I Like a Fast-Paced Life – A Deep Study of Sarcodes

D – Tell me the symptoms of allergic rhinitis; how does it start and how does it reach its peak?

P – First it will start with itching in the nose, tingling sensation in continuity, then watery nose, then sneezing, once I start sneezing then 10 times, 12 times, 15 times at a go. I will keep sneezing…

D – Lot of sneezes?

P – Yeah, lot of sneezes, and my eyes will become very red and they will itch so much I actually have to keep rubbing my eyes.  It itches so much, I just I have to do something about it.

And that will go on like if I don’t take that medicine, I don’t go to the doctor and I don’t take the medicine it will not stop only, it will go on…one day, two days, three days, four days.

D – So emotionally what happens to you at that time?

P – Irritation.

D – Describe that irritation.

P – I feel what the fuck, every time how much you sneeze, you cannot go to anybody, like if I sit with you, If I have a meeting, I am talking to you and once I start sneezing I cannot concentrate on anything else, it is just like…..then you just have to finish it, you think come on get over with this quickly, let us go.

D – So you cannot do anything at that time?

P – No no… no… and then because of my stomach also…I told you,I will suddenly start feeling anxious.  You cannot concentrate.  If I start feeling it now then I will not able be able to talk to you much.  It feels, ok let us finish something and just get out of here and go home.

D – Okay.  Do you get good sleep?

P – Throughout my life, since I remember, I used to take a lot of time to sleep, 1 to 1-1/2 hour I have to be on the bed to go to sleep, I just cannot lie down and go to sleep but after 2007-2008, it has been very tough sleeping and it is not fulfilling, I feel tired in the morning but my energy doesn’t go down.

D – What do you mean?

P – Stamina is there.  I can work the whole day.  I travel a lot because of my business.  People who come with me say how do you do this ?….  Now if you travel with friends and all, we drink, go to sleep, even after 4 hours I get up, I am ready, everybody is sleeping, I go to work before everybody.  It is like…I can do that.

D – What dreams do you get?

P – Sexual dreams are there but I think they are just nightfall, if you don’t have sex or you don’t masturbate. Other than that, I think even in my dreams I feel anxious.

D – So what is the feeling during anxiety?

P – Same, stomach cramping and churning. (Confluence point)

D – So you are meeting somebody….the anxiety is related to what?

P – See as I know myself, I am very confident…like I can talk to anybody, even when we do business, we are 3-4 partners, so everybody wants me to talk. They say you talk.

D – Why?

P – Because I can do that.  By nature I am not like that, by nature I know I am not anxious, I was not like that.

D – So in the dream…say you are meeting someone, so what is the anxiety about in the dream?  What is the sequence in the dream?

P – I remember a dream sometime back where I was running and a dog is running behind me.  So the dog was trying to catch up with me and I am trying to run away.

D – So you are running fast?

P – Yeah I am running…

D – And the dog was also after you?

P – Yeah.

(Final confirmation)

D – But you are normally quick paced in thinking and actions?

P – Yes, yes very.

D – You want everything fast?

P – Very.

D – Do you want the results to be fast too?

P – Yes need results to be fast too.

D – Not slow?

P – No. Rather in fact, suppose I am having a deal now, I have to do some work, I want to buy something, so until I finish it I feel when will it happen?  If it is the question of a deal, why wait until tomorrow or day after tomorrow, let’s seal the deal today itself (click of fingers).

D – Just scan your body from head to toe, any other symptom that comes to mind?

P – First time in my life I got an abscess, it was scrotum abscess, then I had to go and get it treated.

(Sedation and anesthesia)

The doctor told me it is like a minor surgery, so you should have got somebody, we have to give you anesthesia.  I told him to try without giving anesthesia.  He said, “no it will hurt a lot.”

Next time I went to remove the stitches, he said I will have to do a little cleaning and dressing, should I give you anesthesia?  I said doctor you try without the anesthesia.  It was those staples, he immediately removed it, he said you do not want anesthesia right?  Let’s do it without the anesthesia.  I didn’t feel anything.

D – So your pain threshold is very high?

P – It is.

(Childhood – Uncompensated state)

D – Tell a little about your childhood.  What you remember about your childhood in terms of home environment, nature, interest and hobbies, things like that?

