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NATRUM MURIATICUM [Nat-m] symptoms from Manual of the Homeopathic Practice by Charles Julius Hempel. What are the uses of the homeopathy remedy NATRUM MURIATICUM [Nat-m]


      NATR.MUR. Common Table-Salt. See Hahnemann’s “Chronic Diseases, ” IV.


      Agn., Arnica, Arsenicum, Belladonna, Calcarea, Caps, Carb-a., Car -v., Causticum Chamomilla, China, Ignatia, Kali, Lycopodium, Mercurius, Murex-ac., Natr., Nitr., Nux-v., Par., Plumb., Pulsatilla, Sabad., Sepia, Spigelia, Squil., Staphysagria, Sulphur, Viol-tric. Natr. mur is frequently suitable after Lachesis, Mercurius


      Arsenicum, Camph., Nitr., spir. Camph. is a very weak antidotes again the excessive action of Natrum; frequent smelling of Spir-nit dulc. relieves the effects of Nat. much better.


      Rheumatic affections with shortening of tendons. Paralytic affections. Scrofulous affections. Bad effects from loss of animal fluids, also by onanism. Bad effects from chagrin and anger. Hysteric affections, weakness, and fainting fits. Drawing with pressure in the limbs. Excessive liability to take cod, producing cough and hoarseness. Dread of the open air. Uneasiness in the body, with chilliness. All the muscles, especially those of the things the upper arms, are painful during motion, as if the flesh had been detached by blows. Cramp-like sensation in the limbs, especially in the hands, as if the parts had gone to sleep. The violent nightly pain (for instance, a boil on the back) cause a suffocative arrest of breathing, and a kind of paralysis of tone side, which deprive him of the use of his limbs on that side. Paroxysms of gnawing pressure, at times in the pit of the stomach, at times around the umbilicus, at times in the chest, in the eye evening. Violent constriction of the stomach and chest. Stitches in various places. Pain of all the limbs, as if bruised. Violent stiffness of all the joints of the body. Jerking of the limbs. Liability to strain or sprain joints. Congestion of blood to the chest, stomach, and head, with coldness of the limbs. the circulation is excited and head, motion of he body. Full and undulating pulse in the whole body, even during rest, pulse intermits a few beats. the beats of the heart intermit during the siesta. Depressed condition of mind and body, with gait appetite. After making a bodily effort, he is unable to think, and feels indifferent. Exhaustion and pains from talking. Nervous paroxysms. Heaviness. Indolence after rising in the morning. Dread of exercise. Great bodily weariness; feeling of weakness,when sitting. Weakness of he whole body, heaviness of the feet Hysteric languor. Alternate languor and lightness of the limbs. Emaciation.


      The symptoms come on or are renewed or increased in a recumbent position, even in the daytime; at night she is obliged to set up in bed, in order to find relief.


      Itching over the whole body. Red spots, of the size of a pin’s head, over the whole body, preceded by a feeling of heat. Rash over the whole body, with stinging sensation in the skin. Miliary eruption over the whole body. Large and red blotches, itching violently, over the whole body and on the neck. Nettle- rush, after violent exercise. As number of boils on the body. Warts in the palm of the hand. Varices.


      Yawning and stretching. Great inclination to sleep in the daytime, and great weariness. Total sleeplessness at night. Restless sleep. At night: pain in the outer parts of the head. Heat in the head. Anxious feeling in the head. Stitching, thing pain in therefore part of the ahead. Violent pulsations in the head with heat of the body. Bleeding at the nose. Colic every night without diarrhoea. Micturition every night, also every hour. Burning at the rectum. Attack of asthma and palpitation of the heat, but without anxiousness. Drawing pain in the back. Stitches in the nape of the neck. Tremor of the nerves. Nightmare. Erethism of the blood or violent throbbing of the arteries, without sensation heat. Great restlessness at night, with much heat and thirst. Anxiety and heat. Talking while asleep, and restless legs dreams. Night-sleep disturbed by voluptuous dreams, pollutions,and long erections. Vexing and anxious dreams, also with weeping. Frightful dreams of murder, fire.


