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Homeopathy treatment for Scrofulosis from the Homeopathic Therapeutics by Lilienthal. Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of Scrofulosis

Aethiops-ant [Aethi-a]
      Scrofulous glandular and skin disease, blepharitis, conjunctivitis and keratitis scrofulosa, even with a malignant tendency, boils and furuncles.
Aethusa-cyn [Aeth]
      Swelling of cervical and axillary glands, otorrhoea; blepharitis and ophthalmia scrofulosa with pustules or specks on cornea; eczema impetiginodes, chronic inflammation of the edges of eyelids, swelling of Meibomian glands; adhesion of eyelids in the morning, yellow discharge from right ear with stitching pains and sensation as if something hot were streaming from it; herpetic eruptions, itching and burning during heat.
Alnus-rubra [Aln]
      Enlargement of submaxillary glands, strumous enlargement of tonsils; obstinate impetigo and porrigo, chronic diarrhoea; scrofulous, disease of hip-joint; diseases of mucous membranes which arise from or alternate with eruptions of the skin.
Arsenicum-iod [Ars-i]
      Diseases of mucous membranes characterized by a peculiar and persistently irritating corrosive character of the discharges; constant susceptibility to take cold, excoriated nostrils and lips, swollen and covered with scabs.
Arsenicum-met [Ars-met]
      Great emaciation, clay-coloured face, blue margin around the eyes; great weakness of all the limbs; want of disposition to do anything, and constant inclination to rest; lax muscles; swelling of cervical glands; distended abdomen; diarrhoea, scurfy eruptions and ulcers; ophthalmia, carcinoma.
Asafoetida [Asaf]
      Glands hard, swollen hot and throbbing, with shooting jerking pains, soft enlargement of bones, with curvature; ulcers with high hard edges; sensitive to touch, easily bleeding pus profuse greenish, thin offensive, even ichorous, psoitis when suppuration threatens, osteitis and caries; scrofulous ozaena, hardness of hearing, with thin purulent discharge of offensive odor; scrofulous bloated clumsy children, with phlegmatic temperament.
Asclepias-tub [Asc-t]
      Strong tendency to tubercular development; sharp pains in different parts of the body, with muscular soreness, changing from one part to another, impaired strength, rather feeble digestion and assimilation; glandular enlargement about neck, vesicles; pimples and pustules all over the body.
Aurum-met [Aur]
      Scrofula ruddy complexion, light-haired, sanguine temperament glands painfully swollen; ozaena, with caries of nasal bones; foetid otorrhoea from caries of mastoid process; caries of cheek- bones; tearing, boring, burning stitches in zygoma, red and swollen tonsils, profound ulcerations in throat, atrophy of testes in pining maudlin boys.
Aurum-mur-natr [Aur-m-n]
      SCROFULOUS MALIGNANT OPHTHALMIA, even cancerous; at the same time nose scurfy; destruction of nasal bones, ozaena with ichorous, bloody, foetid discharge, epithelioma, cynanche cellularis; uterine and ovarian enlargement, indurations and chronic suppuration of glands and bones (Aur-ars.)
Badiaga [Bad]
      Dandruff or dry, tetterlike appearance of scalp, with slight itching, scrofulous, ophthalmia, with hardening of the Meibomian glands; tonsils red and inflamed, indurated inguinal glands, glandular swellings on left side of face, throat and neck, some hard, some suppurating, small hard lumps along tibia, flesh feels sore as if it had been beaten, and very sensitive to touch or friction of clothes.
Baryta-carb [Bar-c]
      Physical and mental debility, atrophy great weakness face red and abdomen bloated, glands swollen, indurated, fatty or encysted tumors, coryza, nose and upper lip swollen, scrufs under the nose, chronic induration to tonsils, sensation as of a plug in throat, worse swallowing solids, crawling in rectum, expulsion of ascarides; cannot retain the urine scanty menses; leucorrhoea, chronic cough, with swollen glands and enlarged tonsils, worse after slightest cold, with soreness in chest when coughing, chronic torticollis, pimples ringworm, humid sores; suits the extremes of life, infancy and old age, emaciation.
Baryta-mur [Bar-m]
      Painful glandular swellings and indurations of scrofulous

people; affections of lymphatic vessels and glands, increased irritability of nerves, child shuns light, lies constantly on its face, eyeballs much inflamed; otorrhoea after repeated otitis; discharge of an odor like rotten cheese; abdomen much swollen and distended; tinea capitis, with foul discharge.