P – Childhood as far as I can remember I was good at studies, I used to come 1st or 2nd in the class and was very fond of sports.  Most of my school days, say 8th and 9th, was all about cricket from morning to evening.  I used to start in the morning and play till 9 or 10 in the night.  At night with a plastic ball and during the day with a leather ball, then club matches, we just used to play.

D – Nature was what?

P – Mischievous you can say.  But because I was good in studies also, even I was the head boy of the school, so it was like both.  And like my brother used to get a lot of bashing from my father, but not me because I wouldn’t cross the line, even if I ever crossed he didn’t know. And half my childhood like after I turned 15, he had started drinking by then, so most of the time I was taking care of him only.

D – That was a large part of your childhood – taking care of him?

P – What used to happen is this guy used to come late, I and he used to share the same bedroom, my father used to go and sleep in his bedroom and he didn’t know this guy was drinking.  When he started he was okay, but after that he used to take lot of alcohol, so I had to put him to sleep, like if he wanted to eat something give him to eat, there would be no one around to tell someone, and I didn’t want to wake them up and let them know that this guy has come, they had come to know by then but I didn’t want to disturb their sleep.

D – You felt very responsible for him is it?

P – Yeah in a way I did and intermittently I used to get irritated.  I used to tell him in the morning, “Boss I am getting irritated now, I have to go to the school or college, there is college in the morning and you are disturbing me in the night.”  So he was like… sorry yaar…but then again after a couple of days he used to do the same thing

D –So you remember being very protective towards him also?

P – Yes, I told you it was more like he was my younger brother, I never had this feeling like he was my elder brother, I used to feel that I am his elder brother and it was like that only…that kind of a relationship.  Even till he died, even when he had kids and all.

D – So this protective side is a very strong part of your personality?

P – Yes.

D – Towards people who are close to you?

P – Yes.

D – Can you give one or two examples other than your brother?

P – Like now I have kids, they have to be taken to the doctor for vaccination or whatever issue, I make it a point every time I am here in town, I will take them, even if I am not there I will keep a track if he has been taken to the doctor, what happened, what did the doctor say. Even with my wife, my sister, my sister eventually married but I still keep in touch if she is going through any problem…that is a trait even with my friends, I have that in my nature, I am very protective.

D –Give me an actual example.

P – If someone tells me over the phone that there has been a quarrel then I will go home, ask what happened, what are they quarreling over so much?  Why are you harassing him or troubling him?  It is like that.  I would like to take care of all the people I am associated with.

D – Parents also?

P – Parents also.

D –You are very close to them?

P – Yeah.  Even if they want to go to the doctors, I take them, anywhere, any work…even my father’s most of the things I only handle, like now he doesn’t take much interest in his business, he has investments, he has flats which I rented out, I only collect rent, do agreements.  I tell my father you don’t worry now, I will take care of everything.  So he is happy now, he doesn’t do much.  I make it a point that I try and keep everybody happy.

D – So do you land up taking too much load on yourself?

P – Actually I enjoy doing that.

D –You enjoy?

P – I don’t like free time, that is my problem.  If I have nothing to do, I don’t like it.  If I have nothing to do, I will search for something which I can do.  I don’t like free time.  I don’t like to sit and do nothing.  Even on Sunday I feel very bored.

(Need for activity and fast paced life)

D – Ok.

PIf I have nothing to do, I will try and fix up something for Sunday.  If I need to check out a plot in the morning let me go on a Sunday because I know there is no office…there is nothing.  I don’t like remaining idle.

D – You like spending family time with kids…

P – Yeah that’s what, either take them for an outing, get together with friends or something. But now what happens is my son is very young, he is just 4 months, so it becomes very difficult, so nowadays on Sunday we don’t travel, we don’t go out much, so I don’t like it. I don’t like sitting idle. I like a fast paced life.

Remedy PrescribedHistaminum hydrochloride.

Potency:  Since the remedy picture emerged quite clearly and the patient presented strong vitality without any structural abnormality, we chose a high potency, i.e., single dose of Histaminum hydrochloride 1M, along with SL pills BD for 3 months.

FOLLOWUP-1 (3 months post homeopathic treatment)

D – So tell me what were the main things you had come to me for?

P – Basically was something like hyperacidity, churning problem in my stomach, a lot of anxiety, frequent visits to the toilet, these were the few main things.

D – So how are they now?

