Vithoulkas on Man, Medicine and Society

G.V. This is quite an interesting question which has been of particular concern for me as well. It seems to me that the battle for power requires people who must be very strong, very healthy by nature, since birth. We used to see this sort of so-called “solidly built” people in political families, where the father succeeds financially and socially on his own merit, but after coming to power, he wishes to keep it indefinitely, securing authority and wealth for all his future progeny.
Once he grabs power, he wants to stay forever, not only for himself but also for his progeny, and then inner struggle begins with his conscience, until he manages finally to suppress the voice of conscience so that it stops bothering him. From then on, a subtle decline of the body begins. This will initially manifest with stress, with phobias, with panic attacks, and later ending up in physical pathology also. As long as a politician is led by idealism to save his country, they are salvaged –health wise, and evolve as personalities. The more a politician is led by self-interest, the less appeal he has to the public and the deeper they plummet, first on his political career and then on a mental and physical level. Therefore, politicians who were born with the privilege of having the best possible health, end up ill and corrupt, at the mercy of a degenerated society, for which they have contributed themselves in its creation. We are, of course, talking about the politicians who exercised power. The ones who deviated from the aforementioned system, such as Ioannis Kapodistrias (the first governon of Greece) or (the Greek general and politician) Nikolaos Plastiras, were either assassinated or ostracized.

D.K. The average ill person is bombarded with a set of information and advertisements, direct or indirect, as well as controversial and different calls both by the media and physicians. In your opinion, what should a person do to orient themselves in this environment, where confusion prevails?

G.V. Someone who remains dispassionate, who isn’t deceived by the glamorous advertising who is not after gaining easy money and fast social advancement, that person alone will be able to judge and properly assess the phenomena of our time—that person will manage to remain healthy and make right decisions. Our grandfathers were such people. An example of such a healthy, judicious, profound person is the President of the Academy of Athens, Konstantinos Despotopoulos, an extraordinary man who is well in to his 103rd year of age, as well as some of his old friends he mentions in his interviews (note: the interview with Mr. Vithoulkas took place before the death of Kon. Despotopoulos.) All modern Greeks should listen to him in his interviews if they want to see a true character of a healthy person. People of his caliber are becoming more and more rare, while the others, the majority, will be more and more affected in their health from an ever-degenerating culture that confuses and degrades human beings.

D.K. How do you assess the current situation and crisis in the Greek healthcare system? What should be done? How could homeopathy and other “alternative approaches” help address this crisis?

G.V. How could you expect to have a wholesome healthcare system in a country which is so sick and outworn as Greece? Unless the political landscape changes drastically, there will be no true solution for the healthcare system. Right now the entire system is pushed into an overall privatization of health and only those who have the means to pay will find doctors and medicines. As for the rest…
The present global situation of utter inhuman behavior, cruelty, and barbarism heralds the direction in which things are led by those who drive worldwide developments. They’re definitely not interested in building sound healthcare systems since they themselves will always be able to find the best doctors and the best medicines. The rest will keep wondering about the same essential question: when will this society become truly Human?

D.K.  Please say a few words about your book.

G.V. This book raises more questions than providing answers to the major issues regarding health. Proper and comprehensive answers will emerge one day, when all of us will have realized that happiness and health is not found in money or power, but in our concern and love for our fellow humans.

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Dimitrios Konstantakopoulos

Dimitrios Konstantakopoulos

Dimitrios Konstantakopoulos is a journalist and writer who has worked as an advisor on East-West Relations and Arms Control in the office of Greek PM Andreas Papapndreou (1985-88) . He was the chief correspondent of the Greek news agency ANA in Moscow (1989-99). He collaborated with Michel Pablo in launching the international review for self-management Utopie Critique. He has been a member of the Central Committee and the Secretariat and of the Committee on Foreign Policy of SYRIZA. He stopped having any relations with SYRIZA in July 2015. He currently works with Defend Democracy Press.

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