Belladonna [Bell]
      Hard, swollen and ulcerated glands, muscular debility with difficulty of learning to walk, photophobia, inflammation of eyes and eyelids, cough, with mucous rales, otorrhoea, emaciation and atrophy; ulcers, inflammatory swelling of nose and lips, frequent epistaxis; frequent sore throat, with swelling, distended and hard abdomen, enuresis diurna et nocturna, premature development of mind, blue eyes and blonde hair.
Bromium [Brom]
      Swelling and induration of the glands, enlargement of thyroid in children with light hair, blue eyes and fair skin, pimples and pustules, boils on the arms and face; hard swelling of left parotid, suppuration of left parotid, edges of opening smooth, discharge watery and excoriating, swelling remaining hard and unielding, tonsillitis; swallowing of fluids more difficult than of solids; hard uneven tumor in right mamma firmly adherent to its surroundings, with lancinating pains, worse at night; stiffness of neck.
Calcarea-carb [Calc]
      Malassimilation; tardy development of Bony Tissue; large head with open fontanelles, curvature of the back and vertebrae or other rachitic affections; herpes, tinea, crusta lactea; hard or suppurating glandular swellings; ulcers, exostosis or caries, hard and enlarged abdomen, with swelling of mesenteric glands, emaciation and voracious appetite; thirst constant, even after drinking, profuse perspiration of head, sweat breaks out easily on palms and soles, thin and wrinkled face, with dim eyes, dry and flaccid skin, difficulty of learning to walk, difficult dentition blepharophthalmia, otorrhoea, red swelling of nose; bronchocele, swelling of upper lip; frequent bleeding of nose; constipation or diarrhoea feet cold and damp craves eggs.
Calcarea-fluorica [Calc-f]
      Scrofulous bone disease affections of mastoid process; ozaena from affection of nasal bones; enamel of teeth rough and deficient; indolent, fistulous ulcers, secreting thick yellow pus.
Calcarea-iod [Calc-i]
      Tendency to alternate diarrhoea and constipation, no thirst, pustular eruption, sore and painful, with desire to rub and scratch it, though it makes it worse, abdomen enlarged, breath offensive, cold, sticky perspiration, feet cold and damp, restless, fretful and irritable; pus from abscess thin and ichorous, granular inflammation of membrana tympani scrofulous ophthalmia.
Calcarea-phos [Calc-p]
      Emaciation, dirty-white or brownish complexion; skull soft, thin crepitating when pressed, especially in occiput, craves bacon, salt meat and potatoes, swelling of the epiphyses, difficult teething, slow closing of the fontanelles, curvature of spine to the left; lumbar vertebrae bent forward; abscess near lumbar vertebrae, incipient mesenteric tabes with much foetid diarrhoea or lienteria. Tendency to tuberculosis.
Causticum [Caust]
      Scrofulous, children, though generally emaciated and particularly about feet, have a large and tumefied abdomen, are slow in learning to walk and stumble when they attempt to walk, from defective nutrition of the whole nervous system; scrofulous ophthalmia, scabs about tarsi; conjunctivae injected, cornea inflamed, constant feeling as of sand beneath the eyelids; eruption on scalp and behind ears. making skin raw and excoriated, with scanty, sticky discharge; purulent otorrhoea.
Chimaphila [Chim]
      Glandular enlargement, especially of lymphatics, enlargement of mesenteric glands, ulcers of an indolent and flabby character; tumors in mammae.
Cina [Cina]
      Child feels uneasy and distressed does not want to be touched, is not pleased or satisfied with anything, leans his head sideways all the time rubs nose constantly, pale sickly-looking face; hunger and thirst soon after eating, with sensation in stomach, abdomen hard and distended, itching at anus; ulcers with scanty discharge, inability to retain urine.
Cistus-can [Cist]
      Glands swollen inflammed indurated or ulcerated, drawing tearing pains in all joints, itching all over the body, without eruption; herpetic eruption of various parts, chronic scrofulous ophthalmia, feeling as if something pus discharged from ears; tetters on and around ears; swelling of parotids, eczema of nose, caries of lower jaw, with suppurating glands in neck; cool feeling in stomach and abdomen; cool eructations, chronic diarrhoea, swelling and suppuration of glands of throat, scrofulous ulcers on back, desire for acids and acid fruit, but they cause pain and diarrhoea.
