Homoeopathy provides a method of approach, and a method of dealing with cancer which no other system known to me does provide. And I have not found any other system which gives proportionate results.

Homeopathy proved that a rapidly advancing Cancer or tumor mass could be changed into an equally rapidly receding one by the exhibition of an internal remedy, at the same time greatly prolonging life, removing all pain, and changing the patient’s despair into happiness and renewed hope.

The author suggests that it is not easy to treat cancer with homeopathy, in the classical way. You need isopathic remedies and nosodes too to deal with the cancer problem.

Opponents of the parasitic theory invariably content that tumours produced experimentally by the introduction of parasites obtained in pure culture from cancerous blood or tumours, in most cases do not conform of the conditions recognized by pathologists.

One factor is now fairly generally recognized, viz., the factor of local irritation. Evidence of this is found in chimney sweep’s cancer, cancer of the lip in clay-pipe smokers (probably due to heat), cancer of the tongue starting at the site of tooth irritation, cancer arising from continued exposure to X-rays.

It is but rarely that tumour formation depends upon a single factor, more usually upon a combination of them, which may be constitutional, aetiological, or pathological, or all of them. And in treating cancer, wee need to consider all of them.

The nosodes of cancer, sarcoma and tuberculosis should be applied from the positive pole, those of staphylococcus, streptococcus, &c., from the negative pole.