I wish to thank the members of the Hering family for their kind offices in helping to make the publication of this book possible; and all others who have assisted in any way.

The house in which Dr. Hering lived at the time of my association with him in 1869 and to the end of his life, in 1880, was located centrally between Arch and Cherry Streets, on the west side of North Twelfth Street.

JOURNEY FROM SAXONY TO PARAMARIBO, SOUTH AMERICA, IN 1827. (Written by Dr. Hering while waiting in Amsterdam for the East Wind.)

He was the author of a number of important homeopathic works, including the 10-volume Guiding Symptoms, which he did not live to complete. He was joint editor of the Medical Correspondent (Allentown, 1835–1836), of the Miscellanies of Homeopathy (Philadelphia, 1839), of the North American Homœopathic Quarterly (New York, 1851–1852), and of the Homœopathic News (1854), and founded and edited the American Journal of Homœopathic Materia Medica. He published many books in both German and English, including:
Rise and Progress of Homoeopathy (Philadelphia, 1834)
The homoeopathist (1835-1838)
Condensed Materia Medica (1837)
Effects of Snake Poison (1837) / Wirkungen des Schlangengiftes. Blumer, Allentaun [Pa.] 1837
Guiding Symptoms and Analytical Therapeutics
Domestic Physician (1851)
American Drug Provings (vol. i., Leipsic, 1853)

When Dr. Hering had finished supper in the garden, after an hours lively conversation, apparently in perfect health, he went to his study on the second floor to resume his writing. He was then working on the fourth volume of The Guiding Symptoms. About twenty minutes before ten he was seized with an acute attack of the heart.