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New Insights Into The Stramonium Personality


While in the beginning Stramonium seeks absolute safety and loyalty from people around him, as the fear grows and becomes overwhelming, his confusion grows as well. This is the part where the serious problems start, because he doesn’t know for sure whom to trust and most of the times he falls into the wrong hands.

MIND – CONFUSION of mind – knows not where he is

MIND – CONFUSION of mind – loses his way in well-known streets

MIND – CONFUSION of mind – identity, as to his

MIND – CONFUSION of mind – identity, as to his – duality, sense of

MIND – CONFUSION of mind – bed, while in – jump out of, makes him

Confusion can be defined as the state of inability to differentiate two or more things, for example the distinction between good and bad, and it leads to becoming confused in choosing his s. His criteria decrease and he starts to accept anything that looks even a little bit like the safety he seeks.


MIND – FILLS pockets with anything


A pocket is a part of the clothing in which we store the things we want to have close in order to be able to approach them easily, so we always have them with us. Anything, means without selection, no criteria; this rubric gives us the worse state of Stramonium in which he is not anymore in the situation to recognize what is good for him and what is safe. The ability to judge properly is lost and he easily makes dangerous and harmul friendships.

MIND – RECOGNIZING – not recognize; does – relatives; his

MIND – RECOGNIZING – not recognize; does – speaking; the one to whom he is

MIND – DELUSIONS – strange – everything is

MIND – DELUSIONS – strange – familiar things seem strange

MIND – DELUSIONS – strange – objects seem

MIND – DELUSIONS – strangers – friends appears as strangers

Materia Medica Pura –Proving of Stramonium, Samuel Hahnemann

“After waking, all objects seem to him new, even his friends as though he had never in his life seen them before“. “His surroundings appear to him quite strange: although in the first minutes he knows that he is surrounded by his friends, he forgets this in the second minute, and imagines he is quite alone in a desert, and is afraid“

Stramonium doesn’t like surprises and new things. He loves to feel familiar with  situations and the people around him. As he did everything, he could surround himself with familiar and pleasent situations. Every new situation is perceived as a potential or real danger for him, as it comes unexpectedly and overwhelms him. This leads to growing fear and paranoia.

Astonished– to fill with sudden and overpowering surprise or wonder; amazement:

Surprise– an event, a piece of news, etc. that is unexpected or that happens suddenly



MIND – FEAR – unknown; of the

MIND – FEAR – strangers, of

The story about Stramonium doesn’t end here. We touched only a few topics with this text, and it carries the same message as Paul Herscu’s book  – that this is not the end, on the contrary, this is just the beginning of a deeper understanding of this remedy. It gives us new insights into the possibilities of using this remedy.  We hold to Hahnemann’s ideas that were the products of his lifelong work and research and which the Paul Herscu continued working on and upgraded in 1996.  It is our task now to collect our knowledge and insights from the past twenty years and add one more step for further generations to lean on, and to work on in order to eventually give their own contribution.


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