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New Insights Into The Stramonium Personality

MIND – DELUSIONS – pure; she is

His wife had obviously learnt how she has to be obedient to avoid being beaten. She wasn’t supposed to get on his nervs much. He however didn’t think that he was physicaly or mentaly abusing his her.

MIND – STRIKING – rage; with

He was using the wrong words while talking. For example, istead of psyche he said psychology, istead of “I have a sick heart“ he said “I have a heart“, “I should ignore the illness“ instead of  “I should convince myself“…

MIND – MISTAKES; making – speaking, in – words – wrong words; using

To sum up, his heart is working at 25 % of capacity, he has asthma, an insulin dependant diabetes and galloping cancer. What is he thinking about? About women. With a lustful face expression.


MIND – DELIRIUM – erotic


The case is terminal, the intensity of the symptoms is very high, and the patient’s energy low, so I decided to start with the prescription of 30C potency once a week.

The remedy showed effects very fast. He managed to sleep better during the first night after taking it, and he was less nervous, more tolerant and more independent. He started leaving the apartment little by little. He got stronger every day. Three weeks later, his daughter in law gave birth to a little boy. He stayed in the city to see his grandson, and then went back home to the countryside with his wife. The winter was comming to an end, so it wasn’t that cold and heavy. He enjoyed walking through the fields and down the village streets. His son said how it is so hard to believe now that his father is going to die soon. He was getting better and better. I don’t have the information whether he continued taking the insulin injections.

He passed away unexpectedly around the middle of April. He noticed a wound on his arm and didn’t know how and when he got it. He scratched it, and it got inflamed. The local medicals gave him injections of antibiotics, the third day he passed away peacefully in his home, in his toilet, conscious and mobile till the very end. On the death certificate it was written that the cause of his death was sepsis.

This is the case of a high quality palliation. We can conclude that the Stramonium covered the totallity of the symptoms of this patient, and that the simillimum was reached

Doctor Kent says that if the patient suffers his whole from only one disease and that is the one he was born with, it progresses during his life and changes the ways in which it manifastes from smaller to heavy consequences. This patient got his remedy too late to be healed with it. On the other hand, he got it at the right time to help him spend the last weeks of his life peacefully and with dignity. Fortunately, most of our patients have some mental state and are not in the terminal phases.

Let’s take a look at what are the caracteristics of this case. First of all is the feeling of power over every illness, and believing that he only has to convince himself.

Religious affectation – too occupied by religion

This is the well known caracteristic of Stramonium who reads the Bible the whole day, prays and has the delusion that he is comunicating with God. How is that not seen in this case? He mentions God and he mentions praying, but also he mentions something else. He says that he doesn’t believe in God anymore, that God betrayed him because he used to pray and God allowed his suffering. He decided to solve his own problems with the power of will.

The delusion that he will beat his illness with a willpower.

MIND – REFUSING – medicine; to take the

MIND – DELUSIONS – power – diseases; he had power over all

MIND – DELUSIONS – head – disease will break out of head

MIND –  DELUSIONS – small – things – appear small; things


If we know that Stramonium is a scared, insecure person who spends his/her days reading the Bible and praying, it will be clear for us that this is the other polarity of his personality, rarely and hardly recognizable, but also real and present. This patient helped us to clarify how that other side activates, and what is it’s purpose.

Let’s start with familiar and often recognized rubrics:

MIND – AILMENTS FROM – excitement – religious

MIND – DELUSIONS – religious

MIND – DESPAIR – religious despair of salvation



MIND – INSANITY – religious

MIND – MANIA – religious

MIND – RELIGIOUS AFFECTIONS – too occupied with religion

MIND – RELIGIOUS AFFECTIONS – too occupied with religion – bible all day; wants to read the

MIND – RELIGIOUS AFFECTIONS – too occupied with religion – children; in

MIND – RELIGIOUS AFFECTIONS – too occupied with religion – fanaticism

MIND – RELIGIOUS AFFECTIONS – too occupied with religion – melancholia

MIND – RELIGIOUS AFFECTIONS – too occupied with religion – narrow-minded in religious questions

GENERALS – CATALEPSY – religious excitement, from

In this set we see that most of these rubrics have a small number of remedies, 4 or less remedies per rubric. In rubrics that have 20-30 remedies, Stramonium had the two points. Only the rubric MIND – RELIGIOUS AFFECTION – too occupied with religion, consists of 72 remedies. Stramonium is the only remedy that has 4 points in that rubric, which means that most of the provers  showed the presence of this symptom. Rubrics with a small number of remedies give us the strange, rare and unusual effects of this remedy.

To define the term of religion is a huge and difficult task, but it’s important for our understanding of Stramonium’s occupation. Let’s use the most basic definition that will be enough for our purposes of understanding. Religion is a gathering of cultural systems, a system of beliefs and perspectives on the world which refer to the human being and his relation with the God and the world around him. Now we need to understand the relation that Stramonium has with  God. In the repertory we find the following rubrics:

MIND – PRAYING – piety, nocturnal

MIND – PRAYING – kneeling and

MIND – DELIRIUM TREMENS – praying, with

Add the next rubrics:


MIND – DELUSIONS – pure; she is

MIND – CLINGING – persons or furniture; to

Egotism – the fact of thinking that you are better or more important than anyone else:

Pure – not mixed with anything else; with nothing added (in the context of stramonium there is nothing bad, wrong or sinful in him)

Clinging – to hold on tightly to something or somebody

The rubric DELUSION, pure she is is one of the leading rubrics for recognizing the Stramonium personality. Let’s explain it a little more through the following case.


A 70 year old woman complained about a year long constipation. It seemed as if the case was going to be simple, symptoms were all clear, there were a lot of modalities that refered to Bryonia. However, Bryonia didn’t help, so she was given some other homeopatic remedies but the case didn’t progress at all, not until one day when she came to a follow up angry. She explained how she tried fasting for the last 7 days because she wanted to get communion for the first time after 30 years, although she was very religious. She went to church and when it was her turn to commune, the priest asked her if she had a confession, because he couldn’t remember. She felt offended. Why would she have to confess? She didn’t kill anybody, she hadn’t stolen anything! There was no reason for her to confess. She just wanted to get communion.

At that moment I managed to understand her constipation. The fact that she didn’t kill anyone or steal anything gave her the right to believe that there is nothing wrong with her, she was completely clean of sins. Stramonium 12c in split dose for the first 24 hours caused strong cleansing. Her comment was: “I didn’t have any idea that I had so much feces in me“.

Stramonium is not conscious that there is something wrong with him.

So what is the nature of Stramonium’s relationship with the God? First of all, there is no room for humility and acceptance of God’s will in that relationship. Stramonium actually doesn’t believe in God at all. He believes in his own excellence, his own pureness, sinless and the power of his own prayer. God should just hear his prayer and make it happen. His prayer is not a prayer, it’s a demand directed to God. It’s some kind of ultimatum: I did everything I should, I was good and I prayed – don’t you dare to fail me. The truth is that most Stramonium patients believe that they didn’t pray hard enough. That’s why they spend their days reading the Bible. Many of them stay in the previous state for a very long time, some even to the very end. But many of them will sooner or later become angry with god if their prayer doesn’t come true. Some will give up eventually, like this patient who said: “I was good, I havn’t done anything wrong, there’s no need for him to punish me, and he still made me suffer. I will have to fix it myself, with my power of will.“

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