Horse’s Waters

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Homeopathy Treatment for Horse’s Waters. Find the best homeopathic medicines to treat Horse’s Waters naturally.

General [General]
      These excrescences frequently appear around the lips and eyes, and vary in form and size, and are often caused by external means, as by the bit, &c., but they mostly depend on an internal cause, they are either hard and dry, or soft, spongy, more or less painful, crusty, moist and often ulcerate; at times they appear in clusters, having the appearance of grapes, others spread out at the top and bleed easily.

REMEDIES: Thuja occidentalis, Arsenicum, Calcarea carbonica and Causticum.

Thuja occidentalis [Thuj]
      Thuja occidentalis is the principal remedy in this disease and may be used both internally and externally if the warts are large, rough, moist and ulcerated.

Dose. Apply the strong tincture twice a day and it will soon remove them; internally give six drops of the third dilution night and morning.

Arsenicum [Ars]
      Arsenicum, if there is ulceration, or small ulcers form around the bottom of the warts with everted edges.

Dose. Six drops twice a day, at the same time apply a solution externally with a camel’s-hair brush twice a day.

Calcarea carbonica [Calc]
      Calcarea carbonica, if they are small and numerous, especially if they appear in clusters on the lower lips.

Dose. Six drops or eight globules every night.

Causticum [Caust]
      Causticum, if they are painful and ulcerate or bleed easily.

Dose. The same as directed for Arsenicum.

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John Rush, School of Veterinary Medicine, Tufts University, North Grafton, USA. The Handbook of Veterinary Homeopathy, by John Rush, was published in 1854. Originally published in London by Jarrold and Sons. "The Homeopathic Treatment of the Horse, the Ox, the Sheep, the Dog and the Swine."

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