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The Addict’s Case For Homeopathy

Written by Rebekah Copas

Rebekah Copas gives an indepth analysis of cause and cure for various addictions and the role of homeopathy in helping reduce addictions.

Use of Homeopathy in the Case of Severe Addiction.

Two thirds of the sentences and paragraphs in this essay, are extracts from work I have previously copyright protected, within Australian copyright legislation, and are available in print via http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/matildaswaltzingem .  However in this essay, the material is organised for the benefit of those who already have experienced homeopathy. The copyright is owned by ACN 123212671 pty ltd, as much as for any other reason, so as to keep my identity as the author, out of the spotlight of the attention of too many addictsIt is important for us all to remember not to need mention the substance of addiction of many of those I have treated, as many heed not the warnings it embodies, and so I wish to not need write to these matter further, and hope this one contribution to the science of homeopathy, will be proving enough.


Over a period of nine years, I have met quite a few indigenous Australian medicine men, quite a few too many of who, were suffering themselves in addictions; and very often addictions that were imposed upon them when too young to conceptualise the idea of addictions sponsoring delusions.  To begin with, fifteen years before that, I got recognised myself, by traditional tribal indigenous elders, when only eighteen years old, as having my own indigenous medicine Dreamtime way, which took me totally by surprise, as I am a white girl who grew up in the mainstream of Euro-centric Australian society.  I have had to face the fact that few white Australian families, whose ancestors lived here already by the early 1800’s, when most of my European ancestors arrived here, are not also Aboriginal.  So in meeting men whose true God given Dreaming, could not begin to be recognised within indigenous culture, because of they suffer illnesses brought here by men who may include my own ancestors, I could not but feel obligated to offer what assistance I am able.  The results so far, are positive enough for the addicts, that I felt further obliged to self publish a book about a sequence of remedies I developed for treating addiction, (an early edition is now available in a free download at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/matildaswaltzingem ).  I wrote the book to communicate the benefits of homeopathy to addicts and their families, and to publish the sequence.  This is a condensed set of exerts from that book, and another book of mine also at the lulu website. I got asked to prepare a 4000 word article for the Similia magazine, but here it is in a longer form than they need, before editing it by two thirds again.

The way homeopathy works is an area of much speculation, and perhaps your own pre-conceived notions of the way it works, could lead you to expect my exposition of my understanding will be no more than another speculative assertion of the possibilities of plausibility.  Perhaps that assessment is correct, but perhaps my comprehension of the way homeopathy works is thorough enough and well enough minded, and clearly enough executed in words, that I may prove myself correct to you.  I do not know, and yet we both agree, that what and how you think of what I will write here, will bear no effect upon how homeopathy works inside your mind and body.  I don’t even know for sure, that the agreement of modern science, in homeopathy’s scientific efficacy, might not undermine us homeopaths, particularly people like myself, who without formal qualifications as yet, (never having wanted to be qualified formally until over the age of forty), could take the risks necessary to really find out how capable severe addicts are of responding to homeopathy.  A few of those I treated have been addicted for more than ten years, and one for more than twenty years.  They had nothing to lose, potentially except my friendship.  Their picture of co-morbidity was so extreme as that at times their only hopes for themselves were to be capably of dying without embarrassingly compromising their whole family.

Basically these were men who no homeopath could normally countenance treating, and who are entirely incapable of sourcing the medicinal help they need.  Don’t bother telling such addicts that juice therapies work, as they are incapable of the spatial orientation to find vegetables and juicers, and have received already advice after advice after advice, as to how to recover, without having been physically capable of following good advice.  They are not pleased at me either, for my having increased that suffering, but they realise I could increase how they suffer while ever ignoring their clear need and desire to get clean, and diminishing their suffering when acting towards finding recovery.  The simplest of notions are what they can tell you they know already, but were also what their bodies need urgent immediate reminders of.  The remedies also diminished the emotive potency of the drug they were habitually over dependent upon, which they find to be a relief.

Homeopathy can be a mysterious discipline to follow, and yet it is within the mysteries that most good healing work takes place.  Even modern medical research sustains mysteries surrounding the bio-chemistry of the brain.  Look up MIMS and find that well funded research could not detect why and how certain drugs work, yet such drugs are sold over the counter by Pharmacists.  There is a good possibility that a serotonin increase is why happiness was experienced, but they do not know.  Yet opium’s habits were so often connected with a desire to know, and leave nothing mysterious or unknown, and so I became willing endeavour to express my own individual comprehension of why and how homeopathy works, out of compassion for those few addicts who have been curious enough about my knowledge, to have approached me and asked if I really could help them.  Most often in addiction they ask more naturally via their posture, that with words.  Also in how they just kind of hang around certain people and places, rather than others.  Vocally they could barely agree not to disagree with me, yet sought my assistance nevertheless.  And so it is, I have attempted to explain homeopathy to such persons, despite it being a discipline as mysterious as shamanic healers performing exorcisms through ancient ritualised ceremonies.  As mysterious as the sun, moon, and stars, as mysterious as nature, and as mysterious as is your own body’s life and workings, held within your own mind.  A mysterious machine indeed is that which holds, encapsulates, and sustains, a human mind.  And so will you wonder, how can the body be considered merely mechanical, when the healing it experiences is shrouded in the mystery of miraculous, and yet it is.

What need be no mystery at all, is that health is an outcome of the body’s obedience to law.  Not legislative laws, but the laws of metaphysics.  Many users of opium derived substances might want to dispute this, but it is fact, and their disputes are born in the disease of  their addiction, but which also alternatively enables them much certainty of the facts of what disease and health are.  Such addicts are of two kinds, the curable and the incurable.  Of the curable, they will obsess about money, but never gain it as they have wished, and yet they fall so easily into avoiding the more terrible health outcomes their addiction can sponsor.  They become less sick from the drug than those who were more likely to prove incurable, because of the way they advantaged themselves monetarily.  Of the incurable, they can avoid poverty, and can speak about their addiction all too openly, and yet, they fail so formidably at sustaining good health, just as formidably as the more readily curable addicts fail at obtaining an income.  Thus our whole society is at as much of a loss as to how to aid them into recovery, as they themselves have been very often.   So we might well wish for metaphysical solutions.  A miracle is when the laws operating up in a higher density of matter, with smaller finer less dense particles, and larger faster more dense vibrations of the waves between particles, conduct themselves down in a lower density of matter, as matter is defined by its particles, (and particularities of nature).  Opium’s effect in the brain is to enable the brain to become open to witnessing the work of cause and effect in miracles.  Yet it would not be conscionable of me to here fail to add, in respect of the disease sponsoring functions of that substance, that within God’s laws of Kabbalah, and within the Logos defining all matter, the existence of Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death, are already among the truly perfected miracles, whether as horsemen of the apocalypse, or merely as recognisable phenomenon.  These are phenomenon of nature, within which human beings are continually protected from far worse outcomes, and enabled to live in safe sanity.  For surely as diseases are the cure of death, so is death the cure of diseases.  Thus we might best contextualise the addicts treacherous binds they were all so caught up in within themselves.

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Rebekah Copas

I am a mother, wife, and daughter, and it is in these roles I have begun to learn the way in homeopathy.

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