections, in the morning on waking (after eight days). Almost painful erections, lasting ten minutes, in the morning in bed (fourth day). A kind of priapismus towards morning, followed by an emission without any sexual desire, with tensive pain and cutting in the penis; this pain lasted as long as the erection, over an hour; even on leaving the bed he still felt a very disagreeable tension in the penis (seventh day. Incomplete coition, transient erection and speedy emission (second day). Weak erections (fifth day). Erections ceased in the latter part of the proving, and did not return. Pain back of the glans penis, with erections after coition. The glans penis easily becomes sore. Itching on the glans penis (after three hours). Itching on the glans penis, provoking scratching. Violent itching, that provokes rubbing, on the glans penis, in the forenoon (third day). Soreness between the scrotum and thighs. Sticking beating in the scrotum, lasting an hour (eleventh day). Itching on the scrotum, not relieved by scratching (fourth day). Sensation of numbness in the testicles. Pain in the left testicle after twenty-eight days). Painful tension in the testicles and abdomen (after twenty- four hours). Heavy pressive drawing in the testicles and spermatic cords, more in the morning than in the evening (after forty-two days). Pain as from a bruise, in the testicles. Great desire for an emission after dinner, and also in the evening, without real sexual desire; after dinner, this desire returned while the legs were crossed, but disappeared on walking about, it returned in the evening, while lying down (ninth and fourteenth days). Sexual desire, in the morning after drinking beer, followed by a flat, sweetish taste in the mouth (twenty-fifth day). Excessive sexual desire on even touching a girl (tenth day). Great sexual excitement while in a warm bath, and on leaving it, burning in the palms of the hands (seventeenth day). Emission without lascivious dream. Emissions without erections. Emission at night with pain though the sleep was so sound that he could not entirely wake; all next day he was extremely fretful and ill-humored, discontented and out of sorts with everything, and persisting at nothing; he had scarcely commenced anything, when he wished to leave it (after eighteen days). Frequent emissions, in an old man (nineteenth, twenty- second, twenty-ninth and thirty-seventh days). Female Movement in the uterus, like the motion of a fetus. Leucorrhoea. A little thick leucorrhoea, after urinating, for four days (after two days). Profuse discharge of leucorrhoea, always after frequent paroxysms of cutting colic and twisting about the umbilicus, day and night, in every position, for five days. Pressure toward the genitals, before a stool. Tearing in one side of the pudenda (after six days). Soreness of pudenda between the thighs. Pulsation in the genitals, after coition. Menses seven days too early (after seven days). Menses three days too early (after forty-eight hours). Menses one day too early. Menses three days too late (first day). Menses too scanty, and like water from meat, towards evening, and two days late. Menses more profuse and longer lasting than usual.

Respiratory Organs

      Larynx and Trachea. Dryness in the Larynx. Dryness in the Larynx, noticed on talking and breathing, when in the open air (second day). Soreness in the trachea throat (after eight days). Rawness in the trachea (after thirteen days). Voice. Hoarse voice, for two days (after ten days). Hoarseness and coryza, day and night; great oppression of the chest, for seven days (after eight days). Hoarseness with great cough. Complete Hoarseness; he could not speak a word. Cough and Expectoration. Inclination to cough caused by tickling in the throat (sixth day). Cough mostly in the morning, with partly salt, partly offensive purulent expectoration. She coughed very much at night, complained of scraping in the throat, and slept very uneasily. Cough, with a feeling of rawness in the chest, and expectoration of greenish purulent mucus (twenty- fifth day). Frequent cough, with wheezing in the trachea. Hacking cough, with rattling in the chest (fourth day). Scraping cough, at times with hoarseness and heat of the hands (after four days). Scraping cough, with sore pain in the whole chest, and alternating hoarseness, heat, and burning in the hands or soles; bruised feeling in th legs, loss of appetite, nausea, heat, and perspiration at night, without thirst and constipation (after two days). Tickling cough (third day). Dry cough, with stopped catarrh, after taking cold. Dry cough, with tickling in the chest, in the morning (eight day). Violent dry cough, in the afternoon and evening, especially on coming from the cold air into a warm room. Slight expectoration, with rattling in the chest. Respiration. Anxious respiration, in the morning bed. Expectoration of blood, in the evening, while coughing (seventh day). She easily gets out of breath, on walking. Dyspnoea, in the forenoon (also after eight days). Dyspnoea with greatly excited sexual desire. At first, suffocative dyspnoea, with a hoarse deep sound to the voice, and scraping in the pharynx and trachea, followed by cough, short during the day, fatiguing at night, rough and hollow, with sore pain at first in the chest and trachea, and a throbbing rush of blood to the vertex, with a whizzing and rattling on breathing; relieved by sitting upright, afterwards with purulent bloody expectoration.


