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User Guide

User Guide for Joseph’s Repertory, based on Boericke’s Materia Medica. Learn how to use this homeopathy repertory.

Important: You need a desktop/laptop/mobile to operate Joseph’s Repertory.

Open Joseph’s Repertory on your PC.

What is your symptom? Identify a keyword for the symptom (e.g., for headache, the key word is “head” or “ache”; for swelling in knee, the key word is “swelling” or “knee”).

Using the search option on your browser (Control+F on Windows and Command+F on Mac), search for your keyword in the relevant file. For swelling in knee, the relevant file is “Extremities”; for headache, the relevant file is “Head.”


Suppose you have severe bone pain in limbs. Your key word is “bone” or “pain.” Now, open the “Extremities” chapter and search for “bone” or “pain.” Check all types of bone pain. The medicine name is given in front of each symptom.

The medicine name is linked to the drug picture in Boericke’s Materia Medica. Clicking on the name of a remedy will open that remedy description.


This version of Joseph’s Repertory, which has been rearranged, edited and hyperlinked by Hoacuoidep.com, is free to use at Hoacuoidep.com, but is not available for download or for sale.


This repertory is dedicated to the memory my parents, Lean S Fernandez and Catherine Fernandez, who could not benefit from this work.

Joseph S Fernandez


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