      Chilly, the whole day. Cold hands and feet. Constant chilliness, and want of animal heat. Frequent internal chilliness. Chill in the evening, when in bed. Shuddering, with feeling of goose-flesh. Shuddering and chilliness in the back, without list. Chills and shuddering, with great inclination to sleep, even in the day time. Fever shortly before dinner. Fever with headache. Violent chilliness in the evening, followed by profuse seat over the whole body. Fever in the afternoon, chilliness and coldness, with much thirst, without subsequent heat. Fever and ague, particularly with bone-pains, pains in the back, yellow, livid complexion, headache, great debility, bitterness in the mouth, ulceration of the corners of the mouth, loose of appetite, pressure in the pit of the stomach, without painful sensitiveness to , quotidian or tertian type, the fever generally setting in towards morning, with chilliness followed by heat and thirst. Intermittent, fever, with from abuse of cinchona. Before the fever: (chilliness) languor or headache. Drying the chilliness; shortness of breath, yawning and drowsiness, thirst or thirstlessness. During the heat; thirst, and a good deal of violent headache. Typhoid fevers, particularly with debility, dryness of the tongue and great thirst. Heat after the siesta, followed by shuddering until evening. Heat in the evening with thrills of coldness and shuddering over the back, without thirst. Flashes of heat and slight sweat. Much sweat in the daytime, when walking, Profuse sweat breaks out easily, during motion, although there every chilly Profuse night-sweat. Profuse sweat, for several mornings, also having a sourish smell.


      Sad, desponding (after nettle-rash) Melancholy. Dejection of spirits. Desire to weep, with anxiety. Hypochondriac, tired of life. Apprehensive for the future. Sudden anxiety and palpitation of the natr. Joyless. Lazy, no disposition to work. Harridans. Great excitation, followed by going to sleep and deadness of the limbs. Great tendency to start. Very much out of humor, peevish, and taciturn. Passionate vehemence.


      Imbecility and absence of thought, with drowsiness. Difficulty of thinking. Absence of mind. Awkward. Weak memory. Loss of memory. Dullness of the head. Emptiness of the head, with anguish. Weakness of the head. Weariness of the head from mental labor. Reeling sensation, producing obscuration of sight, then stooping. Everything before her turned in a circle when walking.


      Headache when turning the body. Headache from sneezing and coughing. headache, when making violent bodily exertion. Headache, early in the morning when in bed, going off after walking. Heaviness of the head, in the morning after walking, with giddiness and dullness. Gait heaviness of the head especially when talking or reflecting. Heaviness and aching in the in the forehead, above both eyes. Dull stupefying heads the, early in the morning after walking, until noon. Dull headache, almost constantly, also with dizziness. Dull pressing in the forehead, with gloominess. Headache with nausea. Oppressive headache. Pressure above the eye and in the temple, with dullness the head. Pressure in the occiput. Aching in the forehead, and on the vertex. Hard pressure in the forehead and the temporal bones, when walking in the open air. Pressure, and pushing headache, in the forehead. Pushing pain, as if the head would burst. Compression of the brain on both sides, with heaviness of the head. Contractive pain in the whole brain. Fullness in the head, pressing the eyes out. Fine drawing and beating in the forehead, to and from, early in the morning when rising. Stitches in the head. Stabbings in the occiput, as with knives. Stitching pain above the eyes. Fine painful stitches in the parietal bone and forehead. Dull stitching pain in the parietal bone, evening. Lacerating stitches in the whole head. Boring pain in the side of he head and occiput. Throbbing pain in the forehead. Violent throbbing headache, wish heat in the head and face, nausea, with vomiting. Hammering and beating in the head particularly when moving. Congestion of blood to the head, with sweat of the forehead. Soreness of the head when touching it, as if the hair were sore. Sensation as if a cord were tied round the head. Itching of the hairy scalp and nape of the neck. Itching erection on the hairy border of the nape of the neck, and the temples. Scruff on the head. Pimples on the forehead. Falling off of the hair of lying-in women.


      Sensation as if sand were in the eyes. Tension in the eyes. Painful pressure in the eye-lids. Stitches in the canthi. Boring pain in the eye. Pain as from excoriation in the eyes. Violent burning of the eyes in the evening. Redness and inflammation of the white of the eye, with sensation as if the eye-balls were too large and pressed. Continued ulceration and great redness of the lower eye-lids. Lachrymation in the open air. Acrid tears in the eyes, early in the morning rendering the canthi red and sore. Viscous matters in the outer canthus. Agglutination of the eye in the morning. Dry feeling in the eyes, as after long weeping. Violent sense as of twitching of the eyes. Spasmodic closing of the eye-lids. Dim-sightedness in the morning. Dimness and obscuration of sight. Gauze before the eyes. Letters and sewing stitches become blurred when looking at them. Objects are seen as through feathers, particularly white objects. Vanishing of sight. Only one-half of the objects is visible, the other dark. Short-sightedness. Diplopia. Sensation as of rain before her eyes. Long-sighted. Incipient amaurosis. Black points before her eyes, and streaks of sight. A small fiery point before her eyes, which remains wherever she looks. She sees a fiery zig-zag appearance around al things. A number of light and dark point before her eyes.