P – Now they are much better. Anxiety is lot under control now because stomach is improving I believe it had a relation with it.  So I feel a bit less anxious, bit more relaxed, acidity has subsided. In general I am feeling much better now.

D – Good. What about the allergies?

P – They are also much better. In the past maybe month and a half I haven’t had a single attack or something.  I had forgotten about it, until you reminded me about that!

D – In what way can you say that you are calmer and that the anxiety is better?  Can you give some examples just in comparison as to how you have dealt with those situations earlier and how is it now?

P – To give an example, like suppose I am trading in the stock market, and if I would have executed a trade, and my money is still on the line… So it would make me feel more anxious, I would sweat a lot, my stomach would churn… And my heartbeats would go faster. But now I can keep myself in control, I feel much calmer.

D – In spite of the trade?

P – Yeah in spite of doing all those things regularly.  I don’t know previously how it was… since I started with you my stomach is doing much better, otherwise my stomach couldn’t digest it, it couldn’t hold it. I used to perspire a lot.

D – All that is less?

P – All that is much better…much less.

D –Good.

P – I won’t be able to explain the state of mind but I am feeling bit more relaxed now, the hyperactivity has gone down a bit, I can relax now actually, I can sit down and talk to you for an hour or two. Previously I used to just need to rush somewhere, here and there.

D – Very good.

P – I still have a bit of those symptoms, but it is comparatively much less.

D – Ok.  That is good.

In summary, the patient felt remarkable improvement in his anxiety, he appeared relaxed and much calmer.  His hyperacidity and churning sensation in stomach had reduced, as well as his allergies and hyperactivity, but not yet completely cured of the tendency for the same.  However, we have noted in our practice that, while repetition of high C potency prematurely is often fraught with a risk of aggravation in sensitive patients, lower potencies may not produce any favorable response.  So at this stage we decided to introduce LM potency (0/3) which not only is deep acting but also rapid and gentle in its healing action and furthermore its dosage can be modified as per patient sensitivity and susceptibility.  One can always interpose C potencies if and when there are acute flare-ups.

Prescription:  SL pills BD along with Histaminum 0/3 5 jerks alt day.

FOLLOWUP-2 (6 months post homeopathic treatment)

The patient continues to feel relaxed.  The phases of irritation and agitation have further gone down.  The need to have a hectic pace of life has reduced.  He no longer gets dreams of running or being chased, they are more relaxed related to work and family.  Acidity is there on and off but with very little churning sensation and absolutely no vomiting.  Occasional seasonal respiratory allergy responds promptly to Histaminum 200 given in dilution for a couple of days.

Prescription:  SL pills BD along with Histaminum 0/4 5 jerks alt day.

FOLLOWUP-3 (1 year post homeopathic treatment)

Acidity and allergy episodes are almost nonexistent and even 1M has not been repeated for over 4 months.  He enjoys spending quality time with his family and his wife also mentions that he is much calmer than before.  The patient and his wife have noted that the need for stimulants has diminished over the last 1 year and so has the use of the F word.  His pace of speech is also much slower.

Prescription:  SL pills BD.  As there is a strong and sustained amelioration of most of the allergy symptoms, we felt that it was best to discontinue the LM potency at this point.


Emotional Expressions:

  • Irritation (Mental) – I feel what the fuck!
  • I don’t like sitting idle. Bored easily. I like a fast paced life.
  • My mind just keeps racing.
  • But that was a very exciting time (need for an adrenaline kick).
  • So those times were a bit testing…..like exciting.
  • Let’s seal the deal today itself (click of fingers).
  • I don’t know, it was more exciting, now it is not that exciting.
  • That was the first time in my life where I realized what a shock is.
  • I get the same feeling without any reason. Even if I am sitting normally I will feel that anxiety.
  • It is just like seeing a lion…if you see a lion you get scared right? But then you are seeing a lion and you get scared, but I get scared without seeing a lion.
  • I used to feel that I am his elder brother and it was like that only…that kind of a relationship (Symbiotic relationships)
  • I would like to take care of all the people I am associated with.
  • Running (Dreams).
  • I have been to many doctors, many different diagnoses but nothing has worked so far (Desperation).
  • Not many doctors could actually fix as to what exactly is the problem (Urgency).