      Transient burning externally in the right chest (twelfth day). Tension in the chest, on deep breathing. Drawing pain in the pectoral muscles, mostly in the morning and evening (with tightness of the chest) Pressure upon the chest after eating (after twenty-one days). Violent oppression of the chest, soon after eating, lasting an hour. Sticking in the chest, with short breathing, after eating pork (eleventh day). After the pain disappeared, there was a sharp sticking in the region of the left lower ribs, at 1.30 p. m. (first day). Several painful stitches in the right chest, extending from the below upwards (sixteenth day). Some sharp stitches in the right chest (ninth day). Sharp stitches in the left lower ribs, three or four times in succession. Violent sharp stitches, here and there, on the chest externally. Frequent painful. knife-like stitches back and forth in the chest, on rising, for three days (after seventeenth day). Great sensitiveness about the lower portion of the thorax, in the evening. Rawness in the chest all day, worse in the evening, together with pressure beneath the sternum and oppression, and at times palpitation; while eating the rawness disappeared, but soon returned, and at last a dry cough appeared, that gradually aggravated the scraping and sensation of rawness; but after some mucus was loosened, the chest was relieved for a short time; this was associated with thirst, some chilliness, fluent coryza, and a frequent, tense hard pulse (twenty-first day). Violent raw sensation in the chest, after dinner, with ill humor, and pressure in the pit of the stomach; after the midday nap he felt better, and so long as he was lying down the scraping in the throat was very much relieved; after rising it returned, and he was obliged with great exertion to hawk up some pieces of green tenacious mucus (twenty-second day). Frequent sudden jerking of the middle left ribs, with a feeling as if it would take away her breathing (ninth and tenth days). Front. Pressure beneath the sternum, in the morning, on deep breathing (twenty-second day). Cutting bruised pain in the forepart of the sternum, while sitting, disappearing on moving about and on inspiration, in the forenoon (sixth day). Pain as if beaten, and like a cutting in the lower extremity of the sternum and on the ensiform cartilage, in the afternoon (third day). Very painful sticking throbbing in the sternum, just above the ensiform cartilage; when this ceased, there was a sticking in the left chest, and then in the right, in the evening in bed (second day). Sides. Pressive pain in the left side of the chest, from not breathing. Sticking pain between the last false ribs of the left side, only on breathing. A sticking as with needles, in the right side of the chest, from within outward, in the afternoon (eleventh day). Violent sticking in the left side of the chest, and pinching in the same side of the abdomen, on rising from a seat, aggravated by inspiration and expiration (seventh day). Stitches in the side of the chest (and abdomen), (after twenty days). Frequent intermittent stitches in the left side of the chest, in the forenoon;in front of the axilla, in the afternoon (first day). Dull stitches in succession, in the left side of the chest, from within outward, in the afternoon (eleventh day). Sharp stitches in the sides of the chest, below the axillae, at night, so that she could lie only on the back;the pain occurred even while walking (sixth day). Sharp stitches in the right side of the chest, below the axilla, in the evening; at night it was aggravated by lying on that side, followed by frequent stitches in the right side of the chest (sixth day). Throbbing with simultaneous burning in the left side of the chest, in the forenoon (third day). Burning jerking, as from electric sparks, in the right side of the chest, in the forenoon (nineteenth day). Mammae. A sharp sticking beneath the left breast, so that she could scarcely breathe, with some cough, in the forenoon (fifteenth day).


      Praecordium. Very painful cracking at the heart, several times during the day (seventh day). Pressure in the heart. Violent sticking in the Praecordium region, aggravated by inspiration, in the forenoon (sixteenth day). Some sharp stitches in the Praecordial region, in the evening (eighteenth day). Heart’s Action. Sometimes palpitations and a well-marked bellow sound. Palpitation woke her at night, while lying on the left side. Palpitation on going upstairs (first day). She could never lie upon the side, on account of palpitation. Palpitation while sitting, if his attention was directed to anything; also in the evening, while lying down (fourth day). Palpitation without anxiety, very easily caused. Anxious palpitation on stooping (twenty-first day). Anxious palpitation, while writing, with dull pressure in the forehead, and confusion of the head (eight day).

Neck and Back

      Neck. Cracking of the cervical vertebrae, on moving the head (twenty-fourth day) Stiffness and lameness of the neck. The neck is stiff, as from taking cold. She feels the movement oh the pharynx posteriorly in the nape of the neck, on swallowing. Tension in the nape of the neck while sitting and walking, worse on moving the head (fourth day). Drawing pain in the nape of the neck, whereby he becomes ill humored and impatient while reading (twenty-second day). Spasmodic drawing in the nape of the neck, which made motion of the head difficult (twenty-first day). Transient sticking pains in the nape of the neck. Some sharp stitches in the nape of the neck, frequently returning, in the evening (eighteenth day). Tearing in the cervical muscles, in the forenoon (first day). Sudden drawing tearing pain in the nape of the neck, whereby it seemed to become stiff; aggravated by moving the head (thirteenth day). Constant sticking tearing in the right side of the neck, in the afternoon and following forenoon (after sixteen days). Back. Becomes easily strained; a jerking pain, starting from the small of the back, immediately after lifting anything heavy followed by great weakness in the vicinity (after twelve days). Violent pain in the back, day and night; she could lie only one side; the pain was worse at night, and also on taking a deep breath (seventh day). Violent pain in the back during the menses, but only during the day. Burning and sticking in the whole back, at 3 A.M., disappearing after rising; but the back remained very sensitive, as if beaten (ninth day). Tension in the back on sitting bent, on stretching up, in the afternoon (first day). Tension and drawing in the back, into the anus in isolated paroxysms, and ending with a stitch, while sitting and lying. Tensive pain in the back, after dinner, and also at night (eighteenth day). Backache (after twenty days). Sticking and pain in the back, only while sitting. A violent sticking in the back prevents sleep all night and she cannot lie upon either side (after ten days). A dull but violent stitch in the left side of the back (third day). Bruised pain in the back, extending into the nape of the neck, in the evening, after lying down (second day). She was awakened at midnight by a violent bruised pain over the whole back; she dared not turn over; towards morning the pain was relieved (first day). Dorsal. Paralytic pain between the shoulders, and in the nape of the neck, lasting a long time, in the morning (twelfth day). Burning and pressure at the lower region of the right scapula, disappearing on the motion, but several times repeated (sixth day). Tension and drawing pain between the scapulae (twentieth day). Boring pain in the tip of the left scapula; she feels the pain as far forward as the end of the ensiform cartilage. Painful pressure and sticking beneath the left scapula, very sensitive to pressure (sixth day). Sharp sticking on the right scapula several times in succession, after dinner (seventh day). Violent stitching, as with an awl, in the back, below he left scapula, extending through the left chest and to the right side, in the evening (third day). Extremely violent sharp stitches between the shoulders, lasting half an hour, by sticking in the whole back, worse on inspiration; tension over the whole back on moving the trunk, relieved by walking, in the evening, and all next day (after nine days). Tearing between the shoulder (fifth day). Gnawing pain in a spot as large as the palm of the hand, between the shoulders (first day). Lumbar. Momentary pain in the small of the back, so that stooping or becoming erect was almost impossible for some time (fifth day). Most violent pain in the small of the back, after walking. Pain in the small of the back, like a great heaviness, occurring suddenly while sitting, and disappearing on moving, in the forenoon (eleventh day). Drawing in the lower portion of the back, as from incarcerated flatus (after eighteen days). Cutting burning and scraping in the small of the back. Sticking in the right lumbar region, followed by gripping in the upper abdomen, while bending the trunk towards the left side, in the afternoon (second day). A stitch as quick as lightning, across the small of the back, so that he could not touch it for some minutes, in the evening (third day). Sore pain in the small of the back, even while at rest, and when not touched. Sore pain in the small of the back internally, extending toward the abdomen; alike during rest and motion (second day). Violent pain in the small of the back, as if beaten, during rest and motion, in the forenoon, and for a still longer time. (ninth day).