      Otalgia behind and in the ears Stitches in the ears. Drawing stitches in the ear. Beating and throbbing in the ears. Swelling of the meatus-auditorius and discharge from the ear. Purulent discharge from the ear. Itching, rash-like eruption behind the ear. Deafness. Hard hearing. Singing or tingling in the ears. Ringing. Buzzing in the ears, early, when walking. Humming in the ears, also with roaring, early in bed, and when sitting. Sudden rising through the ears.


      Insensibility the deadness of the inner half of the nose. Boring pain in the nasal bone. Burning in the nose. Internal soreness of the nose. Itching in the nostril. White pimples around the nose. Bleeding of the nose. Deficient smell. Frequent unsuccessful sneezing. Catarrhal feeling, and every morning. Dry coryza. with obstruction of both nostrils. Dryness of the nose. Obstruction of the nose. Fluent coryza, with sneezing. Excessive fluent coryza, with loss of smell and taste.


      Livid face. Yellowish complexion, with much pain in the abdomen. Aching in the malar bons and near the ear. Bone pain in the face. Pain in the malar bones as from subcutaneous ulceration, when chewing. Bruised pain in the malar bone, especially when touching it. Visible twitching of the muscles of the face. Swelling of the left side of face and lips. Pimples in the face. Swelling of the lip and tip of the tongue, with violent burning. Eruption on the vermilion border of the lips, smarting as if excoriated. Ulcerated corner of the mouth. Bloody blisters on the inner side of the upper hip, painful when touched. Dry, chapped lips. Itching, miliary eruption on the chin.


      The lower jaw is painful to the touch. Compressive pain in the articulation of the jaw. Drawing pain in the lower jaw. Lacerating in the lower jaw. Pain of the submaxillary glands, as if squeezed, contused, or swollen. Frequent swelling of the submaxillary glands. Toothache, with swelling of the cheeks. Intense toothache when drawing in air. Pain of the teeth when touching them. Drawing toothache after a meal and at night, followed by swelling foe the cheeks. Throbbing toothache. Throbbing and boring in the teeth. Sore pain in the teeth. Loose teeth. Increase of the decay of the teeth. Extreme sensitiveness of the gums to cold and warm thighs. Inflammation and swelling of the gums, with swelling of the cheeks. Painful swelling of the gums, readily bleeding. Scorbutic putrid inflammation of the gums. Bleeding of he gums. Ulcer on the gums, painful day and night. Fistula-dentalis.


      Vesicles and soreness in the mouth, very painful. Ptyalism. Bloody saliva. Vesicles on the tongue, burning and starting wen eating. Swelling under the tongue with a stinging pain. Chronic sensation as of a hair on the tongue. Heavy tongue.


      Sore throat, as if the submaxillary glands were swollen. Sore throat, worse morning and evening. Soreness and, as if a plug had lodged in the throat. Spasm in the pharynx. Stinging, sometimes pinching pains in the throat. Stitches and burning in the throat, as if it were inflamed, with elongation of the uvula and impeded deglutition. Ulcerated places in the oesophagus, with sore throat, putrid inflammation,and dark-red swelling of the gums. Hawking of mucus in the morning, with expectation of dark green mucus.


      Loss of taste. Bitterness of the mouth. Putrid taste and smell in the mouth. Sour taste. Taste in the mouth as if fasting. Want of appetite and aversion to food. Desire for bitter food and drink. Frequent feeling of hunger. Excessive appetite. Canine hunger, with feeling of repletion after eating but little. Constant thirst.


      Before eating: great drowsiness. After eating; heartburn. Nausea and spasm in the chest, after eating. Acidity in the mouth and dryness in the throat, after every meal. Compressive griping in the pit of the stomach after a meal. Sensation of pressure, with soreness in the stomach, after a meal. Pinching cutting in the abdomen after eating or drinking. Dullness of the head aching in the forehead, after a meal. Quick pulse, and palpitation of the heart. Anguish and oppressed breathing after a meal. Unsuccessful eructations. Sour regurgitation of food. Heart burn, the whole day, worse in the evening. Hiccough, for several days. Nausea and qualmishness in the pit of the stomach nausea, immediately after a meal, with heaviness of the head, and frequent bitter erections. Nausea with inclination to vomit accompanied with writhing and turning in the stomach. Retching with nausea and apparent exhaustion of the vital powers. Water-brash, with writhing about the stomach. Vomiting and nausea of pregnant females. Bad effects from eating sour things or bread.


