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A Family Discovers Homeopathy

The first few days were pretty weird, because his stool was especially foul. Since I’m pregnant I thought perhaps I was just being extra sensitive, so I asked Stephen (husband), and he agreed that the baby boy had some surprisingly stinky diapers.

He’s been walking much more but is not on his own yet. I have noticed he’ll let go of the couch or wall or walking toy and stand freely for a few moments, and that’s new. He’s also been happier in general and more focused on whatever he’s doing. He hasn’t been frustrated with his sister as much, and physically I’ve noticed his legs getting bigger/fatter. He’s less clingy to me in general and can handle waiting a minute or two if I can’t give him something right away.

P.S. Anything other than Nux vomica you’d recommend for nausea and vomiting during pregnancy? I’m taking vitamin B6 and magnesium oil (topically applied, unrefined sea salt ingested) and bone broth, but am still barely able to cope.”

I suggested that Paige switch to Sepia 30C (Boiron) qd.

Follow-up one month later:

“Daniel has doubled in size. I am still giving him his Calcerea Phosophorica 30C, and in the last 6 weeks he’s gone from the 10th percentile in weight to the 50th. He’s smack dab in the middle of all the weight charts and happy as can be. He demands tons of stimulation and interaction, but that’s his age/gender/personality, not a problem. He’s a joy. His fine and gross motor skills are great, and he walks about one step at a time now without support. That might not seem like a huge achievement, but he walks around the house holding onto the walls, and that’s great by me.

He has a gag reflex that makes every meal a challenge and still prefers pureed foods over anything else, but at least he’s TRYING other things now. I called my pediatrician’s nurse’s hotline to ask about the gag reflex, why he doesn’t seem to eat much at any of our meals, and whether it’s ok that at 16 months he only says about three words (“dog, hat, hi”).

I’ve been reading more and more about homeopathy (“Trick or Treatment” by Simon Singh and Edzard Ernst). The book concludes that the power of the human brain is the most powerful medicine in history, and if we believe a medicine can help us, then it will. In a way it claims that we are in control of our own health depending on what we believe.  Obviously that’s crap. A baby cannot believe himself out of a condition. I’m almost grateful for Daniel’s trouble and your solution, because our family is now 100% believers in the homeopathic approach before any other. You didn’t just fix his issue—you converted a whole family.

I feel great. When I forget to take my Sepia the nausea returns, and with it a listless fatigue that I cannot explain nor conquer. It’s like life is drained out of me, and I cannot bring myself to function. But when I remember my homeopathic medicine I’m 80% better every day. During the first week of Sepia I had periods of deep depression—but I was never out of control.  Our house is a happy one, and I was surprised to find myself slamming a door once in frustration, something I’ve not done since I was a moody teenager. I had seen “mood swings” on the Sepia label, so I knew that if “like cures like” then I might need to monitor my emotions while I gave the medicine time to work on my nausea and other pregnancy symptoms. As long as I knew there was a cause behind my mood swings they were much easier to control, and I just kept my feelings in check until the Sepia began to work well on my nausea. Now I don’t have any mood swings but am feeling much better both physically and mentally/emotionally.

There’s one more thing…we’d like to set up an appointment next time you’re in Leesburg to take a look at my husband’s scatterbrain. To me, it’s his personality. But to him, something is going on, and he cannot focus. Granted, he began a business [organic chicken farm] with two small children and one on the way, so his stress level is through the roof. But he says he cannot focus on the farm, and every day he’s out there he’s all over the place mentally. A couple of people have suggested ADD, and he’d like to see our family doctor to “get a prescription.” I don’t like the conventional approach because it’s usually pharmaceutical, and I believe you may be able to offer him something more effective.”


Here is a real world situation that probably comes up in the practice of every homeopath. The husband has started a business that is still in the red, and the family is getting food from a government program. Clearly there is no money left over for a homeopath’s fees.

The husband’s ADD affects his ability to run his business, however, and may prevent him from ever getting it off the ground.

Homeopathy on the cheap is better than none at all. I suggested that Stephen try Phosphorus 30C qd and only come for a consultation if there was no result. I chose Phosphorus because it is the first remedy I think of in simple ADD without behavioral issues, and because there was clearly a strong phosphoric element in the case of Stephen’s son.

Follow-up one month later:

Stephen sent me a note:

“I wanted to thank you for suggesting the Phosphorus for what I self-diagnosed as adult ADD. I believe it has helped my attitude in general, and I have not felt as frazzled or out of control of each day.”

Although it may have been a coincidence, Paige wrote to say, “Our farm is doing better and has begun to finally pay the bills!”

In the meantime, a new skin eruption appeared on the back of Daniel’s neck, a sign that he was still in the process of detoxification. I prescribed Rhus toxicodendron 30C (he was already taking Calc Phos), but there was little improvement over the next few weeks, although his dentition was progressing nicely. Suspecting that perhaps there was a miasmatic layer that needed to be cleared, I went back to my initial prescription of Medorrhinum, though a different potency (1M) and pharmacy (Hahnemann Labs) than previously.

Follow-up one week later:

“Doctor, yesterday (and even Friday), baby Daniel began to just repeat lots of words that we are saying as we go about our rhythmic days.  When his sister pretends to sneeze Daniel does too, with a completely articulated “ah-choo!” and giggle. He’s astounded me about a dozen times in the last 48 hours with new words that he just decides to repeat all of a sudden. It’s a fun development, and I thought I’d share. Before Friday I hadn’t heard a new word from him in over six months. He’s also walking a little bit more, and the rash is a light pink color, not red.  It’s still there, but certainly looks less active.”

Follow-up two weeks after Medorrhinum:

At one point the rash was almost gone, but it came back and does not seem to be improving. Daniel has been grumpy and hard to console.


There are many arguments for Phosphorus, not least of which it worked well for Daniel’s father.

Rx Phos 30C (Boiron) qd

Follow-up three weeks later:

Daniel’s rash has disappeared. His emotional state is good, but curiously he stopped repeating new words and is currently not speaking much. The more pressing concern at the moment is Paige. Because her last baby was born preterm the odds of another preterm birth are quadrupled, and so she has acquiesced to a series of hormone (progestin) injections. Unfortunately, Paige is depressed since starting the treatment two weeks ago, a well-known side effect. The Sepia is continuing to work for her nausea, however.

Rx Paige: Aurum 30C daily alternating with Sepia 30C on a 12 hour basis

Follow-up three weeks later:

“I can confidently say there’s been a little improvement, for which I’m very grateful and relieved. Depression really is the weirdest thing. It’s good to have the edge off, and to be functioning a little more normally. I’m still not the joyful young woman I was before starting the MAKENA injections, but at least I’m not hopeless anymore.  The baby is doing well. He will run out of Phosphorus soon; should we order more for him? Also, Stephen will be running low on his Phosphorus soon, too. It really is interesting how he can tell a difference if he forgets to take it and skips a day.”

Follow-up from Stephen a few days later:

“I have been experiencing pain in the arches of my feet over the last several months.  I have also noticed a bit of pain/numbness in the general area where my long toe and third toe meet the ball of my foot.  Another pain spot is on the heel and slightly behind, but this is not constant like the arch pain.  The arch pain feels akin to bruises but is not aggravated by touch (applying pressure with my fingers). The pain is the worst when I get up in the morning.

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