Extremities in General

      Objective Jerking in the limbs (after forty-eight hours). Jerking or jerking sensation, in all the joints. Jerking or twitching, now in the hands, now in the feet, in bed, before and after midnight; it always woke her (fourth day). Lameness of the limbs, in the morning on waking. Weakness in all the limbs (after three days). Weakness and powerlessness of the upper and lower extremities. Great weakness of the lower extremities, and heaviness of the arms (even after twenty days). Subjective. Uneasiness in the arms and legs, with stretching, in the evening (second day). Drawing and lameness in the joints, after waking (after four hours). Tearing in the upper and lower extremities, extending up and down, mostly in the knees and ankles. Tearing more than sticking in the joints of the upper and lower extremities, mostly in the evening on lying down, and frequently waking from sleep at night. Tearing and bruised sensation in all the limbs. (seventh day).

Superior Extremities

      Twitching in the arms, frequently involuntary, during the day, so that he started up. The arm seemed stiff; she could not raise it. Great heaviness of the right arm, so that she could not raise it. Tearing in the right arm, especially the shoulder. Tearing in the right arm, extending into the wrist, very painful during rest. Tearing in the right arm, extending into the finger, with weakness, at night, during perspiration; it disappeared after rising (second day). Shoulder. Tearing in the shoulders, elbows, and wrists. Violent pain in the shoulder-joint, so that she could not raise the arm for two days. Tension and drawing in the shoulder, in the open air, on taking off the coat when he was very sensitive to the wind (twenty-sixth day). Drawing pain n the right shoulder-joint. Pressive sensation on the left shoulder, disappearing on pressure, but returning (fourth day). Sharp sticking in both shoulders, lasting a long time (tenth day) A dull stitching the left shoulder-joint, immediately followed by tearing, extending along the outer surface into the elbow, and thence along the inner surface to the middle of the fore-arm; at first aggravated and then relieved by motion, followed by a feeling of weakness in the arm (first day) Sharp stitches with itching in both shoulders (first day). Tearing in both shoulders, that frequently intermits (fourteenth day). Some painful tearings in the right shoulder, so that she thought she should die (eleventh day). Violent tearing in the left shoulder-joint, frequently along the outer surface of the arm down to the little finger, at first aggravated, afterwards removed by motion (tenth day). Bruised pain in the shoulder-joints. Arm. The right upper arm is painful so that he cannot raise it. A gripping and burrowing in the left humerus, whence the pain extended outwards to the skin, and there ended with a burning pain; at noon; on taking off the coat, without being heated (tenth day) Pinching in the flesh of the upper arm. disappearing on rubbing (ninth day) Tearing in the right upper arm, and in both little fingers, at 3 A.M., wherewith they fell asleep, whereupon she woke; on rubbing, it disappeared, returned, and entirely disappeared on rising (twelfth day) Tearing on the posterior surface of the left upper arm above the elbow-joint, as if in the bone. Tearing in the outer surface of the left upper arm, in the deltoid muscle, while standing in the forenoon (twelfth day). Tearing in the right deltoid muscle, disappearing on rubbing (ninth day). Bruised pain in the muscles of the upper part of the left arm, and of the pectoral muscles, though only on touch and motion of the arm. Elbow. Drawing pain in the elbow, on lying down, two evenings in succession. Tearing from the tip of the left elbow into the bend of the elbow (first day). Forearm. Twitching in the left forearm below the bend of the elbow (second day). Drawing tension as if in the tendons, on the inner surface of the left fore-arm, extending from the wrist to four inches above it (third day). Pain in the right forearm, as if he had sprained it at work (fifth day). A stitch in the right forearm (after half an hour). Tearing in the left forearm, from the elbow to the little finger (tenth day). Violent tearing extending from the right elbow into the two smaller fingers (first day). Cramp like pain in the outer side of the right forearm, not relieved by motion (after four hours). Wrist. Jerking or jerking sensation, in the right wrist. Stiffness of the left wrist on holding a glass, so that he was obliged to put it down and move the hand, which at the same time pained him; the neck was also stiff (twenty-second day). Boring pain in the pisiform bone of the right wrist, in the morning in bed, most sensitive when lying or pressing upon it (eight day). Hands. Hands swollen in the afternoon (tenth day). Trembling of the hands, in the afternoon, worse next morning (after ten days). Jerking in the hands, especially on taking hold of anything. A painful jerking of the right hand, in the morning (fourth day). The left hand fell asleep, though not lain upon, at 4 P.M. (eight day). Boring in the metacarpal bones, at 10 P.M. (twenty-third day). Boring in the metacarpal bone of the right thumb, afterwards in the bones of the forearm (twenty-fifth day). Painful drawing in the ball of the right hand, frequently while writing, at first very painful on pressing upon it, afterwards disappearing, but immediately returning; on moving the hand a tension extending into the forearm and sensitiveness, when and when not moving; it disappears on stretching out the hand and arm (third day). Pain in the back of the right hand, as if the tendons were constantly drawn tight, lasting a long time, relieved by pressure (twelfth day). Violent tearing in the metacarpal bone of the right index finger, in the evening (eleventh day). A violent pain between the ring and middle finger of the left hand as if the tendons had been torn, on holding a vessel high up with the left hand (after a quarter of an hour). Drawing tearing pain in the metacarpal bone of the right ring finger, in the open air, very transient (sixth day). Heat and painful sensitiveness in the palms, and especially in the tips of the fingers, on stroking or rubbing anything (after twelve days). Fingers. Inflammation of the left thumb and later a vesicle upon it. In the morning, the fingers look swollen; during the day, they are of the usual size, for several days in succession (after twenty-five days). Painless jerking in the left thumb (second day). (tensive drawing between the first and last phalanges of the left thumb, extending a hands breath above the wrist; it disappears frequently of its self, but usually on motion, in the afternoon (fourth day). Twitching and crawling on the inner surface of the right thumb, disappears on rubbing (first day). Painful sticking and twitching in the right ring finger (fifth day). Some stitches, as with needles, in the tip of the index finger (seventh day). Sharp stitches in the right ring finger, as if a needle were stuck through the skin that was raised up (fourth day). A violent stitch just below the last joint of the right thumb, above the nail (third day). A fine stitch in the tip of the right index finger, in the evening (fourth day). Tearing in the back of all four right fingers, and in the elbow, disappearing on rubbing (fifth day). Tearing in the left little finger anteriorly towards the tip. Tearing in the left little finger anteriorly towards the tip. Tearing extending from the middle towards the last joint of the left ring finger (third day). Violent tearing in the left little finger, as if it would be torn out (first day). Cramping, tearing and flexion in the left index finger. Painful throbbing between the middle and last joints of the left ring finger (third day). Jerking sensation in the finger-joints.

