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Last modified on June 15th, 2018

We now know, beyond doubt, that there’s no need to vaccinate our dogs against the core diseases of distemper, parvo and hepatitis every year. We know that protection will potentially remain for life, from one successful shot (usually after a puppy reaches the age of 14 to 16 weeks). Even three-yearly vaccination is questionable.

We also know, through CHC branch VacciCheck clinics, that most puppies, and possibly all, who are raw-fed and free from chemicals will naturally develop antibodies to these diseases without dying, and without risking the vaccine needle.

But does this stop the veterinary profession from pushing annual shots for these diseases? Absolutely not – and their professional bodies, which might be expected to guide the profession in terms of ethics, does absolutely nothing to stop them.

We know that leptospirosis is a rare bacterial disease in the UK, and those of us who are old enough, remember the times when lepto was known to be rare. We didn’t used to vaccinate against it every year because it wasn’t something our vets worried about particularly. Many of us know vets who have told us in the past that they hadn’t seen a case of lepto for at least ten years. However, now that many of us know we don’t need to vaccinate against the viral diseases annually, suddenly the lepto threat is being magnified and scaremongering is the norm.

We also know – because pet owners have done the research the veterinary profession should have done – that kennel cough vaccines are a public health hazard! We know that the vaccine causes kennel cough in dogs, and that recently-vaccinated dogs can cause outbreaks in kennels. We know that this vaccine prevents long-term immunity, whereas natural infection confers natural immunity. And we know that the up-the-nose kennel cough vaccine can cause a whooping-cough-like illness in humans, as well as other serious health conditions.  We also know that there is a steady and growing stream of research to show that vaccines cause brain damage, autoimmune diseases, cancer and allergies – which I consider to be the REAL epidemic in the modern dog. Do vets seek out this research, or even listen to those of us who seek to share it for the sake of our dogs? It seems not.

Where is the informed consent?

Veterinarians take it upon themselves to refrain from informing clients of the unwanted potentials. Where are the datasheets to accompany many of the drugs and vaccines prescribed for our pets? Are they given to clients? I think not. This is short-termism, because when our animals are killed by such products, we lose trust in the veterinary model, start asking questions, seriously want our veterinarians to offer us INFORMED CONSENT, and start to move away from the dangers.

You see, arrogant ‘scientists’ at the RCVS believe they have the allegedly rigorous science on their side, but it works only if we – the consumers – accept the concept of sacrifice. That is, to use conventional drugs, chemicals and vaccines, we have to accept (often in retrospect) that our dogs might die as a result of using them.  Our animals are family. They are not numbers to be dismissed when they suffer the unwanted consequences of products the veterinary profession prescribes. And certainly not if there is a safer natural product that will do the job without potentially killing our pets. The RCVS’s Danny Chambers thinks that there’s no evidence to support the use of alternatives – but those of us who use them and do the research know he’s talking out of his bias.

Practising homeopathic vets also know that there is an air of witch-hunting where complementary and alternative therapies are concerned. Young, newly qualified, vets know that if they get involved with a holistic practice, then their chances of employment in a conventional practice in the future is seriously compromised. Being interested in another way is, it seems, professional suicide. That’s not science – it’s a mindset that censors the open pursuit of knowledge.  If the RCVS were to open its eyes, it would be vastly enriched. There is no way veterinary surgeons can honour the oath to first do no harm when it has only toxic products and very little else to offer.

I thank God for the holistic vets who offered me a different way – for if I had to do it the conventional way again, I couldn’t possibly bear the pain of dog ownership.  Dr Peter Gotzsche is a director of the Nordic Cochrane Centre in Copenhagen. Cochrane’s work is recognised as representing an international gold standard for high quality, trusted information. In a Youtube interview, Dr Gotzsche said:

“Two years ago I found that our prescription drugs are the third leading cause of death, after heart disease and cancer. Our drugs kill around 200,000 people in America every year, and half of these people die while they do what their doctors told them. So they die because of the side-effects; the other half die because of errors. And it’s often the doctors who make the errors, because any drug comes with maybe 20, 30 or 40 warnings, contraindications, precautions and so on. No doctor in the world knows about all this.

“ … The other thing I found out was that much of what the drug industry does fulfils the criteria of organised crime in US law. And they behave in many ways like the Mafia does. They corrupt everyone they can corrupt. They have bought every type of person, even including ministers of health in some countries. There is a huge amount of corruption.

“ … Drugs are not that helpful. They kill very many of us. What we need to do in the coming years is to take far fewer drugs than we do currently. If we did that and were careful, then we could live longer and better lives.

“ … it’s not popular to tell the truth in healthcare. You will get a lot of enemies, because a lot of people make money on false premises, doctors and industry alike. And our drug regulators and our politicians, they are on board on this wagon. Very few people are independent of money in healthcare.

“The crimes have increased, because when crime pays you have more crime. That’s how capitalism works.”

In the face of this, who has the right to prevent us from seeking a safer way? And let’s face it: animals are unlikely to benefit from the placebo effect. If a homeopathic pill works for a dog (which I have seen many times), then the rigorous science which denies such an effect must surely be barking up the wrong tree.

