In the book INDIGESTION- Its causes and cure, John.H.Clarke first of all defined the term Digestion, primary and secondary digestion and importance of stomach condition in digestion.

CAUSES OF INDIGESTION- There are three basic rule for Digestion:- proper food, proper quantity of food, and proper rest and indigestion arises from violation of these three cardinal rules by John.H.Clarke.

What is Food? had been defines with many aspects by John.h.Clarke. Some said food is any substance which is capable of being digested and converted into the tissues of the body is a food others said that food is a substanc containing nutriment .

Various causes of indigestion like from Indigestible Food, from Excessive Indulgence in good Food, from Tobacco, from tea, due to constitution and others had been presented by John.H.Clarke.

John.h.Clarke Illustrated cases of indigestion with homeopathic treatment in his book Indigestion – its causes and cure.

DIET recommendation in cases of dyspepsia had been presented by John.H.Clarke in his book Indigestion- its causes and cure.

Homeopathic medicines indicated in cases of Indigestion given by John.H.Clarke in his book Indigestion-Its causes and cure.