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A Family Discovers Homeopathy

But Paige is doing great. “I am happy to report I’m better than ever physically and emotionally. I thank you again for getting me over the hump in the autumn when I was on “Makena” [hormone injections]. And then again helping me in November/December after having antibiotics.”


Daniel has made a lot of progress, but there is clearly an internal imbalance that remains to be worked out. I tried several unsuccessful prescriptions at this point, but ultimately Nature came to the rescue.

Follow-up two months later:

“Hate to call on you on a Sunday morning, but I’m pretty sure Daniel has strep throat. Stephen and I both went in yesterday and tested positive for strep, and the doctor told us to look for signs in toddlers like complaining of head pain or tummy pain. Daniel does not have a fever, but his nose is running, and he had a rough night—something kept waking him up. With all of these indicators I thought we should bring him in to the clinic today, but I wanted to check with you first. I just want to avoid antibiotics for him if at all possible!!”


A runny nose and frequent waking—not much to prescribe on! Yet it was vital to avoid any suppression of the boy’s immune system.  Herbalist Michael Tierra teaches that bacterial infections, including streptococcus and staphylococcus, can often be handled with Echinacea. In the absence of symptoms indicating another remedy, I have adopted this advice with good results. I use the tincture, as it is readily available in health food stores.

Rx Echinacea Φ 10 drops in water tid


Daniel had his first dose of Echinacea about 2 hours ago, and now he’s covered in tiny bumps. Is it the strep or a reaction, you think?  Emotionally, he’s fine, and the redness on the right side of his nose is the same.  Since nothing is bothering him, I’ll keep observing and giving him the Echinacea as recommended.  I’d LOVE for this rash to be one of those examples where the remedy is working.  I’ve been reading a lot about that and am hopeful for that outcome. Clear nasal discharge but no coughing or other complaints.

Evening: Daniel has a fever of 99.8º now.

Follow-up next day:

“Daniel is the same as last evening, but the fever is gone. Tiny bumps all over his torso and neck are still there, but his emotional state is good, he seems happy.

Follow-up three days after Echinacea:

“Seems Daniel is over the threat of strep. I’m amazed!

He still has the full-body skin rash, but it’s barely perceptible.”

Follow-up five days after Echinacea:

“Daniel is still good. The more I engage him with eye and toddler-level activities, the happier he is. I still won’t compare him to the happiest toddlers on the playground, but he’s himself. No strep, no runny nose, nothing. Rash is 99% gone. The sparkle in his eye is back. I credit Echinacea with a miracle this week.”

Follow-up one month later:

Guess who’s healthy! Daniel and we are all well, a big blessing. In short, I am amazed by Daniel’s turnaround from when we first met you, and every day is a wonderful blessing. He still has a short fuse, and someday I may bring him in again if he doesn’t develop out of it. But for now I attribute that to his age and my workload (which makes for a not-very-interactive home environment for Daniel).

Follow-up one month later:

“Baby Daniel (not so much a baby anymore!) turned a corner gradually over the last few weeks and is very happy. Meal times are still whiny but not distressed.

I can’t believe it but we’re coming up on 2 years of health after having met and consulted you.  We really are grateful for our health and don’t take a minute of it for granted.  We have no complaints right now health wise and that is huge!”

Follow-up three months later:

Daniel was potty trained last week and performed like a champion, understanding everything and enjoying the challenge.  He only had 2 accidents, and the potty is a happy place for him—not a chore or something to dread. He is a joy. I attribute it to your knowledge and generosity. Our family would not have a farm today if it weren’t for you. We were on food stamps—so Daniel’s trouble would have taken time and energy we needed to keep the farm alive. If he hadn’t recovered, I would not have been able to support the farm the way I did and score us clients to buy the birds. Then, we would have gone under. I’m not being dramatic. It was so close to going bust, and Daniel’s condition was too much. Your care turned it around, and today we’re enjoying happy lives free of any government assistance whatsoever. Plus, we’re not relying on conventional medicine for anything right now. It’s been a year since we popped an ibuprofen or Tylenol or Excedrin. This is because of your influence. We try not to alarm you with every little thing, but instead, you’ve taught us to think beyond the obvious and JUST WAIT for natural living habits to take effect. I could go on—you can probably tell. But for now, just please accept our thanks and don’t pay attention to the opposition you face. I know this is easier to say than do, but families like mine depend on your knowledge and generosity.”

Follow-up three months later:

“Yesterday baby Simon (who is 12 months old) came down with a fever of 101º, and a pink eye with a little pus, but not as much as we would expect from the common, dreaded pinkeye. But today we are noticing he looks yellow. His emotional state is normal, which for him means very happy and seemingly unaffected by anything. He did sleep for almost 15 hours last night, which alarmed us a little, so we woke him up.”

I wrote back to Paige:

Yellow skin is caused by bilirubin, a substance that occurs naturally in blood cells. As old blood cells are broken down bilirubin is released, which is filtered from the bloodstream by the liver and released into the intestinal tract. It is common for newborn babies to have yellow skin because the liver is immature and can’t remove bilirubin quickly enough. The same thing can happen when a baby has an acute infection and fever. With children you can always trust your instincts. If a child seems happy and energetic, behaves normally, has normal appetite, thirst, urination and bowel movements, then the child is fine. The yellow color should disappear in a few days.

Follow-up next day:

“You were right—it was nothing. Or rather, it was a good, acute infection, and he beat it. Simon’s color returned to normal today, and no more fever or abnormal sleeping. He seems healthier now than before the thing ever hit him! The eye irritation is 100% gone, and he’s happier than ever. In fact, he’s acting a little naughty, which I love to see.”

Follow-up four months later:

“Daniel turned three years old a couple months ago, and he couldn’t be more perfect. He’s full of life and vigor. I tell him the story of how sick he was, but he’s still too young to understand. I’m emailing today because we just pulled a nymph deer tick off Daniel’s six year old sister. What would you recommend?”

Rx Ledum 30C (Boiron) bid x 2 days

Follow-up six months later:

The little girl has showed no signs of Lyme disease. Her tick bite was only a prelude to many more for all the family members over the course of the summer. Rather than give Ledum for each occurrence I simply had them take a dose once a week. As of this writing, they are all clear of Lyme.


When I have the opportunity to work closely with a young family I can guarantee that the children will grow up healthy, happy and free of neurological problems such as autism, seizures or Tourette’s. Sadly, most parents me only after their child has been horribly damaged by vaccination and other forms of medical suppression.

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