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Homeopathy treatment for Prosopalgia from the Homeopathic Therapeutics by Lilienthal. Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of Prosopalgia

Aconite [Acon]
      BELL’S FACIAL PARALYSIS, accompanied by coldness, numbness and tingling, from exposure to dry cold winds; red and hot face, with pain on one side, creeping or as from an ulcer; swelling of the cheeks or jaws, lobe of ear red; fever (<) evening and night; thirst; violent pains with restlessness and anguish.
Agaricus [Agar]
      Pricking and sticking into the muscles through which the nerve runs; burning feeling in the eyeballs and lids, pressure with desire to close the lids; needlelike prickings at the exit of the infra- and supraorbital nerve; irritation of lachrymal sac and of meibomian glands; surring in ears.
Agnus-castus [Agn]
      HARD ACHING IN DORSUM OR NOSE, the right nasal bone and between the right eyebrow and the root of the nose, as if a stone were pressing there, (>) by pressing hard the seat of the pain, but leaving a steady sensation of discomfort; pains as if he had

received a severe blow on nose; neuralgic pains in different parts of body, coming and going irregularly; great despondency.

Argentum-nit [Arg-n]
      Prosopalgia, particularly when the infraorbital branches of the fifth pair and the nerves going to the teeth are affected; pain intense and at acme accompanied by UNPLEASANT SOUR TASTE IN MOUTH; face pale and sunken, rather sallow and in severe cases, when blood is much affected, of a dark muddy, leaden hue.
Arsenicum [Ars]
      Prosopalgia, with DARTING, NEEDLELIKE BURNING PAINS, (<) midnight; cannot rest in any place, changing position continually; screams from severity of pain; photophobia; face pale and distorted; puffiness around eyes; great restlessness, periodicity; (>) by warmth.
Atropinum [Atro]
      Neuralgic pains, commencing under left orbit and running back to ear, lasting about ten minutes at a time and then disappearing for fifteen or twenty minutes; sharp pains about and around right eye.
Badiaga [Bad]
      Severe pain in right eyeball, extending to forehead over the eye and to temple, (<) evenings and on turning eyes.
Baryta-carb [Bar-c]
      More chronic cases; ANAEMIC FORM; twitches and tingling in left side of face; sensation as if the skin were covered with cobweb; tension in face.
Belladonna [Bell]
      Prosopalgia with simultaneous vascular excitement (Spigelia without it); muscular contractions from severity of pain; right side affected, and the pain follows the course of infraorbital nerve, shooting tearing from side to face up into temple, ear and down into nape of neck, which becomes rigid, spasms of eyelids; (<) from noise, light, jarring or currents of air, in afternoon; pains gradually increase and then suddenly cease. After abuse of mercury.
Bismuth [Bism]
      Lancinating, burning pains, as if the face were torn by pincers, (<) by mastication and the touch of warm food, (>) by continually walking or running about, by cold and by the touch of cold water; features changed as if he had been sick for some time; solitude unbearable.
Bryonia [Bry]
      Prosopalgia, (>) by hard pressure and cold applications; twitching, tearing pains in right malar bone up to right temple externally and sore to mere touch; water tastes bitter.
Cactus [Cact]
      Right side; pains pulsating and throbbing, (<) from slightest exertion, BEARABLE WHEN LYING QUIETLY IN BED, brought on by wine, strong light, music or missing dinner at regular hour; quotidian at the same hour.
Calcarea-carb [Calc]
      Chronic prosopalgia in fat people; damp, cold feet; profuse menses, (<) when exposed to cold air, (>) in warm room; teeth cannot endure air or any coldness.
Cantharis [Canth]
      Right side on a rheumatic base, in paroxysms and ceasing almost as suddenly as it began; burning pains and spasmodic cramps in affected side, with sudden dilatation of pupils; pale, wretched, sickly look frowning with pains; patient irritable and blaspheming.