Stomach Expressions:

  • My basic problem is with my digestion system.
  • I need to puke in 3 to 4 days to get rid of the acid. It does not come out naturally.
  • If I don’t puke for 8 to 10 days, then automatically the 10th, 11th or the 15th day I have to puke… it comes out, I cannot forego for long.
  • Deep breathing, my breathing will increase and I get a churning feeling in my stomach.
  • Now sometimes when my stomach gives me this churning sensation, I feel I don’t have that much of energy, that anxiety takes away all the energy.

Allergy Expressions:

  • There are some medications which I take, the next day it is normal, the stools are also solid. Like any anti-allergic medicine…I will not have any issues next morning.
  • There are many people who don’t feel a difference when they are taking antibiotics or any other medicines but I can feel the difference. You can say my body doesn’t like it.
  • It is a tingling sensation. You know if it starts in the morning it will last the whole day, next day it will automatically disappear.
  • I told you I have rhinitis and I take those antiallergic medicines, there are some sedatives in that also. So I take it for a week and my whole body feels very good for that whole week.
  • Once I start sneezing I cannot concentrate on anything else.
  • Once this attack starts, I have to do that medication for 7 days…then it will subside.
  • It itches so much, I just I have to do something about it.
  • If I use a 2-wheeler…maybe even if I use it for 3 to 4 days consecutively I will get an attack.
  • I was getting irritated with the smoke.

Patient’s experience of the complaints:

  • Something is seriously wrong with the stomach, wrong means the system of it, I have been really fed up of it.
  • My personal analysis is there is something wrong with my stomach only.
  • I feel like something has to come out from the system.
  • That this is a system fault, like my body does not flush out acid, so there is nothing much that can be done about it.
  • If I take antibiotics, you can say that my body actually shivers, I can feel the antibiotics in my body, I cannot digest it.
  • But there are some things that you just can’t control, it cannot be controlled by mind, there is something I feel in the stomach which cannot be controlled.
  • There are some medicines like anti-allergic medicines which give some sort of sedation, that makes me feel good for a given period of time.

Key Words of case:

Tingling, Automatic, Anxiety, Attack, Irritated, Faulty system, Racing, Running, Shivers, Digest, Sedation, Control, Churning, Excitement, Energy, Shock, Fuck, Concentration, Associations, Fast pace.

Histaminum Hydrochloricum (Muriaticum)

Histamine is a very active organic compound which acts as a capillary-vessel dilator, arteriole-vessel constrictor, constrictor of the bronchial and intestinal smooth muscles, stimulator of gastric acid secretions, and regulator of sleep-wake cycle.  It is released as part of body’s local immune response to injury/foreign pathogens/allergens.


General debility as after physical exertion.

Dryness of the mucous membranes.

Feeling of constriction in different parts of the heart.

Quivering and cramping of the muscles.

Keynote Symptoms:

Irritable, susceptible, impatient, with need to walk up and down.

Headaches and vertigo, with sensation of heat and burning on the head and face.

Loss of sense of taste, and feeling that the teeth are loose.

Burning epigastric and abdominal pains.

Burning precordial pain.

Burning thoracic pain, fitful coughing.

Pruritus and burning in the nose, throat, ears and vagina.

Oliguria, with burning and pain on micturition.

Burning pains in the scrotum and left ovary.

Burning, cramping, spasmodic pains in the joints and muscles.

Redness and burning sensation in circumscribed areas of the skin.

Red, itching papules.

Mind :

Sensitive to the slightest trifle.

Impatient, uneasy, with need to move from one place to another aimlessly.


Melancholic, sad, prostration which disappears by forced walking.

Waiting makes him particularly nervous; needs to walk up and down.

Home: desires to: go.

Hurry, haste: tendency: occupation, in.

Hurry, haste: tendency:  time, for the appointed, to arrive.

Impatience: trifles, about.

Seriousness, earnestness.

Pain and gastric constriction when receiving news or remembering a painful experience.  Things ‘lie in his stomach.’

Cannot find correct words, forgets proper nouns.

Psychogenic allergy.


Dryness of usually moist internal parts.

Abusive, insulting.

Ailments from: bad news.

Anxiety: walking: while: Amel.

Restlessness, nervousness: drives him from place to place.

Restlessness, nervousness: waiting, during.

Thoughts: rush, flow of: sleeplessness: with.

Walk, walking: Amel: hard walking.

Wander: Amel. mental symptoms.


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