      Weigh and tightness across the parts below the pit of the stomach. Sensation as of a hard swelling in the pit of the stomach. Pain in the region of the stomach on pressure. Swelling of the region of the stomach, with pain as from subcutaneous ulceration. Pressure in the region of the stomach, as if he had taken cold. Pressure in the stomach, extending into the chest. Pressure in the stomach with nausea and sudden sinking of strength. Aching pain below the pit of the stomach, above the umbilicus, relieved by pressure. Cramp in the stomach, towards evening, through the night. Contractive cramp in the stomach. Colicky pain in the stomach, with nausea, early in the morning. Griping jerks in the pain of the stomach. Throbbing in the pit of the stomach, in paroxysms.


      Violent aching in the region of the liver. Painful tension in the right side of the abdomen. Drawing pain in the region of the liver. Stitches in the region of the liver, when sitting. Stitches in the hypochondrium, when taking an inspiration.


      Tension around the abdomen, as if from flatulence. Continual uncomfortableness and dull pain in the abdomen, as if from indigestion, characterized by periodical paroxysms of short pressure or pinching. Pressure in the epigastrium. Colic, early in the morning, on waking, causing a tensive, aching pain. Contractive labor-like pains in the abdomen, with weakness. Labor-like colic, when riding in a carriage. Labor-like drawing in the lower part of the abdomen, extending into the thighs. Drawing pain in the umbilical region. Pinching in the abdomen, as if caused by worms. Cutting pain in the abdomen every day, early in the morning. Pain in the abdomen, as if every part in it would tear. Swelling of the abdomen. Frequent distention of the abdomen, with feeling of fullness after drinking and sense of fluctuation. Incarceration of flatulence. Flatulent colic, especially during motion. Fermentation in the abdomen.

Rumbling. Gurgling in the abdomen, as in diarrhoea. Pain as from a sprain in the left groin. Protrusion of inguinal hernia.


      Unsuccessful urging to stool. Retention of stool. Hard stool. Irregular, insufficient stool. Frequent small stools. Chronic looseness. Diarrhoea, like water, also with colic. Stool mixed with blood. Coagulated blood with the stool. Cutting pain in the abdomen previous to stool. Burning in the rectum during and after stool. After stool, violent unsuccessful urging. Tenesmus of the rectum, without stool. Pressing pain in the rectum. Spasmodic constriction of the anus. Smarting and beating in the rectum. Stitches and itching at the anus. Continuous burning at the anus. Herpes about the anus. Varices of the anus, painful, or with stinging pain and humid.


      Desire to urinate, without emission. Frequent micturition at night, also unsuccessful desire to urinate. Violent desire to urinate, and inability to retain the urine. Involuntary emission of urine while walking. The urine speedily deposits a sediment looking like brick-dust. Red sediment in the loam-colored urine. Red sand in the urine. Soreness in the urethra on touching it. Discharge of yellow pus from the urethra, with tension in the inguinal glands which are not visibly swollen. Discharge of mucus from the urethra. Gleet. ?.


      Itching and tingling of the glans. Drawing-aching in the testicles. Itching, circumscribed, humid herpes on the scrotum. Feeling of weaknesses in the genital parts. The sexual instinct is dormant or feeble. Excessive sexual desire. Violent erections. Pollution with smarting of the glands. Impotence.


      Itching of the pudendum. Falling off of the hair. The menses delay four days, and are scanty. Retention of the otherwise regular menses. Delay of the first appearance of the menses; secondary, extension. The menses appear seven days too soon. Melancholy, vexed, and aching pains in the head before the menses. Very sad during the menses anxious and fainting during the menses, with cold cheeks and much internal heat. Lacerating toothache; heaviness in the abdomen; spasmodic pain in the hypochondrium during the menses. Dullness and heaviness of the head after the menses, as if from congestion of blood to the head. leucorrhoea, at night. leucorrhoea after colic, early in the morning. Profuse leucorrhoea, also with transparent, white, thick mucus. leucorrhoea, causing an itching in the pudendum. Greenish leucorrhoea, especially when walking. Acrid pain during leucorrhoea, also with yellowness of the face.


