Category - Skin diseases by M.E. Douglass

Skin Diseases: Their Description, Etiology, Diagnosis, and Treatment by M.E. Douglass. Originally published in 1900.

This book explores the most common manifestations in various types of skin conditions with briefing on etiology, presentation, diagnosis and homeopathic treatment. One of the most popular areas of homeopathic interest since its very early days, the work is thoroughly exhaustive and aimed to satisfy the need as a textbook as well as a guide to prescribing.

Skin diseases contribute to a significant proportion of our common day to day ailments. That they can be removed in their totality by the carefully selected internal remedy without transference / recurrence is wherein lies the superiority of homeopathy.

The author has given a detailed account of all the major skin conditions with their causation, diagnosis homeopathic treatment in the most easy and comprehensible manner. This book will be of immense help in offering differentials to the younger and less experienced practitioner as it will be to the undergraduate learner in their understanding of the therapeutics of skin diseases.