Inferior Extremities

      Objective. Oedema of the lower extremities (occasional). Jerkings in the lower extremities and in parts of the lower portions of the body. Unsteadiness while walking, stumbling, slipping. Giving way of the lower extremities. (after eleven days). Great weariness of the legs the whole afternoon till evening (fifth day). Uneasiness in the lower extremities at night; she could not keep them still. The lower extremities are heavy while sitting (after twenty- one days). Great heaviness of the lower extremities (fourth day). The lower extremities feel very heavy and bruised (third day) Tension in the whole of the lower extremities, while sitting and walking (after five days) Bruised sensation in the lower extremities (after two days). Hip. Drawing and pressure in the flesh, in the region of the right hip (eleventh day). Paroxysmal violent sticking through the right hip, from behind forward, on walking, always lasting two minutes; she was obliged to remain standing and bent over in order to obtain some relief (tenth day). Tearing of short duration in the left hip, in th evening, after lying down (twelfth day). Tearing and sticking in the left hip, with cessation of the pain in the back, disappearing on motion, in the forenoon (sixth day). Tearing and bruised pain in the right hip, during the menses, in the forenoon (twelfth day). Violent tearing in the right hip, in the evening, after lying down (first day). Bruised pain in the left hip on rising from a seat, disappearing on walking, in the afternoon (fifth day). Thigh. Jerking in the muscle of the left natis, while sitting (eighteenth day). Sudden jerking in the muscle of the thigh, as if a worm were crawling over it. The thigh feels very weary in the middle, with weakness of the whole body, in the morning (seventh day). Weary pain in both thighs, as after great exertion (after forty eight hours). Burning pain in the fold between the nates and thighs, as after a violent horseback ride, when the clothes from a fold and press and rub against it (he had the same pain eight days previously, while riding horse-back), (twenty-fifth day). A violent stitch, as with a knife, through the right thigh, in the afternoon, while walking (fourth day). Tearing in the left thigh, extending into the knee, in the afternoon (eighteenth day). Tearing in the left natis, while standing, disappearing while sitting, in the evening (second day). Violent tearing in the middle of the thigh, along the outer surface, in the evening while standing, lasting a quarter of an hour (first day). Cramping intermitting tearing in the outer side of the right thigh, close to the knee. Bruised pain in the anterior muscles of the thigh, as if the flesh were loose, only when walking and on touching them. Jerking sensation extending down the right thigh. Knee. The hollow of the knee is painful on motion. Boring pain, as with a gimlet, in the right patella, in the forenoon (first day). Sticking drawing in the right knee, in the evening (twenty- fifth day). Pain, as from a sprain, in the right knee, in the forenoon, while walking (eleventh day). Acute pain in the right knee-joint on stepping (sixth day). Dull sticking pain in the left knee, tibia and thigh, while sitting and walking in the morning, continuing from rising till afternoon (fifth day). Tearing in the right knee at night in bed; she wrapped the knee in warm clothes, whereupon the pain disappeared (after seven days). Bruised pain in the knee- joints. Leg. Redness, inflammation, and swelling of the left leg, with violent itching and gnawing, with itching and sticking painful ulcers. Uneasiness in the left leg and foot, at night (after a few hours). Drawing in the right leg, in the evening. Drawing in the right leg, from the knee to the foot with uneasiness in it. Drawing pain around about the leg, above the malleolus. Tearing in the lower end of both legs and the forepart of the feet (ninth day). Boring pain in the tibia, in the evening, while sitting, not felt while walking (after seventeenth day). Burning drawing on the outer surface of the right tibia, as if in the skin. Pressive cramp like drawing extending down the tibia. Violent tearing in the right tibia, extending into the great toe, in which there is also a crawling, as if it would fall asleep in the afternoon (first day). Twitching in the right calf (also in the left ); it always lasts half a minute, while sitting, in the forenoon (sixth day). Pinching and tension in the calf, as if too short, on moving the foot after walking. Cramp in the calf for several mornings, on stretching out the leg in bed. Pressive drawing in the left calf, especially on walking. Violent tearing in the calves, and then also in the thighs, in the afternoon (sixteenth day). Ankle. Sticking below the left external malleolus, while walking, for several days (after six days). Dull stitch in the right ankle (after half an hour). Violent tearing in the lefty external malleolus, in the afternoon (second day). Foot. Uneasiness of the feet. Feet sensitive, icy cold. Falling asleep of the left foot, in the forenoon, while sitting (tenth day). The feet are heavy (third day). Cramp like pain in the right foot and toes (after a few hours). Cramp in the right foot, at night (after fourteen days). Tearing in the fore- part of the foot (seventh day). Tensive drawing in the right instep, disappearing on rubbing, in the evening while, standing (sixth day). Cramp like tearing on the back of the right foot, near the toes, in every position (after fourteen hours). Swelling of the soles. (after seven days) Cramp on the inner margin of the sole, on bending the foot inward. Cramp like pressure, almost like a tearing, in the sole of the left foot. Stitches, as with needles, in the sole of the right foot, in the afternoon (sixth day). Tearing in the sole of the sole of the right foot, with a feeling of heat, in the forenoon (twelfth day). Sore pain in the ball of the foot, where there are corns, on stepping (after four days). Prickling in the soles of the feet. Violent twitching posteriorly in the left heel in the afternoon, while walking (second day). Throbbing and crawling in both heels, as from an ulcer, in the evening, in bed (seventh day). Jerking and pinching sensation in both heels, at 11 A.M. (fourth day). Swelling of both great toes, with a kind of violent tearing, like a sore pain, in them, so that he could not sleep. Toes. Twitching and jerking in the left great toe, in the afternoon (seventeenth day). Burning like fire in the right little toe, while walking (eleventh day). Boring pains in the corns. Violent stitches in a corn. Painful tearing in the extensor tendons of the right great toe, disappearing on rubbing, in the afternoon (first day). Violent tearing in the right great toe, in the forenoon (sixth day). Fine tearing in the outer side of the right great toe, in the afternoon (first day). Smarting and soreness between the toes. Pain as from suppuration, in the left great toe. Crawling in the right middle toes disappearing on touch, in the afternoon (fourth day).