Capsicum [Caps]
      Prosopalgia provoked by external pressure, a fine line of pain running along the nerve; burning, pungent pain in face, (<) from slightest current of air, warm or cold; patients with lax fibre.
Carbolic-acid [Carb-ac]
      Very severe orbital neuralgia over right eye and temple; acute piercing pain in a small spot on left supraorbital ridge; spot remaining sore to touch; tightness in nose between eyes; dull, heavy pain through temples.
Causticum [Caust]
      Chronic cases, right side from cheek-bones to mastoid process, (<) at every stormy change of weather, at night; (>) BY RUBBING WITH COLD WATER; lameness of facial muscles or drawing pains in jaws so that he cannot open them; rheumatic pains in limbs; buzzing in ears; chilliness; anaemia and scanty menses.
Cedron [Cedr]
      Unbearable neuralgic pains, but wandering from one place to another one, although starting from a carious tooth; SUPRAORBITAL QUOTIDIAN NEURALGIA, (<) on left side and affecting the eye which burns like fire; puffiness of face; patient nervous, excitable, with cold hands, feet and nose, congestion to head; pressing, tearing pains with occasional shooting into orbits; clocklike periodicity.
Cepa [All-c]
      Neuralgic pains like a long thread running towards e ar from a deep part in the brain, (<) evenings; TRAUMATIC CHRONIC NEURITIS AFTER SURGICAL OPERATIONS, severe pains in cicatrical tissue.
Chamomilla [Cham]
      Severity of pain causes hot sweat about head and extorts screams, twitching in eyelids, eyeballs, lips and facial muscles; patient wild and unruly, tossing and rolling about, (<) at night and by warmth; menses profuse.
Chelidonium [Chel]
      NEURALGIC PAINS FROM HEPATIC DISORDERS, across eyes from left to right, accompanied by most profuse lachrymation and dread of light; tenderness of temples to pressure, NEURALGIA SUPRAORBITALIS AND TEMPORALIS DEXTRA; violent tearing in antrum; tendency to spread to the jaws and teeth as well as up the head; cold sensation in occiput from nape; face collapsed and pale; constant chilliness, except towards evening, when cheeks become red and head and left eye feel hot; towards morning profuse perspiration so that bed is wet through, preventing sleep at night; slight amelioration by pressure with hands, (<) from light, fresh air, any motion of head, and especially bowing; daily repeated attacks of difficult breathing and constriction of chest; pains begin slightly on eyebrows, and increasing pass over forehead, orbits and eye of same side.
China [Chin]
      Periodical neuralgic attacks; pains excessive and skin sensitive to least touch; parts feel weak; face alternately pale or red; pain from left to right, especially in infraorbital and maxillary branches; (<) from draughts of air, least touch, lying down, at night; after eating; great weakness after paroxysms.
Chininum-sulph [Chin-s]
      Supraorbital neuralgia, daily at same hour, especially from 7 A.M. to noon; intervals free from pain; free from all complications; highly lateritious urine, full of urates and purpurate of ammonia, clavus hystericus, right side (Ignatia, left).
Cimicifuga [Cimic]
      Prosopalgia as a REFLEX NEURALGIA FROM OVARIAN OR UTERINE TROUBLES; rheumatic facial neuralgia; hysterical lachrymation; neuralgia affecting malar bone, pain goes off at night and reappears early next morning; frequent flushes of heat, wants to be in the open air, though sensitive to draughts and worse from motion; great debility between menses.
Cina [Cina]
      Periodic twitching tearing pain in zygoma, wandering from one part to another; fine stickings as from needles in lower jaw, (<) by pressure with hand; pain as if both malar bones were compressed by pincers.
Coccinella [Cocci-s]
      Pain in course of frontal nerve, gradually increasing; cannot open eyes, pain (<) from any bright object, especially over right eye, which is sensitive to least touch, ending in general heat, followed by sleep and entire relief; PERIODICAL FACEACHE EVERY 8, 12, 14, 21, DAYS; skin of whole body moist and cold; great weakness from long-continued suffering.
