Category - Times of Remedies and Moon Phases by C.M. Boger

This book is based upon Dr Boger’s (1861-1935) own practical observation and long clinical experience. He emphasised the importance of “Time factor” and “Moon Phases” in the action of drugs. This repertory mentions about aggravation and amelioration of complaints in the time frame, i.e. in accordance to hours, days, weeks, months, year and seasons. While compiling this repertory Dr Boger follows Boenninghausen’s of schema of reportorial presentation. In the Moon Phases section he refers exclusively to cured cases which he undertook in order to determine the relative importance of remedies in this respect. He analysed and compared the action of certain remedies in the various phases of moons like growing, full, waning and new moon and depicted their action in a form of a chart. This work was published as a book in 1935.

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