General Symptoms

      Objective. Puffiness of the whole body in the morning, better in the afternoon Emaciation paleness of the face, dilation of the pupils, and dark colored urine. Violent starting especially in the left leg, as from fright, in the evening, on falling asleep. Jerking now of one finger, now of an arm, now of the facial muscles, now of the whole body, at night in sleep. He is very awkward; things that he usually accomplishes easily, he cannot do at all (after twenty-three days) Very indolent with a feeling as if everything on her were tense, with face and hands swollen, during rest; relieved by motion (eight day). Weary and weak; she slept while sitting at her work, during the day). Weakness in the morning (after nine days). Walking is very irksome; she is weak and pale (twenty-four hours) Great weakness and sleepiness during the day (after two days). Great weakness for a week, following toothache, with fever for three days (after five days). Great weakness during the day, even deathly; the head was also very much affected (after thirty-six days). Physical prostration, with nausea and aversion in the stomach, during the menses. Great prostration, and heaviness of the whole body (sixth day). Restlessness of the whole body, fretfulness (after three days). Restlessness all day, busy now with this, now with that, without fully accomplishing the least thing. Restless and unsteady; does not exactly know what he wishes, nor what he should do. Great restlessness in the evening during mental, as, for example reading. Uneasiness (after three days) Uneasiness in the body all night; she could not go to sleep till towards morning; she was also obliged to urinate an unusual amount. Subjective. Increased sensitiveness of the body; every touch is painful (seventh day). Takes cold easily, and therefore has colic and diarrhoea, or coryza (after ten days). Frequent senselessness. Inclined to lie down (after five days) A disagreeable sensation in the whole body; she thinks she is very sick. (seventh day). Heavy and indolent in the morning on rising; while in bed awake she was bright. Very heavy in the morning. An anxious sensation at night, before falling asleep, as if his whole body had become excessively thick an heavy, for a long time.’ Painful tension of all the nerves, especially in the head, with nausea. Drawing and tension in the lower extremities and jaws, and drawing in the teeth, at night, (after twenty-one days).Sticking in the diseased spots. During the menses, now a tearing, now a stitching, and there in the whole body ) fifteenth and nineteenth days). Cramp like tearing, especially in the upper and lower extremities, also in the whole body; affected by motion or rest (after six hours). On rising from a seat everything hurts, disappearing on walking about. Jerking and beating, in the whole body, with a very sensitive mood. Jerking and twitching in one or another part of the body, in the scapulae, calves, eyelids, and arms. Affected, by playing on the piano a short time, with painful anxiety in the chest, trembling of the whole body, and weakness, so that she must lie down for a long time before she can recover herself (after twelve days). A paroxysm in the evening; it became black before the eyes, with paralytic tearing pressure in the head, eyes, and jaws, weak consciousness, and confused distracted thoughts, lasting an hour and a half; followed by crawling pain in the lips, right arm, and especially in the right hand and tips of the fingers, particularly in the thumb, with timidity (thirteenth day). She could lie only on the right side at night, because it hurt her to lie on the left (after seven days). Dread of motion, that always aggravates the symptoms.