Cocculus [Cocc]
      Attacks regularly every afternoon, preceded by irritability, gasping, prostration, chilliness, coldness of feet, violent jerks in pes anserinus; boring, stitching, crushing,lancinating pain in jaws, radiating very far, even to the fingers’ ends; face distorted and cold to touch; chilly feeling through teeth; spasms in throat; trembling all over; extreme irritability of whole nervous system, acidity of stomach.
Coffea [Coff]
      Sharp cutting pains extending to front of ear, down the lower jaw and teeth; patient much excited, cannot stand still, must walk constantly; temporary relief from hard pressure and by holding ice-water in mouth.
Colchicum [Colch]
      Left-side prosopalgia with paralytic weakness of the muscles, but lacks the severity of those of Spigelia, tearing and tensive pains in facial muscles, moving from one location to another; drawing in bones of face and nose, with sensation as if they were being rent asunder.
Colocynthis [Coloc]

BY PRESSURE, but come on all the more violently as soon as pressure is removed; tensive tearing pain, with heat and swelling, especially in small branches of infraorbital nerves, (<) touch and motion, (>) perfect rest and from external application of heat; constriction and pressure in left malar bone, extending into left eye, with dazzling before eye and diplopia; transient stitches in upper jaw, frequently returning; often caused by chagrin, indignation or too close application to business.

Conium [Con]
      Ciliary neuralgia and prosopalgia, usually on one side (<) from cold, which renders the cheek dark-red and swollen; heat in face,

with congestion to head; lacerating in right half of face, which feels as if excoriated; darting pains in teeth; (<) from eating and drinking.

Croton-tigl [Croto-t]
      Pain extending from pupil of eye to back part of head; sensation as if insects were creeping on face; weak, faint spells, with flushes of heat.
Cuprum [Cupr]
      Furious stunning pains commence in the evening and go on tearing through ears, face and all teeth; during paroxysm scalp sensitive to touch; sleep restless, interrupted, dreamy; pain lasts in paroxysm to noon next day; during paroxysm (>) from wrapping parts up warmly.
Dulcamara [Dulc]
      Facial neuralgia, seemingly starting from malar bone; paroxysm preceded by the parts becoming very cold, attended with canine hunger, (<) or brought on by the slightest exposure to cold, as walking out in thin slippers; (>) from external warmth; faceache and asthma after disappearance of tetters in face.
Eucalyptus [Eucal]
      Periodical prosopalgia (Aranea diadema).
Ferrum-met [Ferr]
      Neuralgia after cold washing and overheating; pains throbbing, (<) at night and when lying down, (>) sitting up or slowly walking about; during the pain face gets fiery-red, sometimes only in one spot, and full, yielding pulse; cannot keep the head quiet; at intervals the face looks pale and earthy.
Gelsemium [Gels]
      One-sided neuralgic affections of the fifth nerve particularly infraorbital or when the pain runs along one of its divisions at a time. Acute, sudden, darting, shooting pains, with contractions and twitchings of muscles, supplied by the affected nerve; PAIN INTERMITS AND TEMPORARILY RELIEVED BY STIMULANTS; extreme general nervousness and loss of control over the voluntary muscles, giving rise to odd irregular actions or grimaces; periorbital neuralgia with diplopia; sub-occipital neuralgia with sleeplessness; (<) damp cold air.
Glonoinum [Glon]
      Throbbing pains in gums of one side, rapidly followed by darting and stinging shocks of pain, extending upward throughout the malar bone of the affected side and downward to neck; great emotional excitement from severity of the pain; (<) from 6 A.M. to noon; cold sweat on face during congestion to head.
Helleborus [Hell]
      Dull persistent pain in occiput with a sensation of water swashing about inside; drawing pressure in left brain from behind forward or from nape of neck to vertex; dysuria, neuralgia occipitals (<) after vomiting.
