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Generation of Electric Potential by Interaction of Electromagnetic Radiation and Water Helped Prebiotic Synthesis and Reveals Vital Force Ruhul Amin and Biplab Chakraborty


In all the above experiments, when the switch is turned on/off alternately,  the glowing of the LED not only shows the flow of current between two conductors / bodies but also confirms the existence of different electric potentials at the two points. The LED even glows when its leads are reversed, showing the flow of alternating current through it. It is found that whenever there is a wire /conductor carrying alternating current or there is fluctuation in any electrical circuit (AC/DC), electromagnetic waves are generated that propagate in all directions. The waves, on their interaction with conductors (metals/water) generate electric potential that depends on flux linkage/material etc5.

Therefore, whenever two such bodies are electrically connected, a minute alternating current flows between them. As an LED works at very low current the potential difference between two bodies, generated by the electromagnetic waves, are able to light an LED.

Thus it can be suggested that the wide range of electromagnetic radiations / waves reaching the earth’s surface generates electric potential in all metals/water and water containing bodies. Whenever two such bodies are electrically connected there is a flow of current between them, due to their difference in electrical potential. So it can be said that the electromagnetic waves supply the electrical energy to a living body. The constant supply of electromagnetic radiation from the sun/ space that generates electrical energy in water and bodies containing water are indeed the driving force of life, along with water and air and this may be the secret behind the origin of life.

So, it is clear now that the electric potential generated in water or water containing bodies is the result of interaction between electromagnetic radiation / waves and water.


1) Electric potential is generated in all conductors whenever they are subjected to electromagnetic radiations /waves.

2)  Electromagnetic radiations are the consistent source of electric potentials that have helped maintain the existence of life on Earth from its origin.

3)  The vital force may be attributed seen as electrical in nature and can only be influenced electrically.                


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Ruhul Amin

Ruhul Amin

Dr. Ruhul Amin MD is a Homeopathic physician & mental health professional, performing research work on homeopathy since 1998. The first work being on Diabetes Mellitus Type II and its homeopathic treatment, followed by Parkinsonism, Respiridone & Homeopathy and for the last eleven years concentrating strictly on the Homeopathic Dilution and its Scientific basis, along with chemist Biplab Chakraborty M Sc. Visit their

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Biplab Chakraborty

Biplab Chakraborty

Biplab Chakraborty,M.Sc is a chemist from Calcutta University, previously a serious Critic of Homeopathic Dilution. . With this view he started research work along with Dr. Ruhul Amin for the last eleven years, finally being converted into a serious supporter of homeopathy. He along with Dr. Md.Ruhul Amin published papers on Homeopathic Dilution & its scientific Basis. These papers clearly reflect the contradiction within the
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