      The skin of the whole body becomes dry, rough, and cracked, here and there. The commencement of warts. Warts begin to bleed, grow larger, and disappear after three weeks. Two red spots, as large as pennies, on the back of the left hand, one behind the little finger, and another behind the index, without sensation; they disappear in half an hour (fourth day). A red spot on the great toe (as from a bruise), from which tearing extends backward, from time to time, along the side of the sole. White spots on the right cheek and side of the neck, without sensation, in the morning (sixth day). Cracked rough hands (after thirteen days). A small burning crack in the lower lip. (eleventh day). The nose desquamates on the back and tip, and is sensitive to touch (ninth day). Eruptions, Dry. Eruption on the right corner of the mouth (after twenty days). Much eruption on the nose and mouth. Dry eruption on the nates and coccyx, with violent itching, in the morning on rising. Papular eruption on he face, by the ear, with sticking pains, like a boil when touched, Papular eruption on the red of the lower lip, with smarting painful soreness in the corners of the mouth. A red papular eruption on the forehead, with burning sore pain, with pus at the tip. A pimple on the left side of the upper lip, without sensation. A pimple on the lower lip. A painless pimple on the left side of the nose (fifth day). A painless pimple, that daily becomes larger, on the right side of the nose. A pimple with burning pain on the chin (twenty- fourth day). Violent itching in the neck, and outer surface of the left thigh, that provokes scratching, after which burning pimples appear, which disappear after a few hours, in the evening (second day). Some itching pimples beneath the lower lip (seventh and eighteenth days). Itching pimples and nodes on the scalp, chest and abdomen (after eighteen days). Itching in the bend of the left elbow; after scratching, a few pimples appear, but soon disappear (tenth day). Violent itching, with hives, after scratching, on the abdomen, genitals, and lower extremities Eruptions, Moist. Moist itching eruption on the nose and mouth (after ten days). Blistered spots on the tips of all the fingers and toes, as if scalded, with festering about them, as if the nails would slough off. Some little blisters near the right wing of the nose, with burning pain when touched (nineteenth day). Small red, itching, vesicular eruptions, filled with water, on the chin (sixth day) Red vesicles, filled with liquid, in the bend of the elbow and groin, with sore pain when touched (tenth day). A white vesicle, with a large red areola, that burns as from nettles, on the first joint of the left index finger (twenty second day). A whitish vesicle, as large as flaxseed, on the red of the upper lip, with sore burning pain when touched; on the second day, a scab formed on it, and on the fourth day fell off (after twenty days). A vesicle as large as pea near and beneath the right corner of the mouth, that dries up in twenty-four hours (after eleven days). A small vesicle, with burning pain as from nettles on the inner surface of the right index finger; it disappears after washing with cold water. A clear vesicle containing matter beneath the right corner of the mouth. Vesicles on the back, itching violently and compelling scratching, especially in the evenings, on undressing (seventh day). Tetter on the left hand (after fourteen days). Two small tetters on the mouth. Eruptions, Pustular. Suppuration eruption on the nape of the neck, with sore pain, only when touched (twentieth day). A tetter exudes a purulent liquid; it becomes larger and is aggravated. Pustules in the mouth. Pustules in the left wing of the nose, with red areola. Small pustules on the small of the back, that are very sensitive to touch (ninth day). Black ulcerating pustules on the heel. A boil behind the ear. A boil on the upper lip. A red boil above the right side of the chin, not painful even when touched, disappearing after two days, without suppurating (seventh day). Small ulcers about the mouth. Sensations. Itching over the whole body, as from fleas. Violent itching over the body, in the evening on lying down till falling asleep (seventeenth day). Burning on the back of the left middle finger, as if stung with nettles, in the morning (eighteenth day) Burning and itching in the third joint of the right index finger, as if stung by a nettle; he also feels a small pimple under the skin, in the morning after rising, lasting several hours (tenth day) Sensation as if a plaster as broad as the hand were lying on the upper surface of the right forearm, so that all the skin was drawn up, at 9 A.M.; it lasts with longer or shorter intervals till 4 P.M. (third day). An itching stitch between the second and third phalanges of the right ring finger, that provokes scratch- ing, and then disappears (third day). The warts begin to pain on slight pressure. Crawling and itching formication over the whole back (after two days). Crawling in the middle joint of the right thumb, as if it would go to sleep in the afternoon (eleventh day). Crawling in the right foot, as if it would fall asleep, at 5 P.M., in bed (seventh day). Crawling in the forepart of the right foot, as if it would fall asleep, in the afternoon, while sitting (fourth day). Itching crawling above the ball of the right thumb, disappearing on rubbing, but returning (after three days). Itching here and there, in the face, immediately disappearing on scratching (second day). Itching on the upper lip, as from a fine feather, and on drawing a finger across the lip a fine piercing stitch in the middle of it, as if a hair would be torn out, at 6P.M. (second day). Itching in the beard, obliging scratching, in the evening (sixth day). Itching and violent stitches in the raphe of the perineum. Itching on and about the genitals. Itching on the prepuce. Itching on the right side of the neck, disappearing on scratching (first day) Itching on the back, was obliged to scratch, as if covered with fleas (sixth day). Itching on the upper and lower extremities (after fifteen days). Itching and biting in the bend of the elbow, so that he was obliged to scratch (twenty-fourth day). Itching on the back of the hand, as from fleabites (sixth day). Itching on the outer surface of the thigh, disappearing on scratching a long time (second day). Itching on the outer surface of the right knee, disappearing on scratching along time, and then burning. Itching on scratching a long time, and then burning. Itching in the hollow of the left knee, that does not disappear on scratching (fourth day). Itching on the right calf, disappearing on scratching (fourth day). Itching on the soles, especially on the balls of the feet. Itching and sticking in the soles and heels. Frequent itching in the bend of the right knee disappearing only after long scratching (third day). Obstinate itching on the right side of the abdomen and hip, not disappearing on scratching (third day). Violent itching in the beard, chin, and on the chest, as from fleas, so that he must not scratch constantly (seventh day). Violent itching and corroding in the abdomen, even during the day (after twelve days). Violent itching in a small spot on the right index finger, towards the thumb, disappearing on scratching, in the morning (tenth day). Intolerable itching over the whole back, disappearing on scratching but returning (third day). Burning itching in the face, in the region of the left lower jaw, that soon disappears after violent scratching (fourth day). Painful burning itching on both great toes. Biting burning itching in the region of the pudenda. Stitch like itching on the lower abdomen and thighs, especially in the afternoon. Stitch like itching, as from vermin, on and about the genitals.