Hepar [Hep]
      Chronic cases, pains in malar bones, (<) when touching the parts extending to ears and temples, or in fresh air and (>) from wrapping up face; at same time coryza, hoarseness, much sweating and rheumatic pains.
Ignatia [Ign]
      Supraorbital neurosis; pains boring, shooting, formication; CLAVUS HYSTERICUS, LEFT SIDE; convulsive twitching of facial muscles; alternate redness and paleness of face; PAIN FROM HEAD TO LEFT EYE, which burns and waters; especially after fright or

grief; intermitting, (<) mornings and afternoon; from mental emotions or overwork, from suppressed discharges, from excesses in venere et baccho.

Iris-vers [Iris]
      Faceache, with a stupid, stunning headache, BEGINS EVERY MORNING AFTER BREAKFAST; pain in head, temples and eyes, attended with most distressing vomiting of a sweetish mucus and, if attended by much straining, of some bile; copious urination and disposition to stool; infraorbital nerves especially affected.
Kali-bichrom [Kali-bi]
      Supraorbital left-sided neuralgia; violent shooting pains from root of nose along left orbital arch to the extreme angle of eye; begins in the morning and increases till noon, goes away towards evening; PAINFUL SPOT CAN BE COVERED WITH TIP OF FINGER over the inner corner of right eye; soreness of the bone to touch; painful as if bruised; face pale; cold sweat on face and body; weariness after the pain; shooting pain in left upper maxillary bone towards ear.
Kali-carb [Kali-c]
      Tearing stitches from a molar into forehead, eyes and temples; stinging in cheeks.
Kali-cyan [Kali-cy]
      Agonizing neuralgic pains between temporal region, ciliary arch and left upper jaw; PERIODICAL, daily from 4, (<) till 10 and ceasing at 4 P.M., with much flushing of that side of face.
Kali-mur [Kali-m]
      Fulgurant pains in face, gradually growing more frequent; left side of face fiery-red, with twitching and trembling in muscles of face, lachrymation, (<) speaking, chewing, eating fruit or anything sour; swelling of gums and cheeks; FACEACHE FOLLOWED BY FACIAL PARALYSIS, with tenderness to touch or pressure.
Kali-phos [Kali-p]
      NEURALGIA IN MUCH REDUCED CONSTITUTIONS with paralyzing pains; right-sided faceache, proceeding from hollow tooth, (>) from cold applications (Magn. phos, (>) from warmth).
Kalmia-lat [Kalm]
      RIGHT-SIDED FACEACHE, pains rending, burning, agonizing, stupefying or threatening delirium; pressing pain on right side of face, especially between eye and nose; pains occur at irregular times, continue for no definite period, come suddenly or gradually and leave as uncertainly, (<) when sitting bent and by heat; (>) by sitting or standing upright; by cold; pain over right eye, which is weak and watery, with giddiness; pains run from nape of neck up over scalp to top of head, then to temples and face, mostly on right side; faceache, involving teeth of upper jaw, but not arising from caries; periosteal pains; parts tender to touch, (>) from cold, (<) from heat.
Kreosotum [Kreos]
      Jerking, tearing sticking, burning pains in forehead, semilateral and extending to cheeks, jaws, teeth and neck, induced by talking, moving, sitting up or lying on side not affected, with great excitability and irritability; desire for stimulants.
Lachesis [Lach]
      Prosopalgia, (<) left side, tearing pains above orbit and digging, screwing pains around malar bones; right-sided faceache affecting the lower jaw; rising of heat in face before and weak feeling in bowels afterwards.
Magnesia-carb [Mag-c]
      Neuralgia infraorbitalis sinistra; violent nightly tearing pains in region of zygomatic bone, driving one out of bed and compelling him to walk the floor and shake the head; stretching sensation in skin of face, as if albumen were drying up on it (Baryta, sensation as if covered with cobweb); predominant chilliness and feeling of coldness; (<) from touch, draught, change of temperature.