Editor’s Note:

Catherine O’Driscoll has just released two new books, namely The Tip of the Needle which looks into the politics and economics behind the vaccine industry, and The REAL Epidemic which explores the causes of the epidemic of allergies, autoimmunity, brain damage and cancer in this modern world, and offers natural solutions to both prevent and treat such conditions.

About the author

Catherine O’Driscoll

Catherine O’Driscoll

Catherine O’Driscoll is the founder of Canine Health Concern and the Pet Welfare Alliance. Her best-selling books include What Vets Don’t Tell You About Vaccines, and Shock to the System. See www.canine-health-concern.org.uk, and www.petwelfarealliance.org. Click on ‘CHC TV’ on the Canine Health Concern website and you will see a prime-time documentary about pet food and vaccine risks. Catherine has just released two new books: The Tip of the Needle which looks into the politics and economics behind the vaccine industry, and The REAL Epidemic which explores the causes of the epidemic of allergies, autoimmunity, brain damage and cancer in this modern world, and offers natural solutions to both prevent and treat such conditions.


  • Throughout history new and seemingly radical ideas have always gone the same route: ignoring of them, then ridiculing them, then outright attacking them, including trying to have them banned, then acceptance.

    This is the reason why, although it seems hopeless at the moment, we can take heart. Gone are the days when we homeopaths were ignored, we are now in the second and third stages simultaneously. The more they attack us, they greater they see us as a ‘danger’ – to their authority, their prestige, and their incomes.

    THIS IS WHY WE MUST NOT GIVE UP – in fact we must redouble, triple, quadruple our efforts. It’s GREAT that we are being attacked – it shows that we are a force to be reckoned with – otherwise we would still be ignored. We must bombard the media with articles such as this one (vastly edited – it’s too long and self pitying), and when we meet opposition then keep bombarding, with every article supported by scientific evidence of homeopathic efficacy. And if there is no direct evidence, then give them cases – lots of them, case after case after case. And if the mainstream won’t publish, guess what? – we have a terrific tool – the Internet where we can publish anything we like. Just make sure we follow certain rules:


    * rubbish the orthodox practitioners – this is their system, it’s all they know, and they do it to the best of their ability. And you will very quickly get the general public offside if you keep rubbishing what they have been told by their medical gods is the absolute truth.

    * be self pitying – we should be well past the era of grovelling and saying please, please listen, or if you can’t listen then just leave me alone to practise what I know and I won’t disturb anybody, I’ll just keep my head down and stay under the radar.


    * keep backing up and referencing what you say – there’s so much evidence out there to support our claims about vaccinations, NSAIDS, antibiotics, pet diet etc.

    * keep things simple and as short as possible. People will simply not read anything too long these days – this is the era of quick bites. Better a series of short articles rather than one long one.

    * lobby your professional organisation to do this – often we don’t hear from these august bodies at all and it seems we are not supported. They keep telling us they are working behind the scenes, but I think it’s reached the point now where we must come out from behind those scenes.

    And best of all, we must keep up our hearts and with each other and support all our efforts. Don’t give up, don’t, as this author did, lose heart. Of COURSE it’s difficult. But we can do this.

    Would love to hear what others think.


  • This is a parallel to what has happened in human health care, where the NHS has double-crossed homeopathy users too.
    Unfortunately the leading organisations of the homeopaths have been totally useless and thoroughly inadequate at countering the propaganda from SaS and the “skeptic” community (slavish followers of false authority who have turned the meaning of the word on its head)

    How can we actually combat the forces of evil & scientism? One way is to see the back of of inadequate representatives and elect people with some mettle. Another might be to organise social media properly, rather than in a wishy-washy style – so that when there are e-petitions they are actually heard about don’t just languish. Why are homeopaths avoiding being on official committees? Why are we not getting political representatives and authorities on our side? Why are we leaving the field open for followers of bogus scientism?

    Also, we need some ideas about how to get convincing research models into the mainstream, rather than methodologies which run counter to natural & holistic therapies. Bear in mind the conventional research model seeks to exclude considerations of the individual, so no wonder it does not recognise individualised therapies.
    This means it does not recognise a remedy that works well but only for a small select minority of patients with a particular diagnosis. The conventional model clearly fails when it comes to identifying dangerous adverse effects – some of which are found and acted on only years later – whereas this is not a problem in homeopathy. The conventional research model does not properly address multi-morbidity – a general failure of health over several conditions – whereas the holistic model does. In short, the conventional ‘science’ – which discards real clinical experience as if it didn’t matter – is not fit for purpose. But it will take some real effort to turn it around in a scientific context, since it suits the pharma model really well.

    Come on, homeopaths everywhere. We need to get our act together to counter the forces of evil.

  • I am not a learned individual unlike Catherine and Liz but I do know from experience with my dogs that homoeopathy works where conventional medicine fails. I want to keep my right to protect the animals for whom I am responsible from conventional medicine which may shorten their lives.

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