Sleep and Dreams

      Sleepiness. Yawning after dinner; he became sleepy and indolent, yet as soon as he applied himself to work everything went on brisk; yawning ceased and sleep vanished (third day). Yawning, lachrymation, and sleepiness; he was obliged to lie on the lounge, where he slept more than a quarter of an hour, but only a light sleep (tenth eleventh and twelfth days). Frequent yawnings in the evening (first day). Constant troublesome yawning, all the forenoon (eleventh day). Sleepiness during the day, with yawning. Sleepiness during the day, with yawning, while sitting and reading. Sleepy in the morning; he rose with difficulty, about 7 o’clock (first day). He became sleepy, in the forenoon, and lay down upon the lounge; after dinner however, when he usually took a nap, he was not sleepy, only dozed very briefly and lightly (second day). Very sleepy, with yawning; she could immediately fall asleep, from 1 to 3 P.M. (second day). Overpowering sleep, in the afternoon (after eleven days). Heavy deep, stupid sleep. Sleep was very sound the first day, but afterwards very restless, for several nights. He could scarcely wake from a partial slumber, in the morning. Sleeplessness. She could not fall asleep for several hours, in the evening in bed. He fell asleep with difficulty, in the evening, although he felt sleepy (first day). He falls asleep late, and with difficulty in the evening (first day). If he lay down in bed, in the evening, sleep vanished; yet he soon fell asleep (first six days). Restless sleep at night, with jerking and stretching of the limbs (after eighteen days). Restless nights, with frightful dreams. Very restless night she woke frequently, and could only with difficulty fall asleep again (after seven days). Sleeplessness at night, even without anxiety; yet also without being able to open the eyes (after ten days). Night quite restless; she could lie only on the left side. An extremely restless, uncomfortable night, tossing about twenty or thirty times (after thirteen days). She woke at 1 A.M., and could not sleep again, because she could not sleep again, because she could not find a comfortable position. He woke towards 2 or 3A.M., without any cause, and soon fell asleep again (first eight days). He awoke suddenly, about midnight; roused, as it seemed to him, by somebody pulling his nose (after four days). Frequently waking from sleep, as from sleep, as from alarm. Frequent starting up in fright from sleep. Jerking and starting up in fright from sleep. Jerking and starting up in fright from the midday nap. Beating and throwing about of the hands, at night; when awakened she knew nothing about it. Dreams. She lies in a dreamy condition, at night. Many dreams and chilliness, in sleep. Sleep full of dreams, at night. Many very vivid dreams (after ten days). Every night was full of vivid dreams, frequently about past events, but still oftener about things he had heard spoken of in the evening ; the first twenty days he was conscious of the dreams immediately on waking, but afterwards was obliged to think for sometimes in bed before he could recall them. For the first twenty days the dreams were mostly agreeable and anxious; of marrying two women, of parties, walks, entertainments, and excursions on horsebacks; afterwards they were frequently anxious, of going astray, of murders, having his ears cut off; also vexatious dreams; he would take a journey and could not get away from the place, and when he had reached the first station was obliged to turn back, on account of something he had forgotten etc. Voluptuous dreams (thirteenth night). Voluptuous dreams all night, an which he had an emission, without waking; later he was awakened; by a storm, but was not quite aroused from sleep, only felt very great sexual desire, that almost induced onanism (first day). Confused, voluptuous dreams during a restless sleep, with violent erections and emissions. Restless dreams at night, and frequent waking. Many troubled dreams, at night. Anxious restless dreams, immediately after falling asleep, from which he woke in an hour, with distressed abdomen and dry tongue. Very anxious dreams, during the first sleep. Dream of a journey, though she could not take it, because something seemed to hold her back; a kind of nightmare (seventh day). Dream of a flood, and threatening danger (third night). Dream of robbers, thieves, etc., all night (after fourteen days). Anxious, vivid, frightful dreams of thieves, from which he started up with a loud cry, and when awake could scarcely realize that his fears were groundless (after six hours). Dream of a quarrel, in which he stabbed his antagonist in the chest with a large knife (fifth day). Very vivid dreams of the features of a corpse. Dream that she saw a corpse, at which she woke in fright, when it seemed as though a dead acquaintance stood before her, which made her scream aloud, afterwards she fell asleep again (third day). Illusions of fantasies, in the evening, while half asleep; she sees figures, visions of soldiers marching in the air; she frequently rouses herself, but the images immediately appear again, and only entirely disappear when she stands up and walks about (first day). A kind of nightmare, at night, at the full moon; he could not move on waking (after eighteen days). She talks aloud in sleep after midnight, without being conscious of it in the morning. (after four days).