Magnesia-phos [Mag-p]
      RIGHT-SIDED SUPRAORBITAL PAINS, shifting; left-sided faceache affecting the under jaw, both (>) BY WARMTH AND OCCURRING MOSTLY AT NIGHT; jerking cutting pain, (<) when body gets cold; increased lachrymation.
Manganum-acet [Mang]
      Neuralgia of tongue, burning pains at night and when quiet; (>) in open air; excessive pains dart from teeth into ear, (>) by friction; face wretched, pale and sunken.
Mercurius-iod-rub [Merc-i-r]
      Dull aching or sharp shooting pains in the bones of left side of face, which feels extremely tired and heavy; headache on left side and top of head; left-sided toothache, teeth feel long and sensitive; pinching, sticking pain in and around left ear; cannot bear clothing to touch the neck (Lachesis); pain and stiffness of left side of neck shooting downward.
Mercurius-sol [Merc]
      Tearing pains, worse at night in bed; often starts from a decayed tooth, and involves the whole side of the face, which may be red and swollen, with ptyalism, lachrymation, constant inclination to perspire, restlessness and sleeplessness; recent cases from cold and chill.
Mezereum [Mez]
      Pain in zygoma and temple, right side; boring in upper maxillary and carious teeth, with frequent troublesome muscular twitchings of right cheek; prosopalgia left side from over eye to eyeball, cheek, teeth, neck and shoulder; lachrymation; conjunctiva injected; parts sensitive to touch; neuralgic pains come quickly and leave the parts numb; worse from warmth; facial muscles drawn tense; flow of saliva, redness of fauces; burning in the throat, red spots on nape of neck; formication in the skin of chest; constant chilliness; after abuse of mercury, especially for syphilitic, scrofulous and herpetic persons; neuralgia of herpes zoster.
Natrum-mur [Nat-m]
      Pain in malar bones worse when chewing; prosopalgia recurring periodically, ESPECIALLY AFTER CHECKED AGUE; face sallow, great thirst; whiskers fall off; itching and eruption on face; faceache with an increased flow of tears at the height of an attack; neuralgia of trigeminus with lachrymation; cheeks corroded from tears; pains produce paralytic symptoms; after quinine; from eating salt.
Nux-vomica [Nux-v]
      Intermittent (quotidian), matutinal, supraorbital neuralgia of excessive severity; tearing pain in the course of infraorbital and middle branch of trigeminus, with redness and watering of eyes, flow of clear water from eye and nostril of affected side, face numb, (<) from coffee, liquors and quinine; patient morose, irritable, constipated, belches a good deal.
Phosphorus [Phos]
      Tearing about lower margin of right orbit, extending under right ear, involving also bones of face, as if everything were torn out; pains from forehead into eyes (right) and from vertex and temples down upon zygoma, with bloatedness of face, congestion to head, vertigo and ringing of ears, (<) from talking, stooping or external pressure, (<) while eating, lying down, after sleeping, from heat. Neuralgia accompanied by much nervous waste, especially in nervous and nervo-sanguineous temperaments; brought on sometimes by taking cold over the washtub.
Piper-meth [Pip-m]
      Burning neuralgic pains, with feeling of pressure upon brain, RELIEVED BY DIVERSION OF MIND by some new topic, by excitement or change of position.
Plantago-major [Plan]
      Neuralgia in left side of face, pains shooting and tearing, extending from jaw to ear.
Platina [Plat]
      Profuse menses with sensation as if the body were growing larger every way; STEADY, COMPRESSING, CRAMPY PAIN IN MALAR BONE AND ZYGOMA, with a kind of numbness, and at the same time a burning, pungent sensation, inducing one to rub or scratch the part; painful crampings and compression around orbital region, particularly supraorbital, the globe of the eye sometimes participating and feeling sore; tingling pains, with feelings of coldness and numbness of affected side; cramp-pain and tensive pressure in malar bones; painful feeling of numbness, as if the parts were between screws, with anxiety, weeping and palpitations, gradual increase and gradual decline; often reflex from uterine diseases.