Conium [Con]
      Adenomata; glands are of a stony hardness, whether mamma testicle or uterus, either no pain or darting stitches, showing beginning of scirrhus, after contusions or bruises when indurations result; humid, burning corroding crusty herpes, blackish ulcers with bloody, foetid, ichorous discharges, marasmus, with frequent sour belching (<) during night, cancer of stomach with vomiting of blood and a belching (<) during night; cancer of stomach with vomiting of blood and a grayish black substance, made up of decomposed blood and broken-down gangrenous tissue; ophthalmia with excessive photophobia; Blennorrhoea bronchialis, asthma.
Corydalis-form [Cory]
      Scrofulous cutaneous disease, accompanied by feeble digestion and poverty of blood, scrofulo-syphilitic diseases.
Cornus-circin [Corn]
      Scrofulous ophthalmia, herpes of eyelids; ulcerations of tongue, gums and mouth, chronic diarrhoea.
Graphites [Graph]
      Swelling and induration of glands, eczema capitis of entire scalp, forming massive dirty crusts, which mat the hair together; eczema beginning as a moisture behind left ear, and spreading over cheeks and neck, thick, yellowish, foetid discharge from nose; dry scabs in nose with sore, cracked and ulcerated nostrils, painful nodules on lower jaw; chronic catarrhs of stomach and bowels; glandular swelling in groins; fissures and rhagades, turbid urine, menses scanty, pale, late; unpainful swollen glands on nape of neck.
Hecla-lava [Hecla]
      Scrofulous ostitis or periostitis, resting on a syphilitic basis and especially affecting the bones of face and of antrum highmori; difficult dentition; rachitis; hip disease; white swelling; disease of alveolar process; induration and infiltration of cervical glands, studding the neck like a row of pearls; toothache from swelling about the jaws; abscess of gums from decayed teeth; difficult dentition in scrofulous or rachitic children.
Hepar-sulph [Hep]
      Glands inflame, swell and suppurate, pus has odor of rotten cheese; hard burning nodosities, unhealthy skin; slight injuries suppurate, stinging burning of edges of ulcers, discharging bloody pus, humid eruption of foetid odor, feeling sore, itching violently, nodosities on head relieved by covering the head warmly and from sweat; discharge of foetid pus from ears; boils on face, lips and chin, cancerous ulcers; disposition to phlegmonous sore throat, catarrh, or bronchitis, atrophy, extremely sensitive to all impressions, any pain may cause faintness, sweating all night or only about head; sour, pungent sweat.
Hydrastis-can [Hydr]
      Chronic catarrhs of mucous membranes whereever situated, constipation from weakened and congestive state of the lower bowel; cancerous cachexia, cancers hard, adherent; skin mottled, puckered, with lancinating cutting pains atony of muscles.
Iodum [Iod]
      Torpid and sluggish painless induration of glands which are large and hard; atrophy of glands, mammae waste away and testicles dwindle; emaciation rapid despite ravenous appetite, children want to eat every few hours feel better while eating in open air and (<) from confinement in warm room, TABES MESENTERICA with excessive mental irritability with a whitish diarrhoea from affection of pancreas; rachitis, inflammation of eyes and eyelids, otitis and otorrhoea; frequent catarrhs.
Kali-bichrom [Kali-bi]
      Scrofulous ulcers and skin disease; discharge from mucous membranes tough, stringy, sticking to the parts, caries of the bones of the nose, strumous ophthalmia, pustular disease of the skin, secreting a watery fluid when broken or drying up into a yellow, tough mass, fat chubby children; fat, light-haired persons.
Kali-hydr [Kali-i]
      It distends all tissues by interstinal infiltration enlarged glands ophi, exostosis, swelling of bones necrosis all worse at night bronchial and submaxillary glands swollen, ulcerating, atrophied, goitre papules on face, shouldres, back, small boils on face, head neck back and chest, leaving scars, pustules on cornea, without photophobia, redness or pain.