      Chilliness. Chilliness in the evening (twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth days) Chilliness after eating, with internal heat, so that warmth is disagreeable to her; she however; becomes chilly if she goes into the cold air. Chilliness all day, and no stool (fifteenth day). Chilliness with thirst, through the day (ninth and tenth days). Chilliness without thirst, with burning in the abdomen, for a quarter of an hour at 10 P.M.; after lying down; this was followed by heat, when she fell asleep, about 3 A.M.; she woke in profuse sweat with thirst, which lasted till morning, and with which she could not endure to be uncovered (first day). Chilliness and shivering over the whole body, at 11 A.M., for a quarter of an hour (thirteenth day). Chilliness before the stool (after four days). During he menses, chilliness, with shivering, without subsequent heat, from 5 P.M. till after lying down in the evening, even lasting a quarter of an hour in bed. Constant chilliness, for several days. Constant chilliness in the morning after rising; he could not get warm (after twenty days). Shaking chill over the whole body all day, with cold hands and warm cheeks; but in the evening, icy cold hands, glowing red cheeks, and hot forehead, without thirst. Shivering in the morning after waking, that disappeared after rising (second day). Shivering, in the morning after rising, and subsequently also in the afternoon (seventh day). Shivering, all the forenoon and afternoon (first day). Shivering, at 5 P.M.; after lying down, some heat, with moderate thirst (seventh day). Shivering in the evening before lying down in bed, heat soon followed, during which she could not endure to be covered (third day) Febrile shivering over the whole body, from morning till evening, with hot hands, cold cheeks, and lukewarm forehead, without thirst. He could not get warm, in the morning and evening. Frequent sudden shaking chill, without subsequent heat, in the forenoon (seventh day) Feeling of coldness in the lower extremities, even during the day. Cold hands and feet (after five days). Cold hands and feet, with hot head. Very cold feet (after seventeenth day). Persistent icy coldness of the feet, especially in the morning, and evening, on going to sleep, mostly with heat of the face, violent beating of the heart, and the apprehensiveness. Shivering on the back, without subsequent heat, in the evening on lying down (first day). Heat Heat and perspiration over the whole body without thirst, with general exhaustion in all positions. Very transient heat, with weakness, in frequent attacks. Frequent flushing of heat, great ill-humor, sadness, anxiety; after which he was very much exhausted and weak, for half an hour. Something like a febrile paroxysm; pressive pain in both temples, dullness of the head, and pressure in the eyes; followed by inclination to vomit, with chilliness over the whole body, especially in the chest and arms; in bed with warm coverings he was somewhat better, though there continued yawning and stretching, and stiffness of the nape of the neck, and at one time he was chilly, at another flushed with heat, without subsequent persistent heat or thirst, continuing for some time (after half an hour). Orgasm over the whole body, at night, which made him so fearful of impending apoplexy that he was obliged to rise from bed several times. Sensation of internal warmth in the head and eyes, without external heat of the face, though with thirst, also at night. Heat of the whole head, with redness of the face, and a feeling of heaviness, worse after dinner, less in the evening, and disappearing in bed (third day). Heat in the right side of the forehead, extending to the occipital protuberances, with great sensitiveness in the anterior places to touch, lasting an hour, at 9 A.M. (first day). Heat and burning of the face, with redness of the cheeks, in the house, open air, in the cold, from 5 P.M. till after lying down (fourth day). Sudden heat frequently mounts into the head with redness of the face, but only for a short time (seventh day). Great heat of the head and face, with a sensation as if all the blood mounted into the head, on rising from sitting (ninth day). Creeping of heat from the nape of the neck down over the back, together with drawing pain (twenty-second day). Dry heat of the head, all the forenoon and afternoon (sixth day). Burning with redness of the face, especially of the right cheek, at 11A.M. (seventeenth day). Burning in the palms. Burning in the feet, especially the soles, while walking. Burning in the soles. Violent burning in the soles, in the evening, disappearing in bed (nineteenth day). Sweat. Very much inclined to perspire after coition. Sweat in the morning (also after nine days). Perspiration with thirst, in the morning before rising, till breakfast (third day). Perspiration towards morning, with thirst, for several days. Night sweat for several nights. Profuse perspiration (first night). Profuse perspiration, especially on the back, on walking or on ordinary exertion (twenty-fifth day) Excessive perspiration on motion, even in cool weather. Exhaust- ing sweat over the whole body, especially on the hands (after thirty-seven days). The perspiration burns, especially on the forehead, where the hat rests (twentieth day). Dryness of the skin (after three days). Distressing dryness of the skin at night, especially after midnight. Sweaty hands. Sweat of the feet, while walking (after a few hours). Profuse perspiration of the hands. The skin of the hands is dry without the usual suppleness (twenty-second day). Dry cold hands (after nine days).

Conditions Aggravation

      (Morning), On waking, sensation of loss of will power; on waking. Stupefaction; headache on top of head; on rising; swelling beneath eye, etc.; on rising, heat, etc., of mouth, etc.; bitter taste; on waking, eructations; drawing in testicles, after beer, sexual desire; cough in bed, anxious respiration; on waking, lameness of limbs; trembling of hands; jerking on back of the hands; fingers swollen; in bed, cramp in calves; puffiness of body; weakness; on rising, heavy etc.; on rising, eruption on nates, etc.; shivering. (Forenoon) Burning in eyes. (Afternoon), Closure of lids, etc.;metallic taste; after eating, hiccough; itching on lower abdomen. (Evening), While sitting in house, not noticed in open air, nor in bed, rush of blood in head; after lying down, pressive toothache; raw throat; rawness in chest; after lying down, tearing in joints; on lying down, drawing in elbows; drawing in legs; on undressing, itching in vesicles on back; on lying down, itching; chilliness; burning in soles.(Night), Aggravated by the slightest motion, on speaking a single word, vertigo; on waking, head heavy, after 9 o’clock, tearing toothache; colic; cough pain in back; during perspiration, tearing in arms, ; uneasiness in lower extremities; cramp of foot; in sleep, jerking, drawing, in lower extremities;especially after midnight, dryness of skin. (Open air), Scrapping in fauces. (Walking in open air), Pressive pain in bones of face. (After dinner), Heaviness of head, beating in vertex; stopped catarrh;dyspnoea; heat of head, (Eating), Fretful, jerking in the teeth; thirst; distension of abdomen; immediately griping in abdomen; pressure upon chest. (After fruit), Qualmishness. (Mental labor), Vertigo. (Milk), Diarrhoea. (Motion), the symptoms. (Pork), Sticking in chest, (Rest), Reeling headache; tearing in arms; indolent. (Sitting), Sticking in back; disappearing on moving, pain in small of back; disappearing on moving, pain in small of back; boring in tibiae, (Sunshine), Head dull etc. (After supper), Especially after copious drinking, ill-humor. (Standing), Tearing in nates. (Stooping), Tension in lower abdomen. (Walking), Vertigo; tension in lower abdomen; pressive pain in lower abdomen; pain in small of back; drawing in calf. (Warm room), Dry cough.


      (Night), Pain in back. (Open air), Rumbling in abdomen. (Eating), Bitter taste; scratching in throat; nausea; pressure in stomach; pain in abdomen; chilliness. (Lying down), Scraping in throat. (Motion), Tearing in hip. (Walking), Desire for an emission; bruised pain in hips.

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TF Allen

TF Allen

Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)
Born on 1837 - 1902 in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.

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