Pulsatilla [Puls]
      Faceache, especially left brow; nervous excitation coming at irregular intervals, (<) from lying with head low, when chewing, talking from hot or cold things in mouth, before midnight; pain begins in tooth and shoots upward to and around the ear; skin of the face painfully sensitive; pains twitching, tearing, (<) in warm room; begins morning, worst at noon and gradually decreases; delaying menses, browache gradually increases till flow brings relief, after which it gradually diminished.
Rhododendron [Rhod]
      Violent, tearing, jerking faceache, (<) by thunderstorm or its approach, (>) while eating and from warmth; neuralgia of inferior and superior dental nerves, pain going from gums to teeth and radiating over right face, teeth loose, gums swollen, (<) in wind and wet weather; great weakness after the pain.
Rhus-tox [Rhus-t]
      Neuralgia supraorbitalis sinistra; drawing, burning, tearing pains in face, jerking in dental nerve with a feeling as if teeth were too long, with great restlessness and necessity to move about; momentarily (>) by applying cold hand on face, otherwise hot applications relieve the pain.
Robinia [Rob]
      Neuralgia faceache, spreading to the eyes, forehead and ears, to teeth, changing the whole features of patient; sensation of DISARTICULATION AND FRACTURE OF JAWBONE; left side.
Sabadilla [Sabad]
      Intermittent neuralgia, beginning with a shaking chill of great severity; twitching, convulsive trembling.
Sanguinaria [Sang]
      Neuralgia in upper jaw, extending to the nose, eye, ear, neck and side of head; shooting-burning pain; MUST KNEEL DOWN AND HOLD HEAD TIGHTLY TO THE FLOOR; severe pain on all the left side of head, especially in the eye; severe pains in the head, in rays drawing upward from the neck; twitching of the cheeks towards the eyes; spongy, bleeding gums; lassitude, torpor; HEREDITARY HEADACHES; (<) by fasting, cold, vexation and exertion, by stimulants, and (>) by heat, liquid diet and by pleasant mental work in a recumbent position.
Sepia [Sep]
      Intermittent faceache, with congestion of the eyes and head; also during pregnancy; jerking, like electric shocks, upward; pain appears in the morning immediately on waking; or NONE IN DAYTIME, BUT SEVERE AT NIGHT, spreading over lower and upper maxilla, radiating to vertex, occiput and neck, arms and fingers; patient feels nearly well during day and his face is of good color.
Silicea [Sil]
      Dental nerves especially affected, pains more in jawbones than teeth; jaw swollen; toothache, (<) after being a short time in bed; gums very sore, inflamed; face pale, cachectic; restless and fidgety, starting at least noise; inveterate intermitting neuralgia.
Spigelia [Spig]
      BEATING OF HEART PRECEDES PROSOPALGIA, which is roused or made (<) eating; pain comes up from nape of neck overhead and settles on left eye; NEURALGIA COMES AND GOES WITH THE SUN; left-sided faceache with severe burning, sticking pains and patient intolerant of his suffering, skin of face swollen and shining; shooting, piercing pain, chiefly seated in globe of eye; tearing, shooting, jerking, or burning pain in all directions, with dark redness of the affected side; flow of water from eyes and nose; twitching of facial muscles; difficulty of breathing; palpitation of heart; rheumatic pains everywhere, worse in damp weather, from touch or motion; mostly left-sided; periodical from morning till sunset, worse at noon; ciliary neuralgia, with lachrymation; thrilling and vibratory pains, darting and lancinating in maxillary and temporal bones; (<) from masticating solid food, (>) sitting up and walking about.
