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Tongue chapter from Joseph’s Repertory, based on Boericke’s Materia Medica. Symptoms related to Tongue.

Broad with thick yellow fur — .


Burning;  stitches,  and  induration — .

Coated thickly; yellow at the base — .

Coated, pasty, thick white, with red edges–.

Feels scalded — .

Fissured in middle — .

Hepatic cirrhosis — .

Increased saliva — .

Interstitial nephritis — .

Old cases of rheumatism and gouty pains — .

Power of speech lost but intelligence intact — KALIUM CYANATUM.

Red and dry, especially in the center–.

Red at tip — .

Rounded elevation size of a pea in center, with drawing sensation from center to hyoid bone — .

Speech difficult — KALIUM CYANATUM.

Swollen — .

Tip and edges may be red and take imprint of teeth — .

Ulcer of tongue, with indurated edges — KALIUM CYANATUM.

Vesicles on under side — .

White or yellow, with red streak down the  middle — .

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