We are here principally concerned with the homeopathic treatment of fistula found near the anus- fistula-in-ano, and that a very remarkable one, of urinary fistula being narrated.

Case of a married London merchant, thirty seven years of age, suffering from recurrent fistula and circumanal abscess, treated successfully with homeopathy remedies.

A case of simple anal fistula treated successfully with the homeopathy remedy Hydrastis can in a very short period.

Certain people with fistula have enlarged livers as concomitants, and our common hepatics readily cure them. Chelidonium majus. Carduus Maria, Myrica cerifera and Berberis vulgaris, cure the liver and at the same time the fistula.

Solanum nigrum is recommended as a local application”in most fistula.” This quality it no doubt has in common with so many of the solanaceous plants. Thuja, Silicea, Hydrastis, Merc are other useful remedies.

A case of fistula in anus in a child, which was treated with Kali carb, Aurum foliatum, Psorinum and Thuja homeopathic remedies according to the presenting symptoms.

A case of piles and perianal abscess and fistula treated with homeopathy medicines nux vomica, sulphur, vanadium and phytolaccin.

A case of pruritus ani or anal itching with concomitant head symptoms like vertigo and brain fag, treated with zincum aceticum.

He had been operated on for fistula, and also for piles and prolapse; but notwithstanding all this beautiful rectal surgery, the unfortunate patient is never comfortable at the seat.

A certain number of cases of anal fistula in middle-aged, highly-nourished men come under my observation, and I have been struck with the fact their wives had either died of, or were suffering from, consumption.

Several months of persistent treatment resulted in a cure of the gonorrhoea, and of most of the manifestations of syphilis, but the terrible fistula persisted, notwithstanding Mercurius, Aurum, Acid. nit., Stillingia, Iodatum, and Silicea.

A case of anal fistula where the discharge was mistakenly thought to be leucorrhoea. The principal remedies used were Thuja occidentalis. Hydrastis, Sepia, Chelidonium, Hepar, Silicea, Psorinum, Sabina, and Aqua silicata.

The author gives example of abscess after a thorn gets in skin as a similar effort by nature to vent a prefistular anal abscess.

Nature is always trying to rid herself of unhealthy products, and manipulation, by encouraging movement in congested parts, assists the blood to throw off the poison which infects it, and drives it for refuge to the surface, which it will then try to burst through.

After practically demonstrating the feasibility of a radical cure of fistula by homeopathic medicines, the author claims it is superior than surgery.

Since the 1st Edition of this small work on the medicinal cure of fistula, a considerable number of cases of fistula have come under my professional care, so that I can reaffirm that the treatment of the fistular disease by operation is irrational and harmful. Homeopathy remains the most effective way to cure fistula.