      Scraping sensation in the larynx, rough voice. Huskiness of the chest with cough. Hawking. Cough from titillation in the throat-pit, particularly when walking and taking deep breath. Rough, horse, dry, and hawking cough. Morning-cough. Cough after going to bed. The cough is worse at night than in the daytime. Chronic hacking cough. Cough, with vomiting of the ingesta. Spasmodic suffocative cough, in the evening in bed. Cough with retching and vomiting, and expectoration of bloody saliva. Cough with expectoration, day and night. Bloody cough. Pain in the throat and chest when coughing. The forehead feels as if it would burst.


      Rattling breathing. Wheezing in the evening, in bed. Hoarse, deep breathing, with pain in the abdomen. Wheezing sound in the trachea during an expiration. Asthma. Oppression when breathing, with pain in the chest. Oppression when breathing, with pain in the chest. Oppression of the chest, as if constricted, with burning in the hands. Dyspnoea while performing manual labor. Oppressive anguish in the chest, with pressure in the pit of the stomach. Aching pain in the region of the heart. Tension in the chest. Tensive pain in the muscles of the right side of the chest Stitches in the chest during a deep inspiration or when coughing. Frequent pleuritic stitches Soreness in the chest. Pain, as from bruises, of the outer parts of the chest. Continuous pains in the heart, especially at night. Violent stitches in the heart. Contusive pain in the region of the heart, early in the morning, in bed. Violent pressure below the heart. Frequent palpitation of the heart. Palpitation of the heart from the slightest motion. Palpitation of the heart with anguish. Fluttering motion of the heart. Irregularity of the beats of the heart. Fluttering motion of the heart. Cold feeling about the heart. Intermitting beating of the mind. Pain as if bruised in the outer chest, sternum, or in the left chest on stooping forward or breathing.


      Pain in the small of the neck, as if broken. Peristaltic pain in the small of the back, most violent when raising one’s self again. Weakness in the small of the back, like lumbago. Cutting in the small of the back. Sharp drawing down from the small of the back through the hip. Violent pulsations in the small of the back. Painful throbbing in the small of the back. Tension in the back Tension and heat in the region of the kidneys. Bruised pain in the region of the hips and scapula. Nightly. pain. Drawing pain in the back from below upwards, also with pressure. Weariness in the back. Tabes-dorsalis. Pressure in the nape of he neck. Tension in the nape of the neck, with swelling of the cervical glands. Stiffness and rigidity in the nape of the neck and across the upper part of the back. Pain in the nape of the neck, as if strained, contused, or fatigued. Goitre. Boils on the back.


      Scruffs in the axilla. Swelling of the auxiliary glands. Pain in the shoulder-joint. Tension and drawing in the shoulder- joint, early in the morning, with rheumatic pain when uncovering the parts. Pain, as if bruised, sprained, or painful weariness in the shoulder-joint. Languor, heaviness and sinking of the arms. Bone pain as if broken. Small, red, itching vesicles on the arms. Stitches in the wrist-joint. Pain, as if bruised, in the wrist-joint. Trembling of the hands. Stitches in the fingers. The fingers go to sleep, with tingling.


      Tensive pain of the hip-joint, and pain to the touch. Painful cramp in the hip. Rheumatisms of the hip. Pain, as if sprained, in the hips. Paralytic feeling in the hips. Drawing pain along the whole lower limb. Uneasiness in the lower limb. Uneasiness in the lower limbs. Violent twitchings in the lower limbs. Heaviness of the lower limbs. Paralytic condition of he lower limbs. Painful contraction of he hamstrings. Compressive pain, as from weariness, in the knees and tarsal- joints. Drawing pain in the knees, when sitting. Lacerating drawing in the bends of the knees, most violent when walking. Weakness of the knees, as if they would give way. Red herpes in the bend of the knee. Great heaviness of the legs. The feet are painful when waking. Ulcerative pain in the region of the malleolus. Disagreeable burning of the feet. when walking. Very cold feet. Pain as from a sprain in the tarsal-joint. Paralytic condition of the tarsal-joint. Great heaviness of the feet. Swelling of he feet. Herpes on the dorsum of the foot.

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Charles Julius Hempel

Charles Julius Hempel (5 September 1811 Solingen, Prussia - 25 September 1879 Grand Rapids, Michigan) was a German-born translator and homeopathic physician who worked in the United States. While attending medical lectures at the University of New York, where he graduated in 1845, he became associated with several eminent homeopathic practitioners, and soon after his graduation he began to translate some of the more important works relating to homeopathy. He was appointed professor of materia medica and therapeutics in the Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia in 1857.

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