Stannum [Stann]
      Prosopalgia after ague suppressed by quinine; obstinate neuralgia of head, face and chest, gradually increased to its height and then gradually decreasing; feels as if she would faint.
Staphisagria [Staph]
      Pressing and beating pain extending from the decayed tooth to the eye; worse from slight pressure or from of a metallic substance, better from heavy pressure; pains stitching, burning, drawing and cutting, with sensation of swelling of affected side; spasmodic weeping; cold hands and cold sweat on face.
Stramonium [Stram]
      Prosopalgia nervosa; pains maddening, spasmodic starts and shocks through body, throws arms upward; skin of forehead wrinkled; pain in cheek near left ear, as if sawing the bone; muscles in oscillating motion; grinding of teeth; muscles will not obey the will; spasms of chest hindering breathing; fainting; delirious talk with open eyes.
Sulphur [Sulph]
      Aching pain over left eye; pressure in head every other morning at 8 to 9 A.M., and continuing until bedtime; tearing and pressure in left temple and eye; painful pressure over the eyebrows; drawing pain in left side of face, apparently above the eye in region of temporal and malar bone extending as far as the lobule, worst in the morning.
Tarentula [Tarent]
      Pain in right or left angle of inferior maxilla, so severe as to think he is going crazy; pain in inferior maxilla, as if all the teeth were going to fall out; neither cold nor heat relieves; pain in direction of right inferior maxillary nerve, with a tickling sensation in stomach; dizziness, vanishing of sight and buzzing in ears; sensation of heat in face.
Thuja [Thuj]
      After SUPPRESSED GONORRHOEA, or eczema of ear; faceache from left malar to ear, teeth, nose and head; painful spots burn like fire, and are sensitive to the sun; pain changes from left to right; drawing in the muscles of mastication; he can neither talk nor shut his mouth without pain; swelling of gums, salivation; better at night; pains of an intense stabbing character, (<) when sitting up; pains begin in malar bones and eyes and go back (Spigelia, pains begin in occiput and go forward). Ailments from vaccination.
Valeriana [Valer]
      Fierce pains through left side of face, darting into teeth and ear; muscles twitch; pains appear suddenly and in jerks; hysterical neuralgia.
Veratrum-alb [Verat]
      Drawing-tearing pains, with bluish-pale face, sunken eyes, prostration; tearing in cheeks, temples and eyes, with heat and redness, driving to madness; worse in damp weather; right side or left to right; especially in anaemic persons; spasm of muscles when masticating.
Verbascum [Verb]
      Faceache, when there is a CRUSHING AS WITH TONGS in painful parts, (<) from talking, sneezing, change of temperature, and daily from 9 A.M. to P.M., or from draught of air, especially on passing from the open air into a warm room; considerable coryza and lachrymation, brought on by pressure and chewing, attended with headache, redness of face, vertigo, belching and a discharge of tough saliva from mouth; right side more affected.
Zincum-met [Zinc]
      Burning, jerking, sticking in infraorbital nerve, with blueness of eyelids, (<) from motion or getting tired, from least touch and in the evening; cold sweat on forehead, numbness of tongue, constricted sensation in throat; pain so severe as to induce lethargy.
Zincum-sulph [Zinc-s]
      Sleeplessness from severity of pain after abuse of mercury or


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Samuel Lilienthal

Dr. Samuel Lilienthal (1815-1891) was from Germany, and became a pioneer homeopath in America. He received his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University of Munich in 1838. After he moved to the United States, he was hired as Professor of Clinical Medicine at New York College for Women, and also as Professor of Mental and Nervous Diseases at the New York Homeopathic College.
Dr. Samuel Lilienthal was the author of many great books including “Homeopathic Therapeutics”. For many years, with the support of Dr. Constantine Hering, he was the editor of the North American Journal of Homeopathy. Dr. Lilienthal passed away on February 2nd 1891 in San Francisco.

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