Lapis-albus [Lap-a]
      (Silico-fluoride of Calcium) Scrofulous affections, abscesss and sores, enlargement and induration of glands, especially cervical glandular tumors, where physiologically no glands are usually found, goitre; cretinism.
Lithium-carb [Lith-c]
      Skin rough as a grater, harsh, dry, Dry itching ring-worm, milk- crust, whole body, bones joints muscles sore as if beaten, scrofulous ulcers about joints, discharging offensive pus, diarrhoea.
Lycopodium [Lyc]
      Swelling and suppuration of glands; disposition to catarrhs, inflammation, curative and other affections of bones, herpes and ulcers; humid suppurating eruptions, full of deep rhagades, breeding lice, itching violently, intrigo, raw places readily bleeding boils which do not mature, but remain blue, scabs on hairy scalp; ophthalmia, otitis, purulent ichorous, otorrhoea, scrurf in nose chronic enlargement of tonsils; flatulency; constipation, softening of bones, emaciation and debility; upper parts wasted lower limbs swollen.
Magnesia-mur [Mag-m]
      Enlarged liver of children who are puny in growth and rachitic, herpetic eruptions, tinea ciliaris, hair falls out, pimples on face, acrid ozaena with swelling, redness and scaliness of nose, palpitation of heart, (<) when quiet, (>) moving about sweaty feet.
Mercurius [Merc]
      Scrofulous in children with unusually large heads and open fontanelles particularly anterior ones, child is slow in learning to walk, teeth form imperfectly and slowly, and a damp, clammy feeling about him, offensive, oily perspiration on head, enlarged glands, with or without suppuration, cachexia and emaciation, exostosis, curvature, caries and other affections of bones, eruptions and corrosive herpes with crusts, tinea capitis, crusts in the face, ophthalmia, otitis, otorrhoea, coryza, slimy diarrhoea suppuration, especially if too profuse grayish ulcers on mouth and fauces ulceration of tonsils, false membranes grayish. thick, with shredlike borders, adherent or free, but of marked consistence.
Mezereum [Mezereum]
      Herpetic dyscrasia favus, ptyriasis, tinea capitis, excoriations in throat and nose joints feel bruised weary, as if they would give way, engorged glands, abscesses of fibrous parts or of tendons bones inflamed swollen, especially shafts of cylindrical bones, which may feel distended.
Natrum-carb [Nat-c]
      Swelling and induration of glands, emaciation, with pale face, dilated pupils, dark urine; skin dry, rough and chapped, suppurating herpes, with yellow rings, goitre, swollen, cervical glands, humid herpetic eruption and ulcers on nose, lips and around mouth, burning fissured on lower lip.
Natrum-phos [Nat-p]
      ACID CHILDREN; scrofulous ophthalmia granular conjunctivitis with granulations looking like small blisters, picking at nose associated with acidity and worms, blotched face, moist creamy or golden yellow coating at back part of tongue, grinding of teeth during sleep, colic with vomiting of curdled milk and green, sour smelling stools, phthisis florida in young people, nervous tired, feeling, goneness in pit of stomach crusta lactea, secretions yellow, like honey, and cause soreness of skin, itching all over body, like insect-bites.
Nitric-acid [Nit-ac]
      Torpid scrofulosis (follows well after calc) Phlyctaenae of cornea, ulcers threaten to perforate and destroy cornea, purulent otorrhoea, herpetic eruptions, caries of skull-bones in children, chronic diarrhoea etc, scrofulosis from hereditary syphilis.
Oleum-jec-as [Ol-j]
      Only indicated in patients of a slender and lean figure thin, transparent skin, with a frequent pulse, great excitability of the nervous system, and high specific gravity of the urine – All signs of an accelerated metamorphosis.
Petroleum [Petr]
      Swelling and induration of glands; increased secretion of the mucous membranes; unhealthy skin, small wounds ulcerate and spread; chronic excoriating eczema (<) on occiput, polypi; salt rheum on arms and hands red, raw, burning moist or covered with crusts, herpes on knees and ankles.
Phytolacca [Phyt]
      Tinea capitis, worse washing it when he is warm, granular lids, obstruction of Eustachian tubes, acrid, excoriating discharge

