H.A. Roberts advise to the young homeopaths what they should expect from homeopathy.

Dr. Roberts advise to homeopath that, a man who adopts the homoeopathic methods must be free from prejudice, and able to look fairly at disease conditions from a new angle.

Without this vital energy, the cell, or the whole body, becomes inanimate and is dead. It is only when the vital energy is present that there is a living organism, capable of physical action and of the exercise of mental powers and the ability to take hold on the spiritual forces.

In health all expressions of vital force may be expressed by perfect functioning of all parts of the body and by a sense of general well-being. In disease state there is a sense of discomfort.

For Vital Energy Dr. Robert’s says, If we have no motion, no action, no direction, without vital energy, it must be this energy which is responsible for all growth and all development in all spheres of existence

Discussion on the laws and principles that governs homeopathy system of medicine.

Dr. Roberts’s discussion on “Knowledge of medicine”

Dr. Robert’s comments on case taking.

Dr. Robert’s comments on case analysis. Advise on what is necessary to take to complete the totality.

No medicine can cure any disease unless it acts upon all the diseased parts, either directly or indirectly.

Dr. Robert’s guide on which symptoms should be taken during case taking.

Discussion on the hahnemann’s idea of potentisation.

The greater the number of characteristic symptoms of the disease that are found to correspond to the drug, the less the quantity and the higher the potency that can be used.

Discussion on what a physician may expect after administration of a remedy.

The eminent homeopath Herbert A. Roberts discusses the requisites for a successful proving.

A second prescription is made when a first prescription has acted.

When patient is susceptible to the disease it affects him, when he is susceptible to the remedy it cures him.

Suppression of the disease with large physiological doses leads to development more deeper and chronic state of the disease. Dr. Robert explained with various examples.

In incurable cases we must not put a limitation on the possibilities of the similar remedy, similimum medicines work wonderfully and restore the patient to health.

When a remedy is indicated, the symptomatology gives us a basis for our *simillimum regardless of colour or type and temperament.

Medicine having the power of curing internally, should not be employed *exclusively as a topical application to the local symptoms of chronic miasmatic diseases

Dr. Robert’s comments on the Hahnemann’s concept of psora, why psora is considered root cause of several diseases?

Symptoms of psoric manifestations.

Deficiency of to certain elements, minerals leads maladjustment of body’s function and development of psoric manifestation.

Latent Psora

Discussion on syphilis miasm.

Discussion of syphilis miasm. Symptoms and expression of syphilis miasm.

Discussion on Sycosis miasm.

Sycotic Construction

Discussion on Dr. Hahnemann’s classification of diseases.

Role of endocrine system in diseases. Few examples of syndromes caused by Endocrine system.

View Point

A detailed discussion on obstacle to cure for a homeopath!

The homoeopathic physician is likewise trained to realize the dangers of suppressed or masked symptoms

Discussion on the stigma and expression of miasm.