from nostrils, excoriating lip, swollen tonsils, indurated glands and bones inflamed and swollen.

Psorinum [Psor]
      Pale, sickly, delicate children, whose bodies always have a filthy smell even after a bath, deeply penetrating, ichorous ulcers, skin dirty, greasy looking, with yellow blotches here and there at times itching scratching gives temporary relief, hair dry, lustreless, tangles, easily, pustules and boils on heads, scalp looks dirty and emits an offensive odor, wants to have the head covered even in hot weather; blepharitis and photophobia purulent, offensive otorrhoea, eczema behind ears; submaxillary and lingual glands swollen, sore to touch, distended abdomen, chronic diarrhoea, involuntary micturition.
Rhus-tox [Rhus-t]
      Swelling of glands, herpes in the face and other eruptions discharging pus or forming crusts; emaciation; hard and distended abdomen, frequent catarrhs, ophthalmia, otorrhoea, diarrhoea.
Saccharum-offic [Sac-alb]
      (Cane sugar) CHILD DAINTY AND CAPRICIOUS, cares nothing for substantial food, but wants always sweets or nicknacks, cross and whining, indolent everything seems too much for him; large-limbed fat and bloated children, with tendency to dropsy ; scrofulous ophthalmia with opacity of cornea.
Silicea [Sil]
      (Silico-sulpho-calcite of Alumina needs a proving) – DECIDED WANT OF VITAL HEAT EVEN WHEN TAKING EXERCISE, imperfect nutrition, not from want of food, but from imperfect assimilation, canine hunger in nervous, irritable people, desires only cold things, swelling and induration of parotid and cervical glands, difficult dentition; offensive smelling sweat of feet and head; headache (>) by wrapping head up warmly (Magn-mur) rachitis, ozaena, swelling and soreness in old cicatrical tissues about neck and throat; curvature of bones; caries of vertebral column with lateral curvature; disposition of skin to ulcerate; tendency to boils, which leave indurations; carbuncles; malignant pustule; eczema, impetigo, herpes; blepharitis, otorrhoea, face pale and bloated, abdomen large and hard diarrhoea with thin, offensive stools, containing, partially digested food, (Calc-fluor, follows well after sil).
Sarsaparilla [Sars]
      Great emaciation skin shrivelled or lies in folds herpetic circular ulcers, forming no crusts , red, granulated base, white borders; deep burning rhagades; milk-crust; ophthalmia after checked tetters; MARASMUS OF CHILDREN, neck emaciated.
Spongia [Spong]
      Swelling and induration of glands; skin and muscles lax; light hair fever; yellow scabby eruption; suppuration of external ear insatiable appetite and thirst.
Sulphur [Sulph]
      Scrofulous and rickety complaints emaciation of children; FACE HAS A VERY OLD LOOK; child sweats about head; particularly during sleep, marked tendency to eruptions, as crusta lactea, boils, and in older children acne, head is large in comparison with the body; fontanelles, especially anterior, remain open too long, from defective osseous growth; tendency to bone affections, caries rickets and curvature of spine, bulimy child clutches at everything as if it were starved to death; child is always hungry and emaciated, skin hangs in folds is yellowish, wrinkled and flabby, heat on top of head and cold feet; marasmus; tuberculosis, tubercular meningitis at the commencement; tabes mesenterica, CHILDREN DISLIKE BEING BATHED; nocturnal enuresis; glandular swellings, indurated and suppurating, ulcers with raised, swollen edges, bleeding easily, discharging foetid pus, surrounded with pimples, humid offensive eruptions, with thick pus, yellow crusts, itching, bleeding and burning, purulent, offensive otorrhoea; ophthalmia and blepharitis, painful eruption around chin; lips dry, rough and cracked, hangnails.
Theridion [Ther]
      Scrofula, rachitis, caries, necrosis, itching on scalp, behind ears, child would like to scratch them off; chronic nasal catarrh, discharge offensive, thick, yellow or yellowish green, MENTAL DULNESS (Bar-c) phthisis florida in the beginning.

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Samuel Lilienthal

Samuel Lilienthal

Dr. Samuel Lilienthal (1815-1891) was from Germany, and became a pioneer homeopath in America. He received his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University of Munich in 1838. After he moved to the United States, he was hired as Professor of Clinical Medicine at New York College for Women, and also as Professor of Mental and Nervous Diseases at the New York Homeopathic College.
Dr. Samuel Lilienthal was the author of many great books including “Homeopathic Therapeutics”. For many years, with the support of Dr. Constantine Hering, he was the editor of the North American Journal of Homeopathy. Dr. Lilienthal passed away on February 2nd 1891 in San Francisco.

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